Speed up production of my new CD with Frank Zappa's Band members

I gathered Frank Zappa legends Ike WIllis, Ed Mann, Arthur Barrow, Tommy Mars to record my brand new music and now the project needs funding ...

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I decided to continue this campaign as more people seem to want to support me... THANKS

Tommy signs

I travelled from Switzerland to Southern California to record in LA with Ike Willis Arthur Barrow, Tommy Mars and Ed Mann.  All of them are hugely talented musicians who featured heavily on Zappa’s greatest albums and live shows.  This brand spanking new work is a colourful and creative mix of vocal and instrumental tracks that fuse jazz, groove, funk, electro, spoken word, and solos. In other words, it's packed with fun.

Some of the tracks had been composed and arranged before going to the studio; others were improvised by the guys and embellished during the recording sessions. Three weeks were spent in the Lo-Tek studio in late 2012.  The recordings are mostly completed and all we’re looking for now is final funding to complete the editing, mastering and production of the CD. 

You may want to check the blog with sound samples: http://musicfromutopia.com/recording-with-frank-zappas-band-members/sound/

more details on the old campaign: http://igg.me/at/ZappaBand/x/1951533

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