So You Want to Make Video-Games?

A Fun, Free, Easy to Read Adventure for All Ages to create the Video-Game of your Dreams!
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Games are awesome. Making games is awesome. You are awesome. Mix these together and what do you get? ... AWESOME³ !

Have you ever sat there while playing a game thinking: "Man, this level sucks. I could do better if I just knew how! ", I mean haven't we all thought that at least once? 

How about sitting through a game and thinking "Man, this story is getting seriously boring. I wish I could make my own game. I'd make it 100 times more awesome than this!"

Well, that's why I'm here today - To give you thesuperpowers to create the video-games of your dreams. Well alright, they're not really superpowers, but what I am giving you is the knowledge and skills you'll need to be able to create your very own video-game !

The goal of the project is to teach every child, adult and elder how to create video-games in an easy, fun and enjoyable experience! The book will be available digitally for free and for the cost of printing in physical form. I will be sending the book to as many libraries around the World to help get it in front of as many children, adults and elderly people as possible so everyone can create their dream video-game.

With the funding, I will also be able to translate the book into multiple languages; So every single person on the planet will be able to create their dream video-game!

My name is Ryan Shah! I'm a published writer and Lead Developer @ Kitatus Studios

Boasting over 10 years of experience creating video-games, I have worked on an assortment of different programs to create video-game experiences. 

Before creating video-games, I was a freelance Writer; Self-Publishing my own stories.

And now, I'm here to teach anyone and everyone who wants to join the Game Development industry. I had a dream of showing as many people the ropes to Game Development as possible; Helping them to dive right in and that's why I'm here.

Before doing this, I wrote and published a FREE Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints book, to teach as many people as possible about Unreal Engine 4 and how it's so simple to create your own video-games WITHOUT writing a line of code! 

A link to this FREE book is available here: CLICK ME.

I enjoyed writing this book so much that I wanted to continue to do so; But I wanted to expand. I wanted to help teach not just Unreal Engine 4 users, but people who want to make video-games, but they don't know how. AND THUS... "So You Want To Make A Video-Game?" was born!

We'll start from the top, making sure we nail every detail of our dream game before bringing it to life. But don't worry about walls and walls of text, oh no. This adventure will be filled with fun, excitement, doodles and screenshots all aimed at making sure you're having the fun you deserve while creating the game that you've been itching to create!

From the planning phase, we'll go straight into making concept art and continue head-on into the Design phase; This means planning how the levels will look, what the characters will look like and many awesome things all to do with designing our game!

Once we've mastered the Design phase, we'll transcend over to the "Production" phase. What's the "Production Phase"? - Well, my friend, it's the meat and bones of making video-games; Actually bringing your idea to life. We'll be using Unreal Engine 4 to turn your dreams into reality and to make sure your game is "Next-Gen" compatible!

Once we complete the project, we'll jump on over to the "Release" phase, in which I'll help guide you through where you can sell your project, who to talk to in terms of getting your project some exposure as well as submitting your project to Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and Steam.

We'll also be learning about Photoshop, Blender, FL Studio, Audacity, Unreal Engine 4 and Google Drive and how they help us on this adventure to creating our Dream Video-Game!

How does that sound to you? To me it sounds like a huge adventure in which I can't wait to get started! Do you want to know the best part? I hope to release this whole adventure for the grand total of £0 (US: $0, Euro: 0, Everywhere else: $0). But before we do, I need your help! In order to bring this adventure to life, I need as much help as I can get to help fund the book. 

In order to bring this project to life; I've turned to you all for help. Why? Because in order to create the book, I need some funding or it won't be possible! 

This is because in order to take the time out to write the book, Funding helps me focus on the book, so there is no need to get alternative employment to fund the book myself. This means that the book can come out faster; And of the highest possible quality!

Another reason why funding is essential to the book is storage; In order to put all of the content of the book online (So you can use it in your own projects, take it apart to see how it ticks or refer to it if you get stuck), I need to purchase a server to store all of this content. And they don't come cheap!

So not only will the funding help the FREE book come out Faster; But the book will be of the highest possibly quality and will have a dedicated server for every single piece of content in the book (For your own non-commercial and commercial uses!)

I am also planning of sending the book to multiple libraries all over the World, as well paying for translators to translate the book into as many languages as possible, to help get every child, adult and elder who wants to create video-games doing so!

This all isn't a cheap endeavour; Banks would laugh at me for trying to create free content, so I have turned to you wonderful people. And to thank-you for your contributions; I have set up a few Perks such as your name credited in the book, exclusive versions of the book and even a free copy of my video-game Super Distro Horizons!

    I understand that not everyone can contribute; But there are still other ways that you can help the cause (And every man, woman and child who wants to create video-games!). If you'd like to support us but can't contribute the best thing you can do to help is:
    Spreading the Word - Sending this campaign to your family, friends and pets will help get the word out and let more people know about our initiative and goal!

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