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Solidparents.com is an online service that provides kids safe communication under parents supervision
Vladimir Lipatov
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Redwood City, California
United States
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Short Summary

The biggest goal for any caring parent is to grow a healthy and comprehensively developed child,  to protect him/her from the offensive information and harassment  which he/she can face online everyday.  We decided to create the social service that will help to do that. We are not just another company which wants to create a new service and sell it to the big corporation. We want to develop it and use it together for years.

What We Need & What You Get

The website is almost ready and you can start using it any time (USA&CIS). We are spending our own money on developing it and trust us we will not stop doing it.

At the moment we need your help to gain 55.000 USD to develop the iOS and Android Apps which will work on most types of gadgets to provide kids safe social networking, gaming and educating under parents supervision and our moderators control. The faster we will do it - the more kids will be secured.

Moreover we will add such cool features as fast nanny/babysitter geolocation and your kid's educators background online check up.

What's the problem?

Every kid wants to become an adult as fast as he or she can. Of course they want to go online as their parents do every day. Millions of children  has their own gadgets and it is impossible to control and filter all information that they receive.  

According to the anonymous surveys at least 10% of children in US are receiving the persistent obscene proposals once year and 4% of them was hounded by online "friends" at least once. Assuming 5-7 years of using Internet can makes us thinking that about a half or even more of all our kids are not secured. Not to mention pornography and scenes of violence. 

What should we do then? Every parent knows that bans do not work. 

To solve the problem we decided to create a safe online place were kids can chat, play and educate safely under parents control without a chance to be attacked by the evil adults or inappropriate information.

Meanwhile adult users will have an instrument for a quick parent-to-parent, parent-to-teacher or parent-to-doctor connection to exchange information about how their child is growing and to prevent any bad stuff that can happen to he or she.   

    Risks & Challenges

    We are not developing another "Facebook killer" or "Instagram for kids". We do believe that in our time any parent must understand that safety and protection for a child is most important things that we must provide.

    Meanwhile we meet lots of people who say: "Hey, I am talking to my kid's teacher twice a year and know everything about my child. He (or she) does not need any  greater development and attention".  Trust us - they do. 

    But we can not reach all parents on the planet and change their minds. We can just try to create a better service for them and their kids. It is already working with our children and we hope that it will do the same with yours.

    Other Ways You Can Help

    If you decide not to donate for some reasons please spread a word about our project, give us feedback on what you think is not working right or we must add. We will try to do our best to create a better service.

    Fill free to register yourself and your children, like us on facebook.com/solidparents , share your opinion with other parents on our site.  

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    This campaign ended on August 15, 2014
    Select a Perk
    • $1USD
      Big THANK YOU!

      We will mention your name on our facebook page with big THANK YOU for your help.

      0 out of 1000000 claimed
    • $20USD
      Name mentioning+1000solids

      After finishing the campaign we will create a PROJECT CONTRIBUTORS section on the main site page and enumerate and mention all these people who donated to our project. Solids are our virtual currency which you can spend on virtual presents, postcards, private ads and kids avatars.

      2 out of 3000 claimed
    • $100USD
      Mentioned above+pen+tee

      White-n-green pen and white t-shirt with our logos. T-shirt has a text "SOLID PARENT" on the back. Free shipping across USA or CIS. Please do not forget to tell us your size.

      0 out of 1000 claimed
    • $1,000USD
      Mentioned above+fancy dinner

      Meet us in a fancy restaurant in SF bay area. Tell us which food do you prefer and when you are arriving in advance and we will organize the interesting evening to remember. Take your spouse and kids!

      0 out of 50 claimed
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