Soulardarity Streetlight Campaign: Bold Beginnings

Help us install the first solar streetlight in Highland Park, MI and kick off our campaign for the next 199!

Bold Beginnings

In 2011, after years of unpaid electrical bills the City of Highland Park lost  over 1,000 of its streetlights. Soulardarity is a campaign to install 200 solar streetlights over 5 years, and bring the neighborhood back. AJ O'Neil, known for his Detroit Bold coffee and famous cafe, is spearheading the project. This first streetlight will mark the beginning of something big, an ignition of a new model,  one that lights the community! At dusk on Thanksgiving Day, it will light up - with your generous support!

So where's your money going?

Every penny of this $6250 will go towards the building, ordering, transportation, and installation of this streetlight.

Solarstreetlights USA in Holland, Michigan is providing this Made In Michigan light. These are LED lights with a solar panel, inverter, and battery system. These lights are top-notch commercial grade with optimal light range and battery life!

We very much appreciate and need your support.

*For $10, you will be immortalized (!!) on Facebook and the Soulardarity website as a contributor.

* For $30, you'll get a  bag of AJ's delicious Detroit Bold, special Solar Blend dark roasted coffee

* For $100, you'll get the 4- pack variety of AJ's Detroit Bold  from AJ'sCoffeeWorksCo. here in Highland Park!

* For $1000, you'll get to meet the team, tour our home base and  neighborhood AND be treated to lunch at Red Hot's- The first Coney Island in Michigan- in Old Highland Park , plus  go home with the Detroit Bold coffee variety pack!

*For $5000, a solar streetlight will ALSO be yours to name, in the honor of who or whatever you want with a permanant nameplate affixed for all to see.

If we don't reach our goal, never fear. This streetlight is going in, if we have to haul bricks and beg for change to make it happen. We think Highland Park and the great legacy that they hold in American manufacturing and economic growth is too important. If we exceed our goal, all the better. We've got 199 more of these things to install - excess will go directly towards them!

Moving Forward

Not only are streetlights proven to reduce crime and increase business activity, but solar energy is a sound, safe investment; a boon for the environment and everyone who's tired of paying the rising cost of electricity. Our streetlights are manufactured locally, reducing transportation costs and supporting the Michigan's economy. Perhaps the most important part of the campaign is that, in the end, the streetlights will be community owned and managed and no one will ever be able to take them away from Highland Park. This campaign will provide a model - for other cities and towns to follow.

We aim to bring this project across the nation - to sustainably light up every state and city we can reach! 

How else can I help?

If you can't give right now, but would like to be involved, contact us at soulardarity@gmail.com. We're looking for...

-Detroit area bands to take part in our concert series

-Future donors interested in larger grants, or sponsorship of the concert series

-Anyone interested in community economy, sustainability, and the future of this and other urban cities!


Checks can be sent to...


116 Candler St.

Highland Park, MI 48203

Go to www.soulardarity.com for more info!!!

Team on This Campaign: