Sorry, Charlie

Supernatural events at the Carter house leave the family questioning their safety. Charlie soon realizes that his imaginary friend may not be a friend at all.
Christopher Slepekis
Chicago, Illinois
United States
5 Team Members
Sorry, Charlie is a sponsored project of Tribeca Flashpoint Academy

What Is This???

Indiegogo is a crowd sourcing website that allows artists to fundraise for their projects.  What are we doing here? We are trying to put the FUN back into FUNDRAISING! Watch our video above and below and get excited about the film we are about to create.  Then, instead of just donating money to our film you can select a Perk on the side of the webpage that you would like to have.  The dollar amount of each Perk is listed at the top and what the Perk entitles is listed below.  This is a small budget film and we have only networked within our circle of friends and family.  We want you to be a part of this experience with us.  So watch our videos.  Read about our crew and select a Perk from the side of the page.  Check It Out!

Who We Are & What We're Doing

Sorry, Charlie is a 10-minute short film, as well as our final project as a group of student filmmakers on the cusp of becoming industry professionals from Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy.  Tribeca Flashpoint is a progressive digital arts academy that equips their students with cutting edge technology.   This final project is a culmination of all our skills / training and it’s bound to be spectacular.  We have worked hard to assemble a crew of dedicated, motivated, and skilled individuals. We are working directly with Executive Producer Peter Hawley, who was producer on projects such as: Great Heights, October Surprise and Killzone.  He also sits as head of the film department at the academy.  Our crew has been vetted through an interview process and we are currently working hard in pre-production to bring you a film we hope you all will enjoy.

Short Summary

Logline: "Supernatural events around the house leave the Carter family questioning their safety. Charlie is forced to realize that Aiden, his imaginary best friend, may not be a friend at all, but a demonic presence."

The Story: The story takes place in a unsuspecting, small, Midwest town.  It is the story of a little boy and his friendship with an imaginary friend named Aiden.  Charlie's behavior becomes a concern for his parents when his imaginary friend, Aiden dares him to place a toy sword into an electrical outlet. As Charlie's friendship with Aiden begins to deteriorate, a plague of supernatural occurrences begin to terrorize his parents. It becomes a struggle to find an answer within the chaos.

What We Need & What You Get

Tribeca Flashpoint supports their graduating class a small financial investment for their final narrative, yet the majority of our budget must be raised by us.  We are looking for $5,000 to cover our remaining costs.  Much of our budget will be used for wardrobe, props, and feeding our rather large cast and crew.  Your generosity will not go unnoticed (or unrewarded).  We have a bunch of great rewards known as Perks for every donation level, and they only get better the more you support us.  Here are just a few of the Perks we have for you!


Social Media Shout Out


Sorry, Charlie DVD


Online Test Audience Screening


Smartphone, Tablet or Computer Background



Sorry, Charlie Graphic Novel



Sorry, Charlie Poster



Have Your Picture In The Movie





Other Ways You Can Help Us Reach The Finish Line!

Don't have the cash right now?  We totally get it.  We would like to blame our lack of funds on an expensive girlfriend that daytimes as a supermodel but seeing how most of us are single, we will just say it’s because of the bad economy.

We understand that not everyone can donate money to our project; however there are many other ways that you could still help.  If you'd like to help get Sorry, Charlie up and running, you can spread the word on Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter.  Send out chain emails talking about these really cool film students that are looking for support.  The more people that know, the more likely we are to meet our goal. 



Stay Up To Date With News & Events

You can keep up on what we're doing and the production process with our Facebook @ ( and Tumblr @ ( account where we blast information out on opportunities to support the film, news, events, and games.  We have also given Charlie, the main character, his own Twitter account.  See what his life is like with his family and Aiden before seeing the film! @ (

You can also reach us by e-mail @ ( for any issues or concerns you may have.




Now Get to Know Your Crew


Starting with .....


Zack Walker/Producer

"I am the producer of Sorry, Charlie and have also held a number of other production positions. My career path began when I fused my mother’s business sense with my father’s music industry creativity. I have been known for my out-of-the-box thinking and strong presence on set. I enjoy zoos and icies.  I am also a well known Erik Per Sullivan impersonator."

Michael Smith/Director

"I am a second year Directing student at Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy. I have been heavily involved in film and theater for close to 8 years now and put my heart and soul into every project I work on. For Sorry, Charlie, I will do the exact same and more."

Brandon Borrmann/Director of Photography

"I am a California-born, everywhere-raised filmmaker with a passion for visual storytelling. An obsessive lover of movies, I spend my time watching film of all sorts, reading classic literature, and studying the finer points of visual art and photography. I am honored to be leading the photographic department in this worthy endeavor."


Zach Sanzotta/Writer

"Hey guys!  I'm a second year Film & Broadcast student at Tribeca Flashpoint with a focus in screenwriting. I developed a passion for writing at a very early age, starting with handwritten short tales when I was too young to see over the kitchen counter and eventually progressing into full-fledge stories with proper spelling and cohesive sentences. It was a lot of fun writing Sorry, Charlie and I could not be more excited to see it being produced! Any and all contributions to the project are incredibly appreciated and I can't wait to be able to share the final product with everybody involved."

Jacob Staffaroni/Production Manager

"I have a strong passion for film and producing. I am currently attending Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy working towards an Associate of Applied Sciences degree in Film, with an emphasis in Producing. I am proficient in Movie Magic Budgeting, Scheduling, and have experience using Final Cut, Final Draft and Avid."

John Schuch/Assistant Director

"I am a veteran of the United States Coast Guard. I am currently studying producing at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy.  My favorite filmmaker is Stanley Kubrick, and currently my favorite movie is Amour."

Jon Lecouris/Production Designer

"I'm a second year Cinematography student at Tribeca Flashpoint. In high school I shot, directed, edited, acted, and wrote the music for two full length independent horror movies. When I read the script for Sorry, Charlie I instantly knew I wanted to work on it. I plan to use my passion and knowledge of horror movies to make this film an instant classic!"


Christopher Slepekis/Transmedia Producer

"Hello! I am a producing student at Tribeca Flashpoint who spent 9 years in the military before making a career change into the film industry.  I grew up being spoon fed Steven Spielberg flicks until I was...well I'm still eating out of the palm of his hand.  After graduation I will be working at Starbucks and dining out of trashcans."

Also watch:


Connor McBride/Media Coordinator

"I am a Chicago-born 2nd year Screenwriting student at Tribeca Flashpoint. When I'm not writing movies I spend a majority of my time watching them. Currently I am acting as Media Coordinator for Sorry, Charlie, helping with Social Media."

Connor Bock/Script Supervisor 

"I am a 2nd year Screenwriting student at Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy. I fell in love with cinema at a very young age as soon as I laid my eyes on the John Wayne western "El Dorado". I have a close relationship with the writer of Sorry, Charlie, and I got to see the story grow from concept to finished product. I am proud to be the Script Supervisor on this film, and I can't wait to get on set!"

Amanda Rengel/2nd Assistant Director

"Hi! I'm a second-year producing student at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy. I am 21 years old (I know, I don't look it), speak a little Japanese, and love to paint. One of my favorite things about working on a project is seeing the crew collaborate and use their talents to bring the vision from script to screen."

Yuma M. Amador/Editor

"I am an Army veteran who served overseas in Afghanistan. Presently, I transitioned to Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy. I am in my final year studying post-production with a focus in film editing.  I have been selected to be the lead editor for the short film Sorry, Charlie."

Nathan Smith/Behind the Scenes Director

"I am a second year directing student at Flashpoint. I am very excited to be directing the behind the scenes of Sorry, Charlie. I am twenty years old and grew up in midwest indiana. I love outdoor activities (most of which are on the dangerous side), driving, hanging out with friends, video games, and watching and making movies. I really enjoy seeing a production come together and cant wait to be an important part of this one."

Katie Bellamy/Behind the Scenes cinematographer

I enjoy every aspect of the filmmaking process and I aspire to work as a camera operator, assistant director or script supervisor on dramatice television series.  In my spare time my hobbies include hanging out with friends, attending live musical performances, painting, listening to music, drawing, playing drums and exploring.  I am very excited to be a part of the collaborative process and appreciate all of the help we have recieved thus far!




Still Reading???

Wow, you've read this far and have not yet decided to change you're Facebook status.  In that case, pick a Perk that you like best and support our film.  THEN changed your Facebook status to having helped fund Sorry, Charlie!  

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned. 







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    Red Carpet Shout Out

    We want our social media followers to know who you are! With this Perk we will thank you on our Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook pages. You also get a digital copy of our short film.

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    Cool Background

    Decorate your smart phone, tablet or computer with wallpaper background of our film poster. You also get a digital copy of our short film with behind the scenes material included.

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    Get the DVD with bonus material and behind the scenes commentary. You also get a production still with crew/ talent autographs.

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    Part of the Family

    Be part of an online audience screening of Sorry, Charlie before its release. Then email us your comments and suggestion. Also a head-shot of yourself will be included in the set dressing of the film as part of Charlies family lineage. We have given our talent disposable cameras to allow them to show the filming process through their eyes and you will get these digital photographs. You also get all of the above Perks listed.

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    Mad Props

    You will get a Thank You in the credits along with a picture of yourself displayed in a collage of benefactors appearing at the end of the credits. If you are local to Chicago you will have the opportunity to be on set and even be an extra in the film. You will receive a PDF concept storyboard. Then of course you also get all of the above Perks listed.

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    Memorabilia Package

    PDF photo-book of behind the scenes, stickers, all of Charlies drawings, a poster and ... you guessed it, all of the above Perks listed.

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    Comic Book

    You will recieve a PDF comic book made from the films storyboards and script. As well as botta bing ... all of the Perks listed above.

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    Angel Investor

    You are awesome for believing in us so much. In return we will graciously give you the opportunity to Skype with your choice of one key crew-member. Then you get all of the above Perks listed.

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  • $250USD
    Associate Producer

    You will be listed in the credits as an Associate Producer. As a Producer, you are invited to the Red Carpet Premiere of Sorry Charlie playing at a local Chicago theater (travel expenses not included). Whats that you say? You want all of the Perks listed above? DONE!

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  • $375USD
    Executive Producer

    We create a stylized portrait of you to be displayed next to your Executive Producer title in the credits. You will get a Skype session with the ENTIRE film crew and yes, EVERYTHING that everyone else has received from every other perk

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