Help us finish our album, make an epic 8 minute music video, and tour!


$3000 - Anyone who contributed can nominate and vote on a song for us to cover and record.

$4000 - We'll make a music video for Jerkoffagus (8+ minutes)

$7000 - We'll tour the west coast.

Short Summary

We need your help to finish our new album, make a music video, and tour in support!

We have been painstakingly working on our second album, The Breast of Both Worlds, for two years running now.  The album is nearing completion, and we need funds to finish production and bring you the album.

We want to give this album a proper release, which means we will be touring, releasing a music video in support, and making new merch.  All these things are expensive to do, so we are hoping for some help from you guys.

You'll notice some of our perks are pretty interesting, and that's because we want anyone who helps us to be involved as much as possible.  We want to do this with you in mind and bring you music that you want to hear.

What We Need & What You Get

These funds will go towards:
  1) Production of The Breast of Both Worlds album
  2) A music video for Jerkoffagus
  3) Tours
(there is the $7000 West coast incentive, but these funds will help us with our Summer tour as well)

To give you an idea of the what your hard-earned money will be going towards, here is a list of our anticipated expenses: 

Album: $6500
   Production of physical CD's: $3000
   Album Art: $500
   New Mics and Equipment: $1000
   Mixing/Mastering: $2000

Summer 2014 Tour: $4550

   Van and Trailer Rental: $1000
   Amps and Cabs: $3000
   Gas - 3300 miles at 20mpg X $3.30/gallon = ~$550

Merch: $1500
   Art: $700
   Men's Shirts: $300
   Girl's Shirts: $500

Music Video: $3000
   Studio set and prop rentals: $1000 (we want special effects and mummies)
   Grip and Lighting rentals: $800
   Camera and lens rental: $200
   Labour: $500
   Editing/Post production/Color Grading: $500

Cover Album: $650
   Physical Production: $350
   Licensing: $300

Total budget: $16200

By contributing to our campaign, you will be supporting the release of the album and our Summer Tour.  If we reach $4000, we'll be making the Jerkoffagus music video for you, and if we reach $7000, we will finally tour the West Coast!

And just look at those higher-end perks!  We'll cover any song you want, and write original songs about anything you want.  You won't just be helping us achieve what we want as a band.  You'll be helping us give you what you want.

2015 West Coast Tour Estimated Cost: $6000
Given the cost of the East Coast tour, I'm just guestimating here.  It will probably cost more.

Download Code - $10

Pre-Order, thanks in insert, optional signing - $20

Pre-order perk + Lager than Life on Vinyl - $30 (limit 10)

Various Sots - $50

Pulse Party (comes with preorder perk) - $100

Lessons (comes with preorder perk) - $100

Cover Song (comes with preorder perk) - $150 (Limit 10)

Here's what we did with the Adventure Time theme, so expect something like this:

Original Song (comes with preorder perk) - $300

Arcade, Pre-Order, Original Song, Cover Song - $2000

The arcade:

The Impact

Your funds will allow us to get better production and do more as a band.  You'll help us make a music video and play for more people, and for those that contribute to the higher-end perks, you'll be helping us play what you want us to play.

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help:

SHARE THIS CAMPAIGN AND SHARE OUR YOUTUBE VIDS!  We know some of you might not be able to help financially, and that's OK.  Please share our stuff if you can.  It really helps!

So please, help us spread our unique breed of Party Thrashin' Power Metal.

A tremendous thank you to everyone who has supported us so far!  We wouldn't be here without you, and we are eternally grateful.

Here's what we can do for a music video with no budget.  Obviously we could use some funding :I))

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