Social-EYE for Google Glass

Connect with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare. Easily receive message notifications and post photos to your account from your Google Glasses.


Hello everyone, I would like to introduce you to Social-EYE for Google Glass devices!

Social-EYE allows you to easily connect and share with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare.

Keep yourself in-touch by receiving notifications when your friends tweet at you on Twitter or message you on Facebook. Use the Social-EYE website to adjust your settings; you decide who you receive notifications from and when – don’t be interrupted by those you don’t know or those you don’t want to hear from. In addition to receiving replies and direct messages, subscribe to your favorite friends to receive all of their updates.

Spending the night out on the town? Thanks to Foursquare integration, you will always know when your friends are nearby. Receive notifications when a friend checks into a restaurant, shop, or any other location.

Thanks to Google’s mirror API, you’ll be able to share your latest photos to your social accounts.

Social-EYE doesn’t just present you with information; easily respond to a message on Twitter and Facebook or “Like” your friend’s Check-In on foursquare. Responding is simple with Google Glasses’ built in voice recognition feature.

I need YOUR support on indiegogo to help purchase an early development pair of Google Glasses and begin the development of this application. In addition, Social-EYE will require a server to constantly communicate between your social networks and Google’s servers. Your money will help me purchase an Explorer edition of Google Glass and get the needed servers up and running to begin development.

When Google launches their new device later this year, Google+ will be the social network in the spotlight, but don’t leave Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare out. Help make Google Glasses the world’s most social wearable computer.

As a thank you and reward for your support we are offering t-shirts, pin on buttons, and a private luncheon with the developers.

Help us bring Social-EYE to Google Glass and spread the word with your friends! If you are grabbing an explorer’s pair of Google Glasses then contribute to this project and be the first to use the application. If you are thinking of purchasing a pair of Google Glasses later this year or down the road, then help fund the development now, so when you get your pair Social-EYE is fully ready!

Want to see more photos? Check out the gallery here on indiegogo!

* All images are concepts and may not represent the exact design of the final application.

** Pair of Google Glasses is not included and is needed to use the application.

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