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Personalized assistive communication technologies for individuals with motor and speech disabilities.
Dan Bacher
Providence, Rhode Island
United States
1 Team Member

Maggie’s only interaction with the world is through small movements of just her left eye. We had to figure out how to make a device that could detect her sometimes very subtle vertical eye movements, and turn that movement into control of a computer.

1.  SYMeyes tracks Maggie’s pupil location to detect even the slightest eye movements. 

2.  Using SYMeyes requires practice, and feedback is key, so the system includes games in which Maggie earns points. 

Check out her progress since we started:

3.  Maggie is now practicing using a simplified communication interface that actually speaks her answers to basic questions through the computer.

4.  SYMeyes has the potential to help thousands of people as we further refine the technology and make it more widely available.

We are actively working on a variety of other assistive technologies to meet the needs of clients and their families living with:



  Traumatic brain injury

  Spinal cord injury

  Cerebral palsy

  Multiple sclerosis

  Any other condition that limits effective communication

  A head mouse to enable individuals with quadriplegia to control a computer cursor
   with just head movements

  An eye mouse to provide full control over a computer using only eye movements

  An adapted switch to enable control of basic smart phone functions

  Innovative on-screen keyboards to make communication easier and more efficient for
   people with motor limitations

  Environmental control systems to take back control of:

        •  Doors
        •  Many other things around the house

›  A wide range of accessibility software tools to enable personal expression,
   exploration, and entertainment

        •  Text-to-speech conversion
          Web browsing
        •  Facebook

We will succeed because we are poised to take advantage of trends in technology, healthcare, and entrepreneurship:

›  Custom, independently-developed technology is possible because of new
    low-cost hardware and flexible software frameworks.

›  Tech-social entrepreneurship is drawing local students who want to make an
   impact with their business and software development skill sets.

›  A growing number of clinicians are advocating for patient-empowerment, a model
   of healthcare driven by informed dialogue with patients.

›  Grant opportunities and crowd-funding tools can fund product development
   and support.

›  Collaborators, partners, and a supportive ecosystem already exist to help
   SpeakYourMind succeed.

    With your support, the SpeakYourMind Foundation will be able to take our prototype technologies and turn them into viable solutions for the many people with neurological injury and disease who struggle to communicate.  We will take our early stage organization to the next level.

    ›  Research and development of innovative assistive technologies

      Continue building a network of volunteers and staff to scale our operation to
       maximize our impact

      Provide personalized support to each individual client to keep the
       conversations flowing

    ›  Raise awareness of the challenges faced by people living with disabilities

    Please give what you can and tell everyone you know about the work we’re doing and our Indiegogo campaign. To keep up with our latest developments, visit our website, find us on facebook, or follow us on twitter

    Thank you for your help!

    – The SpeakYourMind Foundation Team

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    $50,000 USD goal
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    This campaign ended on February 16, 2014
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    • $5USD
      Virtual High 5!

      We will slap you five, virtually.

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      Estimated delivery: February 2014
    • $15USD
      Stick it to 'em

      A "SpeakYourMind. I did!" sticker coming your way.

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      Let the shirt speak

      Rock the official SpeakYourMind t-shirt.

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    • $50USD
      Swag pack

      We'll send you a SpeakYourMind t-shirt and 5 stickers. Get your name up on our website too.

      28 claimed
      Estimated delivery: February 2014
    • $100USD
      Postcard artista*

      Receive a print of Maggie's beautiful artwork on a personal postcard and recognition on our website. *Ability to choose print from a range of original options.

      16 out of 50 claimed
      Estimated delivery: February 2014
    • $500USD

      We will send you a framed, signed original piece of Maggie's artwork that she created during her art therapy sessions. And special recognition on our website. *Ability to choose print from a range of original options.

      2 out of 3 claimed
      Estimated delivery: February 2014
    • $1,000USD
      Let's hang out, new friend

      Meet Maggie, her mother Nancy, and then enjoy a personal dinner with the SpeakYourMind team. You will also get as many t-shirts (up to 20) and stickers as you want. You will also receive prominent recognition on our website.

      1 out of 10 claimed
      Estimated delivery: February 2014
    • $5,000USD
      Your own SYM technology

      Give us a really cool idea for something you want to control using only your eye movements and we will build a custom system just for you.

      1 out of 3 claimed
      Estimated delivery: June 2014
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