Sollindae: Revolution in RPGs Forever

Sollindae is a PC RPG that has been in development for a while, just recently beginning to become the next awesome thing in the RPG genre!
Zach Gillenwater
United States
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Sollindae (Short summary)

    Sollindae is a game which my friend Jett and I created a year ago. It was originally programmed with the programming language Python, and was completely text-based. The project was almost completely abandoned, and it was a very very small game, not much code. Recently, however, we have decided to revamp the entire thing with graphics and an actual story (INSANE!). This new game would be made with a program called RPG Maker (More specifically, RPG Maker VX Ace), and would have a lot more to do. An immersive story, amazing music, a great map with complete free-roaming ability, as well as tons of side quests. Sollindae, in short, is an innovative twist on the classic 2D RPGs that many gamers would agree are some of the best retro games ever. We're taking elements from modern games such as The Elder Scrolls series (Story, side stories, free roaming capability, and characters with personality), and putting it into a grand indie game.

    Sollindae is a game that will revolutionize the way we see 2D RPGs forever.



What We Need

In order of importance, what we need is:

  • RPG Maker VX Ace, the program that we're going to make the game with. (~$70)
  • RPG Maker DS Resource Pack, an amazingly large resource pack for RPG Maker, with everything we need to make the game more awesome! (~$30)
  • Posters for certain contributors (~$100)
  • T-Shirts, for certain contributors (~$31)
  • Indie Graphics Builder, a graphics pack that allows you to 'make your own' graphics by combining different elements (~$200)

    That adds up to $431, so the extra $69 is mostly to bring up our goal to the minimum amount required by IndieGoGo. But, we also would love to be able to repay our composers for what we assume will be a great job, and most of all, we may have extra expenses (advertisement, an actual website, etc.), and as well shipping fees for shipping the contributor's items. All contributors will get their names in the credits

The Impact

We believe that this game is a good example of the way that technology can bring people together to do things easier; Back in the 1980's, you had to own a big corporation, pay artists, composers, and programmers thousands of dollars to complete a fourth of the game. Then, you had to get money for manufacturing floppy disks, get with TV stations to advertise, and then with retailers so you can sell it. At this point, it's the luck of the draw whether or not you'll sell enough. Nowadays, we can just do it all ourselves. Or in our case, get together with people in seconds. 

    We got composers to make music for free. We can go and buy all the graphics we need by entering in a credit card number and clicking a button and then downloading a file in a minute. Then, we put it all together with a program over a much smaller period of time. The entire game is a collaborative effort over this massive thing we call the internet. We don't have to meet in real life at all. Indie games don't require too much advertisement, either, we can just spread the word online and others will share it with their friends and so on and so forth. Help us make this another great example of the usefulness of technology, and its abilities.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't contribute money, there are many ways you can help.

  • IndieGoGo has an awesome share tool, use it to share with your friends!
  • Just spread the word. Tell someone in person, through fax, or even snail mail! Any hype we can get is helpful!

Extra, "Legal" Stuff

    Upon recieving a copy of the game, its soundtrack, or a beta version, by downloading, you have agreed not to distribute the game to anyone other than yourself. Piracy on the internet is a big problem, but please note: We don't support SOPA or PIPA sort of ideas, but we want to be paid when someone gets our game. We will have spent a lot of time on this game by the time we release it; We want to be paid for our hard work, so don't distribute copies of the full game, it's beta, or the soundtrack!

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  • $5USD
    Tier 1 Contributor

    Be considered awesome by all of the Sollindae team! [Note: All contributors get their name in the credits]

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  • $10USD
    Tier 2 Contributor

    Get a free copy of the game as soon as it comes out. Email IS required!

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  • $15USD
    Tier 3 Contributor

    Get beta access to the game, as well as a copy when it comes out. Email IS required!

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  • $30USD
    Tier 4 Contributor

    Get beta access, a free copy of the game when it comes out, a poster of the original overworld map concept art which will be signed by as many members of the Sollindae team as we can get, and a download of the soundtrack. Email IS required!

    4 out of 10 claimed

  • $50USD
    Tier 5 Contributor

    Get beta access, a free copy of the game when it comes out, a poster of the original overworld map concept art which will be signed by as many members of the Sollindae team as we can get, a download of the soundtrack, and, if specified, a character can be created around you to be put in the game. Email IS required!

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  • $100USD
    Tier 6 Contributor

    The previous perk, and (ONLY if we have money for it!) a Sollindae t-shirt.

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