Soul Search: What Are We Looking For...

An adventurous reality travelogue of diverse seekers explores varied spiritual practices to find meaning and illuminate who we are and why we are here!
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Soul Search: What Are We Looking For...

An adventurous reality travelogue of diverse seekers explores varied spiritual practices to find meaning and illuminate who we are and why we are here!

Hello everyone! And thank you for visiting our fundraiser page. We appreciate you!


America is a diverse nation of people on  the go. We are moving faster, thinking non-stop, working harder and accumulating more stuff.  It seems that no matter how hard we push ourselves, we still feel that something is missing. This endless marathon of hyper activity for “more” and “better,” is leaving us stressed, overwhelmed and sometimes feeling a void.

So what can we do? 

Stop? Become present? Start from where you are? Could this be the basis of discovering ourselves and learning to live better? For thousands of years religions, rituals, spiritual movements, governments, science and sacred ceremonies have offered many ways. Do they still serve us today? 

What's new? Is there a solution? Are the answers out there or do they lie within? Is life just a journey? Or perhaps a series of random experiences?  What is my role? What is my responsibility?  Who am I?

SOUL SEARCH: What Are We Looking For... is a modern, reality and documentary television show that will seek to provide answers to these age-old questions and provoke even more questions. 

Along the way we're going to have some fun. So, enlighten up! It will feel soul good!

Viewers will join a diverse group of guides as they travel America in an old RV to visit with varied spiritual communities and individuals, experience unique rituals and ceremonies, hear emerging philosophies, see provocative new ways of celebration and soul search as one. 

America is longing for shows that inspire us, give us courage, and make us think outside the box. Have you ever complained about what's on TV? Soul Search is an opportunity to balance our karmic account and support a worthwhile endeavor that offers something different, insightful, educational and entertaining.


America is a nation on the move and a beacon of hope to other nations around the world.  More than any other industry, entertainment influences how and what the world values.  Scientific research has shown that many people will model and mirror whatever they see. Our opportunity is to create programming that is impactful, transformative and fun. Our intention is to show contrasting views, different paradigms and unique perspectives, not make judgments. The viewer can decide what fits, what works, and what they truly believe. Audience interaction will be created through social media and the America Meditating Radio Show.  We invite you to "Tweet us the twuth!..." ;-)

Can we do this? Yes, we can! Soul Search has already received enough funding from initial donations to produce its first episode. We need you to go the distance...

The Soul Search RV is ready to roll!  An award-winning production crew from India is in America along with a yogi, a sage, and a TV star who will add color and lively commentary as they hit the road; traveling across America in search of divine beauty and the new (or ageless) REALITY of "We, the People..." and our relationship with each other and the Divine.

We will show America to itself.  America, “the melting pot,” boasts countless methods in which people seek to find themselves.  From Burning Man to Sunday school, Americans now use techniques learned from other cultures like meditation, chants, indigenous rites and rituals, contemporary music and dance, and new forms of prayer that may seem out of this world to some, yet are commonplace to others. The new mantra: "It's all good!" But, is it? Soul Search will ask the questions. You'll know your truth. We'll all benefit from greater acceptance and understanding of each other. 


House of International Media is a film and television production company led by a team of brothers who also happen to meditate daily. They have been deeply dedicated to their own spiritual journey for over 20 years (since their teens). HIM is led by Vishal Hiraskar, Prashant Hiraskar, and Prabu Patil. Their latest movie is a documentary film entitled, "the TIME is... NOW" - which chronicles how rising violence worldwide has been met with resilience and hope.

Soul Search guides will include renowned film, TV and stage actor Clarke Peters (Spike Lee's "Red Hook Summer," "Blue Bloods," HBO's "The Wire" and "Treme"), Dr. Harriet Fulbright (the sage), former Executive Director of The President's Committee on The Arts & Humanities under President Clinton, and teacher, author, radio host and meditation expert, Sister Jenna (the yogi). 


Is there something inside of YOU that beckons you to ponder the big questions of life - Who am I? Why am I here? What does life mean? How can I make my life better?   If this reflection touches your spirit, give your support to SOUL SEARCH:What Are We Looking For... Be a part of something big, meaningful and timely.  By making a contribution of any size, you will make this show a meaningful and extraordinary medium to touch the human heart.

Our fundraising goal is $500,000! There are many challenges that could arise when producing a reality travel television program and there is much needed to commence filming. We are ready to shift gears into making this all happen, and we wish to do it right.  Currently, our crew is running on love and personal contribution. While this is powerful, it cannot be sustained. We would like to begin shooting by mid-August of 2013, and hopefully wrap up in September.

Can you help us have our episodes completed by Thanksgiving, 2013?  That way, we can submit them to film festivals and networks.  A successful run at a film festival can lead to crucial distribution deals.

We wish to express our appreciation to you, our donors, in a way that you will appreciate.  We will provide you with special gifts, surprises visits to meet the crew on the RV, tickets to the television premiere, meditation CDs to soothe your soul and DVDs to stimulate your intellect.  Regardless of your level of contribution, you will also get a Soul Search poster. The poster makes your involvement official as you join our mission of spreading love.


Whether you offer a financial contribution or not, please support our campaign by spreading the word on your favorite social media sites.

Our pure wish is to invite you to help us in this goal.  We love our vision and your love in our project will put this amazing vision into action!


We would like to share with you a little about how our journey led us to Soul Search.  After long discussions with the creators of America Meditating in the US, we were initially inspired to entitle the show, "America Meditating". However, later on we realized that our impact should be global. Then SOUL SEARCH came to life! America Meditating opened our minds to the potential success of this theme!  

View many others who benefit from meditation 

Starting with America Meditating and onto SOUL SEARCH, the narrative has been building and continues to unravel the deep need for searching the soul on a global level.  The intention of the show is to enlighten and inspire people to go the extra mile to discover how powerful they really are.  The result of the journey is left up to the viewer who will be inspired by laughter, intrigue, love and courage!

Enlighten up! It will feel soul good! So, let's create a good karmic bank account and support, Soul Search: What Are We Looking For... now!  


Be a part of something that comes from heart…

Be a part of something that touches lives…

Be a part of something that will help YOU…

Be a part of something that can change America…

Be a part of something that can change the world!



We appreciate your time, your generosity and your support!


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