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A unique design portable wireless speaker with an innovative universal dock.
Filowz Acoustics
3 Team Members

 Version française


The most user friendly portable wireless speaker for virtually any smartphone and unlimited uses.
At home or on the go, keep the Hi-Fi with you!

FHM - "All your problems may soon be solved by the brilliant-looking Sonomad Portable Bluetooth Speaker"

Gear Moose - "There is nothing sacrificed, however, with The Sonomad portable Bluetooth speaker"

Gadget Sin - "if you want to enjoy those beautiful music on the go or in a party, the Sonomad retro portable Bluetooth speaker may be able to catch your eyes"

Street Gentry - "Combine a unique retro design, compatibility with almost any device, sound quality matched only by the high-end German manufacturers and you get the unique Filowz Sonomad"

Mike Shouts - "portable Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen, but one that also lets you dock your smartphone and turn it into one neat portable package is far and few between"

Android et vous - "De quoi vous décoiffer !!!"

Cooli Gadget - "une toute nouvelle enceinte portable Bluetooth qui permet d’intégrer votre smartphone et de le recharger. Ce qui est un vrai plus par rapport aux autres enceintes portables Bluetooth"

Gadget - "the Sonomad, a hi-fi wireless portable sound system that gives high-end stereo sound and easy portability"

Clubic - "Encore une enceinte mobile, oui. Mais avec des spécificités qui valent le détour"

Android Guys - "If you’ve been looking for a speaker that offers high performance with an innovative universal dock, be sure to hit up the links below"

Les Numériques - "Conçue pour un usage nomade ou à la maison, elle intègre un compartiment qui permet de mettre à l’abri toutes sortes de smartphones ou baladeurs"


Hi, we are Filowz. Thank you for your interest in our project.
We love music, and many of us use smartphones as a source of music. We always have our smartphones with us, wherever we are. But how do we share the music we love?
The Sonomad is a Hi-Fi wireless portable sound system which lets you enjoy and share your music anywhere, anytime with an unmatched combination of performance and portability.


The Sonomad is:

  • a stereo high-end audio quality speaker
  • 20 hours of nonstop music playing on battery
  • an astonishing powerful acoustic output
  • an extremely user friendly wire free stereo system
  • a unique safe dock compatible with any smartphone
  • designed and made in France


Hi-Fi sound quality, huge power and long lasting battery life: the high quality internal components and materials of the Sonomad make it the best sounding and most powerful sound system of its class. And combined with its high capacity optimized battery, the entertainment will go on for hours.


The Sonomad is a unique piece of industrial design. Thought and built to be as strong as possible, the Sonomad is truly portable and really convenient to use, thanks to its compact form and its carrying functions (handle and shoulder strap). And if you do not want to carry it, you can easily throw it in your backpack. 

The Sonomad is compatible with any smartphone, computer, tablet, mp3 player…wirelessly connected through Bluetooth, or with a wire via the standard stereo input.

The safe dock is compatible with any smartphone which is less than 3 in (76 mm) wide and 6.2 in (160 mm) high. Let's say that almost all smartphones will fit nicely inside the Sonomad.


Designed in Paris, the Sonomad brings the 70's back with the latest and best technology of the 21th century. Carry it with the retractable handle or with the included shoulder strap and you are ready to be on the move…musically!

Connect to the Sonomad through Bluetooth and control the speaker from up to 30 feet (10 meters). And if you do not have Bluetooth or just are too far away from the speaker, simply use the standard audio connector.

Recharge your smartphone or your mp3 player through the included USB connector (5V). Since your smartphone battery will probably be empty a long time before the Sonomad gets a low battery, let's share energy and keep the music going!

Connect several Sonomad units together through the audio output to get a bigger, wilder sound. Connect a smartphone to a Sonomad, and just plug in as many Sonomad units as you want!


The Sonomad is the only speaker including the universal mount which can protect your smartphone

Insert your smartphone between the grisps.

Turn around the trap.

Use it as a dock at home and as soon as you are on the move or doing outdoor activities, your smartphone is safe. Just need one hand…and your smartphone will not fear water, sand or any accidental fall.


Designed and made in France!

Filowz is a French company based in Paris. Funded by Grégoire, a sound engineer who has traveled and lived in Africa for 6 years, where he felt the need for an effective, convenient and reliable portable speaker. Old school Ghetto Blasters are too heavy, not powerful enough and fragile; traditional Hi-Fi systems are expensive, not portable and cable messy.

Filowz gathers a team of professional industrial designer, electronics, acoustics and mechanical engineers, passionate about music and what they do.

Our aim is to bring the best sound quality anywhere at anytime, without any constraint: small size, small weight, small price, big sound, huge power, long lasting battery life.


After 2 years and more than $70k of research and development, we are more than happy to introduce the Sonomad. But the trip isn't over yet. To bring this kind of industrial product to a market, we need to build injection molding tools, get certifications and have a minimum order quantity.
The funds we get from this Indiegogo campaign are for the following:

  • $40,000 for injection molding tools
  • $20,000 for global certifications
  • $35,000 for first production run


By supporting Filowz and the Sonomad, you will not only get one of the best portable sound systems but you will also be part of a great entrepreneurial adventure. You have the opportunity to support a young and innovative team of passionate people who want to improve our music experience and to keep making its products in France. For that, we need YOU to be part of our project.




Q/ Will my smartphone, tablet, or computer be able to play music on the Sonomad?
A/ You can wirelessly connect to the Sonomad through Bluetooth. If your equipment doesn't have Bluetooth, you can easily connect it through the standard audio jack input.

Q/ How do I know if I can use the safe dock with my smartphone or MP3 player?
A/ The maximum width of the safe dock is 3 in (76 mm). For example, a Samsung Galaxy S4 is 2.75 in (69.8 mm) wide and an Apple iPhone 5 is 2.3 in (58.6 mm) wide.

Q/ Is a smartphone included with the Sonomad?
A/ No, there is no smartphone included with the Sonomad.

Q/ How loud can the Sonomad be?
A/ The Sonomad is capable of delivering up to 105 dB of Sound Pressure Level at 20 in (50 cm). It means that you won't be able to talk next to the Sonomad when it is at its maximum volume

Q/ Will the power outlet work in my country?
A/ The Sonomad is rechargeable and/or powered through a 110-240VAC / 50-60Hz power unit. So yes, it will work perfectly in pretty much every country in the world.

Q/ Is shipping included?
A/ Yes, international shipping is included in every perk!

Q/ If I order a Sonomad, what will I get?
A/ A Sonomad, an audio cable, a should strapp, a power supply and a user manual.

Q/ I live in Paris, will it be possible to come and pick up my Sonomad as soon as it is ready?
A/ Absolutely. We would love to meet all our contributors personally.


Read more at FILOWZ.com and do no hesitate to share the project:

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$90,000 USD goal
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This campaign ended on February 2, 2014
Select a Perk
  • $25USD
    Filowz Tee shirt

    Thank you! Every dollar is important. You will get an awesome Filowz Tee shirt and be listed on Filowz website as a contributor. (approx. 18€) FREE global shipping included.

    8 claimed
    Estimated delivery: March 2014
  • $339USD
    Early Bird - ONE Sonomad

    Get the Sonomad before the rest of the world and enjoy your music all around it at an amazing discounted price. (the Sonomad will normally retail for over $450 without transport) (approx. 246€ instead of 339€) FREE global shipping included.

    45 out of 99 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $369USD
    On Board - ONE Sonomad

    Be one of the first to get a Sonomad at a great discounted price (the Sonomad will normally retail for over $450 without transport) (approx. 269€ instead of 339€) FREE global shipping included.

    5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $629USD
    Early Bird - The Pair

    Get TWO Sonomad before anyone else. Use them simultaneously to get twice more sound and save more than $270 (two Sonomad will normally retail for over $900 without transport) (approx. 457€ instead of 678€) FREE global shipping included.

    4 out of 99 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $659USD
    The Pair - TWO Sonomad

    Get TWO Sonomad for a bigger and wilder experience. (two Sonomad will normally retail for over $900 without transport) (approx. 478€ instead of 678€) FREE global shipping included.

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
  • $1,499USD
    Party Pack - FIVE Sonomad

    You will receive FIVE Sonomad! (five Sonomad will normally retail for $2250 without transport) (approx. 1089€ instead of 1695€) FREE global shipping included.

    0 out of 99 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2014
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