SOS: Surviving On Stamps T.V. Show

SOS teaches people how to eat healthy - even on food stamps! The show features families across the U.S. struggling on food stamps.

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The Moore family - and thousands of families like them - need your help! They currently depend on food stamps to eat and are struggling with obesity. They are eager to be featured on the pilot episode and learn how to eat healthier - especially since their obesity is starting to take a toll on their health. We are seeking to raise $5000 to create the pilot episode to be pitched to national networks. Any residual money goes towards developing an SOS cookbook for food pantries. Funding this project will help the Moores, future featured families, and viewers discover how to not just survive but rather live healthy lifestyles, even on a tight budget. The show will assist in reducing obesity, in turn decreasing the immense cost of our nation's health care! 

With both broadcasters and agencies already interested in our project, we are certain you will see the show on air. Even if you cannot support us financially, we appreciate your assistance in spreading the word - every share counts. Learn more about the SOS project and Chef Sarah Bogan at SurvivingOnStamps.com.  Join the fight today!

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