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WE HIT $10,000! That's 500% of what we asked for AGAIN. WE LOVE YOU. We accept your thrown gauntlet! February APPROACHES. After today, you won't hear from us about fundraising for COMEDY GOLD again until summer 2012, and money can no longer buy access to our ULTRATSAB. Expect more stupid videos than EVER in the Spring!

You can't buy your way into the TSAB from us either, but we're looking at trying to support some online science / internet media / charity fundraisers in the Spring. We think the ability to raise these funds suggests a new way of making things that could make the world more awesome. WE ARE SO EXCITED. So you MIGHT get a chance at good works. But you WON'T be reminded often. WE HAVE VIDEOS TO MAKE. 

Also, we're releasing this week's HAND TO MOUTH later today. TSAB - you get a new one tomorrow!



Superpals!  You've donated $5,542! Looks like James is eating cake shirtless for your love! TIME TO GET MORE AWESOME!  If we hit $10,000 TWO THINGS will happen. ONE: Jon Brence and James Ashby will reprise their underwear dance in our new headquarters: THE NERD CASTLE!  TWO: From February through April we will return to WEEKLY SKETCHES.  Oh yes. Help us build our new studio, and WE WILL REWARD YOU WITH HILARITY!


What do you do after you've been featured by Funny or Die, College Humor, Pharyngula, Kotaku, and named one of the 15 best webseries by PC Magazine? YOU SELL A DVD!  That's right! SMBC Theater continues it's campaign to TAKE OVER THE INTERNET with the best sketches of our second groundbreaking season of crazy sketch comedy! Offended by video games, blowjobs, sacrilege, or violence? WHY? THOSE THINGS ARE AWESOME!
Want to see cannibalism, sex robots, mad scientists, and cavemen? WELCOME HOME. Your home is the DVD box*.  Now buy it so we can make you more ridiculous dirty violent comedy with the occasional graph joke.
* Please do not live inside DVD box. Or, if you do, you owe us rent.

All money from this DVD pre-sale will go directly to producing the SECOND of three higher-budget webseries, sketches for the Spring, and any other COMEDY GOLD we can pull off. In August, our fans made us the most successful Kickstarter webseries EVER. We're hard at work on that series now, but building spaceships takes TIME and we want our fans to have MORE HILARITY SOONER! Our second webseries is designed to be shot and released this spring - so buy our DVD and help us cram James Ashby into a Wonder Woman suit!

Also, we need to make you all MORE SKETCHES! So if you want to change the way media is distributed on the internet, support independent artists, and get MORE DICK JOKES THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE: BUY OUR DVD TODAY!

Not sure who we are? Here are just five of the TWENTY EIGHT sketches included on this DVD (plus behind the scenes bonus material!):

Anyone who donates will become a member of our SUPER-EXCLUSIVE TSAB through August, 2012. Hurry! This is the last chance to buy your way into our hearts! See everything we make before anyone else does (with no ads!) and MORE. We're always working on new perks to share with our backers - you're the only reason we get to do any of this!
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    The above PLUS: a copy of our second HILARIOUS DVD, including 28 fan-favorite sketches and bonus material!

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    WE LOVE OUR INTERNATIONAL FANS! But shipping costs are EXPENSIVE. Help us out EARTH!

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    Receive all of the above, PLUS: Angel Askins will build you your own Sex Robot, as made famous in our sketch!

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