SOCIALgrlz LLC would like your support to raise $50k for the FIRST Apple and Android Mobile Application for African American Girls.

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 African-American girls are overlooked by the mobile industry. Although there are hundreds of thousands of mobile applications on the market, not one has been created for African-American girls. 3 million African-American girls in the United States hold a buying power of $24 billion, but Internet/mobile technology companies don’t have this valuable demographic on their radar. When you search the term  "Black Girls” on any search engine the negative imagery and lack of representation the girls face in the media and online is depressing and not a true reflection of this special demographic.    

SOCIALgrlz is building an app to fill the void and to give African-American girls (13-17) their own platform to learn and connect together. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for African-American girls through the development of a mobile, Web and publishing service.  We are the first company of its kind!                


After years of research and conceptual development, our mobile website has been launched and now we are ready to develop a mobile application for the Android and Apple platforms. The mobile app will have articles, interviews and our specially designed book called the SOCIALgrlz TXTbook, a collaborative book between girls and experts, as well as a column with pearls of wisdom from seasoned African-American women. The purpose of the column is to provide African-American girls valuable guidance from successful role models and energize inter-generational interaction. Some of the girls may not have relationships with their grandmothers or other seasoned women who can provide much needed guidance and love; we want to help them connect to women they can look up to for advice.                                 

               SOCIALgrlz provides five interactive channels: Be Heard!; SOCIALgrlz TXTtbook; SOCIALgrlz Bookshelf; SOCIALgrlz Certified and Odessa’s Wisdom. All of these mobile platforms provide African-American girls with opportunities to improve their self-esteem through modern technology by engaging and learning from each other, as well as, gaining wisdom from women who have great insight and life experience.


TheSOCIALgrlz Textbook gives African-American girls a chance to use their voices in a way that has never been done. The SOCIALgrlz TXTbook will cover six specific topics -- Lifestyles, Health & Wellness, Finance, Education, Leadership and Building Relationships. The book is designed to give girls a safe place to speak about topics important to them and receive advice from women who understand their questions about life. This innovative book will become a valuable tool for girls to help navigate through their social issues, and ultimately a source for experts. 

 SOCIALgrlz would respectfully like your support of our crowd-sourced funding campaign to raise $50,000 for the development of our startup mobile application. The cost will cover design, testing and development of a mobile application for Apple and Android platforms.

                                                WAYS TO CONTRIBUTE 

  • 2 Cents Contributor  $5  - We will give you a shout out on Facebook and Twitter. Your name will also be listed on SOCIALgrlz.com as a fan.  
  • SOCIALgrlz Ambassador $10 - You will receive a SOCIALgrlz Fan shout out as well as receive our very own SOCIALgrlz screen saver that can be shared through social media or displayed on your phone.  
  • SOCIALgrlz Champion Contributor $25 - Special Message on SOCIALgrlz USB Wrist Band and SOCIALgrlz Fan shout out.


  • Your Voice Contributor $50 - You will receive a special designed (QR Code) SOCIALgrlz T- Shirt and SOCIALgrlz Fan shout out.     
Be Heard Contributor $50- You will receive (SOCIALgrlz Logo) SOCIALgrlz T- Shirt and SOCIALgrlz Fan shout out.

  •  I LOVE This Concept Contributor $100You will become a part of the SOCIALgrlz Beta Program which gives you full access to the pre-release version of the SOCIALgrlz mobile app and SOCIALgrlz fan shout out. 
  • Odessa’s Wisdom Contributor  $1000 - Named after CEO Marissa Jennings late grandmother Odessa McClary.  You will receive a Shout Out, Screen Saver, Wrist Band, SOCIALgrlz Logo T- Shirt, participate in Beta Program and have an opportunity to feature a young girl who is making a change in her community. 
  • Early Adopter Advertiser $2000 and UP - 1 time Special Advertisement package to sponsor SOCIALgrlz Web Site & Mobile Application, participate in Beta Program, feature a young girl making a change in her community, USB Wristband, QR Code & SOCIALgrlz Logo T-shirts, Screen Saver & SOCIALgrlz Fan shout out.

                                    THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! 


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