Songs of Shadow, Songs of Light

The music of Joni Mitchell.

Songs of Shadows, Songs of Light

Laurie Antonioli Sings The Music of Joni Mitchell

I’m a jazz singer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Over the past year, my band and I have created gorgeous new interpretations of the music of Joni Mitchell.

Our Joni sets have been so well received that we’ve performed the show at every major jazz venue in the Bay Area, and the most recent concert sold out two shows at the new SFJAZZ performing arts center. The best part is that we’ve had Joni fans in the audience who otherwise would have never gone to a jazz concert, and they loved the music, too. This was and is important to me — that people who love Joni will enjoy these interpretations and will hear Joni's intention in our version of her songs.

Now we’re ready to make an album so that we can share the music more broadly, and we need your help.

Although the total budget for the project is $57,000, we’re asking for $38,000 — that gets us through the recording, mixing, and mastering of the music and allows us to manufacture the CDs.

Later on, we’ll need $19,000 for marketing and promotion expenses. We’re keeping that as a stretch goal for now, but would obviously like to raise as much as possible to make our Spring 2014 release date.

We’ve got a lot of fun perks, and we’ll be adding new ones as the campaign goes on. Please give what you can, and please help us get the word out by telling all your friends! 

For more information about me, visit my website at laurieantonioli.com or my YouTube page at http://bit.ly/GHwjy2

The Musicians

Laurie Antonioli - vocalist, producer

Matt Clark - piano, co-producer

Sheldon Brown - bass clarinet; tenor and soprano sax; clarinet; and flute

Dave MacNab - guitar

John Shifflett - bass

Jason Lewis - drums


Paul McCandless - oboe, English horn, soprano sax

Theo Bleckmann - vocalist

And a very special surprise vocalist, to be announced at a later date

The Budget


Recording (the studio, the recording engineer, paying the
editing, and miscellaneous expenses
such as hard drives, 
rehearsals, arrangements,
food and transportation, etc.)                                                                          


Mixing and Mastering Engineers


Publishing costs (the rights to use the music)


Record/Mix/Master Subtotal..... $33,500


Photographers, Fine Artist, Graphic Artist                                                           


Production of CDs


Packaging Subtotal..... $ 4,500

PROMOTION (stretch goal)

Public Relations Consultant                                                                            






Website Development


Radio Promotion


Promotion Subtotal..... $19,000


TOTAL BUDGET = $57,000


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