South Africa 2013

A campaign to send Quinton Bobb to South Africa to volunteer with orphans and widows and to share the love of Christ.

Hello Everyone!

My name is Quinton Bobb and I am currently a Theological Studies student at The King's University.

I was recently approached with the opportunity to travel to South Africa this summer for 8 weeks in order to assist TentMaker Ministries with their newly opened preschool! While in South Africa I would have the chance to help TentMakers with their weekly bible studies and church service as well as serving at their preschool.

TentMakerMinistries has been working in South Africa since 2004. They currently are based out of Ikageng, South Africa which is 80 miles out of South Africa's largest city- Johannesburg. They work to provide food, shelter, healthcare, and education through local comminity organizations. A lot of the people that are impacted by their ministry include orphans and widows.

I have a great desire to volunteer with this ministry, but will be unable to go unless my trip is fully funded.

I have set my fundraising goal at $5,500.

This may seem very high, but once you figure in all the costs (i.e.. plane tickets, other transportation, food, housing, emergency medical insurance, plus the 4% charge for using Indiegogo) this amount should be enough- with the remainder being donated directly to TentMaker Ministries. 

In order to encourage donations I have included some "perks" in my campaign. Along with the perks stated on my campaign page, I plan to send pictures to each person that donates to my trip!

I am extremely humbled to have this opportunity and I hope that with your help I can have my trip completely funded!

Please feel free to contact me at quinton.bobb@me.com or at quintonbobb.wordpress.com with any questions or encouragement.


Thank you for your encouragement, donations and prayers!


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