SoundIsRed - Synesthesia

A musically driven graphic novel and motion comic.


My name is Kevin DePree, in 2010 I began working on a musical and visual project called SoundIsRed.  SoundIsRed is very important to me as an artist, and a lover of mixed media arts.  It incorporates musical, visual, and performance art into one exceptionally unique and entertaining show. I truly enjoy all of the time I have spent learning and working on it thus far and up until now I have funded this project out of my own pocket.  My day job is a drummer and music instructor, and that doesn't give me much money to work with.  I simply need help from anyone that would enjoy seeing SoundIsRed grow and deliver the show, and media content it has been designed for.  


What is this project all about?

SoundIsRed is a project that combines visual and musical elements to create a live multimedia performance on stage.


What Is purpose of this campaign?

This campaign is to help fund the pilot episode of the SoundIsRed comic called "Synesthesia", which will be incorporated into the live performance music and visual show.  Your support of this project will not only help SoundIsRed achieve that goal, it will also help Gairen and Colin @ Albatross Studios.  *Please watch the video above, it will inform you all about this pilot episode.


$3,500 are needed to cover the upcoming costs below:

$1,000 - Web site & online store. 

$1,800 - Final illustrations and final animation.

$700 - Printing and production for first run of comic.


What you give - What you get:

Before contributing, browse through our different perks for the level of contribution.  We truly appreciate your consideration and want to make this as rewarding for you as it will be for us.  


If we don’t reach our goal:

If we don't reach our goal the money raised will fund as much of the costs describe above as possible.  This project won't be knocked down by a failed fund drive, but It will go further with your support.  Please help SoundIsRed and Albatross out on making this dream a reality.  

Meeting our $3,500 goal would mean the pilot episode of "synesthesia" can be finished.  We would then move on to incorporating the visual FX for the live music and visual show.  


What has been the response to SoundIsRed so far?

Absolutely everyone involved with SoundIsRed has given an extra hand when I needed it and offered to help in any way they could.  When people show that much support that means they see this project going places.  We are giving anyone the same opportunity to help out now.  Please support SoundIsRed and the pilot episode of Synesthesia.


Other Ways You Can Help

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Team on This Campaign: