Soweto Academy - The Story of an Unlikely School

A film that tells the incredible story of Soweto Academy, a school located at the heart of the largest slum in Africa.



Soweto Academy found its beginnings in 1988, when Kenyan Pastor Chris Okumu was led to Kibera, the third largest slum in the world and the largest slum in Africa. In his words, "education is the most precious gift a nation can give to its children, and a church can give to its members."

The harsh reality of life in the slum is this: education is the only means of escape from the cycle of poverty.

In a place where no school existed, where kids found work rummaging through trash, where aborted babies were cast, Chris came to bring hope. The hope of an education, and ultimately, the hope of the gospel.


Our Part:

We discovered the hope and potential in Kibera two years ago. Now, we have an opportunity to partner with Soweto Academy and pursue wholness with them. Our project involves developing a dairy farm to provide a sustainable solution for the operating needs of this school. This will benefit the children by offering them the necessary resources for higher education and spiritual growth. 

The dairy farm in Kenya will not only meet the financial needs of the school, but it will also create job opportunities for parents and children of Soweto. Our hope is to enable Soweto to fulfill its mission of transforming students into community leaders through education and the gospel message of Jesus Christ! 

Our goal this summer is to go and capture the story of Soweto in the format of a film. This film will be used to promote Holistic Gospel's dairy project on a much larger stage. It will become the key marketing piece when the project is fully launched next year.

The team consists of four passionate people, Dan Aust the founder and director of Holsitic Gospel, Nate Vogel the marketing and video director of Holistic Gospel, Anna Medearis the film producer, and Nick Aust the lead researcher. 

How You Can Help: 

This summer, we are going over to Kibera to create this film, and we need your help!

Making this film will be quite costly. Our primary expenses are: 

  • Plane tickets
  • Housing
  • Food
  • Equipment
  • In-country transporation

We are determined to make this happen, but it truly isn't possible without your assistance. Your support is vital in this process, and by donating, you make yourself a key asset to our team!

Thank you so much for your support!

-Dan, Nate, and Anna, Nick 

Team on This Campaign: