SMILE - A short film shot at Pinewood Studios

Smile is a short Psychological Thriller Written and Directed by Bashford Twins filmed at Pinewood Studios on the RED Epic.

Synopsis - Gina Watson, a newly promoted homicide detective has finally come face-to-face with Sean Reed, 'The Origami Butcher'. Although Gina has him at gunpoint he calmly proclaims there is a higher power at play and this is all part of his plan. Dismissively, Gina is about to call for backup but Sean reveals he has kidnapped her husband, William who will be executed in 27 minutes. He offers her a choice; go with him, alone, and see William for herself, or arrest him, and William will die. Tick Tick Tick... Times Running Out.

Smile is a 14 Minute Psycological thriller Written and Directed by ourselves Kyle Bashford and Liam Bashford AKA 'Bashford Twins'. Hence the name, we are twin brothers who both have a passion for creating visually exhilarating films and are currently at the heart of the film industry, working at Pinewood Film Studios. From the time we've worked at the studios we've met some amazing people and are trying to establish ourselves as Writer/Directors. We have been nominated for three of our films including 'Best Director' at the Young Independant Film & TV Awards and 'Best British Horror Film' at the British Horror Film Festival.

Smile was shot on the RED Epic at PInewood Film Studios and is currently in Post-Production.

We have self financed this film so far and have come to a place most indie filmmakers dread, NO MONEY! We have put around £5000 of our hard earned money into creating a film we believe can be successful in film festivals. We are asking you to help us get to the finishing line as we are now at the last stages of completion. The funding we hope to raise with your help will cover the final costs of post-production, while anything left over will help us with festival submissions and publicity for the completed film. Here's a rough outline of costs for you:

£400 VFX, £200 music score, £200 Sound Design, £100 Colour Grading + Titles/Credits

Your financial support, in return for some fantastic rewards, will help us put the finishing touches to a project that began as an exciting and determined idea, and has since gathered a wonderful momentum that has helped us work with an amazing cast and crew.

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