SolReSol: The Project

SolReSol: The Project is an application that helps you learn SolReSol - a universal language of music, sounds and colors in a way that is both fun and efficient
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LaDo (Yesterday)

  • In the 1820s Francois Sudre, a French violinist, was trying to create one of the first known constructed languages.
  • His aim was to create SolReSol, a universal language that would use music - the most perfect art known to humans - for communication.

LaRe (Today)

  • Today SolReSol is much more than just a language of music - it can be expressed in many ways: 1) music, 2) letters, 3) colors, 4) numbers, 5) gestures.
  • Nowadays SolReSol has more opportunities to to unite people of the world, regardless of their native language or abilities, using modern technology.

LaMi (Tomorrow)

  • If you help us reach our funding goal, the world will have access to SolReSol:The Project, a powerful educational tool that will help to promote the most versatile and unique language on the planet. 
  • Watch this early preview of SolReSol: The Project in Discovery Mode on PC to understand its potential.
  • Full version coming Q3 2014 to PC and mobile devices if fully funded.                    

SolDoFaSol (Description)

  • Discovery Mode - feel the language, understand its system and discover new words
  • Quest Mode - find the right SolReSol word to convey the meaning 
  • Solfège Mode - train your ear for music and learn to understand musical speech in SolReSol
  • Rainbow Mode - feel the natural connection between colors, syllables and sounds and compete in speed with SolReSol users from all over the world
  • The database contains all known SolReSol words
  • Bright visual effects (and professionally recorded instruments to maximize your non-verbal experience
  • The Project is being created by an independent developer to make sure it is fun to use and free of advertising, DRM and paid content.
  • Please support our funding campaign to help the project, get your copy at a reduced price and make history of SolReSol.

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