Smart Weapons Lock and Safe Zone technology

Smart Weapons Lock technologies upholds the 2nd amendment rights of gun owners and provides Safe Zones for citizens through technology based safety impliments.

Short Summary

I will start by introducing myself. My name is Greg Weaver.  I, my wife Debi, and daughter Allie live in the sleepy little town of Nappanee, Indiana. We, as did most of the nation, feel the sorrow and indescribable pain inflicted on the Newtown community last month. I immediately dedicated myself to finding a solution to this issue and, with great pride,  can say that  after countless hours researching technological applications,  I  have invented a trigger locking system that will prevent any further mass shootings in our country.

My patent-pending system requires weapons retailers to upload the purchaser’s information, photo ID, and copy of their firearm permit to an onboard computer built into the weapons hand grip. In addition the retailers’ and manufacturers’ information would be stored in the onboard CPU.

The heart of the system is a remotely controlled linear actuator that would lock the weapon’s trigger mechanism if a weapon outfitted with the system enters the property of a facility using my software. The software system not only locks the weapon down but also tracks its movement on the property via a real-time GPS transmitter and places an emergency 911 call to report the event and the gun’s location and owner information to local law enforcement.

The weapons onboard system cannot be manipulated without destroying the trigger mechanism. The weapon owner has to keep the batteries charged, or the weapon will go in to lock down. 


This system not only preserves the second amendment rights of gun owners but also enables any facility, public or privately owned, to not permit the use of firearms on their property.  With emergency response teams not having their weapons outfitted with the system, they retain their abilities to protect within any boundary in which their services are needed while any and all perpetrators' weapons are deactivated.

In addition, my system would create a national data base of registered gun owners, track stolen weapons, create thousands of jobs here in America, and bring about real change in gun control that appeals to both sides of the debate. 

I have built and tested a rough prototype and am pleased to report to you it functions perfectly. I have also submitted a provisional patent application with the USDTP and have received a quote for a refined market-ready prototype.

My obstacles as an individual are obvious ones. I need support in my efforts to reach politicians, advocacy groups and the American public in general to share my efforts in this cause and let people know there is a way to achieve our goal if we can work together and force the gun manufacturers to install a safety measure such as the one I have invented. The government forced the auto industry to implement safety measures on our cars. Why not on our guns?

I have emailed our Vice President, Joe Biden, members of Congress and the House of Representatives,  and I am starting to contact other state level political figures nation wide regarding this matter.  However, I am like you. I need all the help I can get to push this system forward for the sake of a more peaceful and safer nation. The current recommendations for weapons reform will not succeed in preventing mass shootings from occurring. My inventions can and will with the right political and financial backing. This is your chance to help write a new chapter in American history. It is time to sieze that moment and take control of the situation.

I have only given you a brief description of my invention.  It is clear to see it over rides the dangerous part of the gun:  the user. 

If you or your organization would like to contribute to my efforts or possibly form a supporting partnership, please feel free and contact me. Ask your local elected officials to work to make the Smart Weapons Lock System a federally mandated law for gun manufacturers.  I am readily available for meetings and presentations.




Gregory W. Weaver


What We Need & What You Get

I am seeking $535,000.00 in funding to cover the following items:

 - Non Provisional patent, legal and filing fees. -$15,000.00

 - Market ready prototypes, software development and promotions -$80,000.00

 - Web page development and national advertising - $125,000.00

- "Victims of Gun Violence" Memorial wall - $245,000.00

- Data base development and maintenance - $70,000.00

I am accepting funding in the following denominations with perks at all levels.

Level 1 - $25.00 - T-shirt with "I support SWL technology".

Level 2 - $45.00 - T-shirt with "I support SWL technology" and name of loved one lost to gun violence.

Level 3 - $60.00 - T-shirt with "You can't build a smarter human" w/ SWL Logo and baseball cap w/ SWL logo.

Level 4 - $75.00 - Hoody with "I support SWL technology".

Bronze - $135.00 - T-shirt, baseball cap, hoody, personal letter of thanks and choice of " I support SWL technology " or "You can"t build a smarter human".

Silver - $335.00 - Bronze perks + Your name on Smart Weapons Lock Facebook page, SWL bumper sticker and copies of email corraspondence with our nation's movers and shakers as we drive forward with our campaign.

Gold - $1000.00 - Silver perks + The name of your lost loved one immortalized  on a "Victims of Gun Violence" wall.


NOTE: We will contact all donors shortly after this campaign has ended to get  sizes and further info from you and to you regarding the fulfillment of your promised perks.


The Impact

Feel free to explain more about your campaign and let people know how the difference their contribution will make:

  • Your contribution at any level will help bring an end to the mass shootings in our country.
  • Every dollar collected helps preserve our Constitution and save the lives of the innocent by removing the human element behind the trigger in places we don't want guns.
  • Our Government is attempting to solve a human-based issue with more paperwork, bans on certain weapons and ammo clips. This will not work. Their current proposals do nothing to address the mental state of a weapon owner at any given point in time. He or she may be mentally stable when the gun is purchased,  but that does not matter a year later when the same individual  goes on a killing spree because of a new issue causing him or her to become mentally UNSTABLE.
  • That's where SWL technologies take over. It protects both the gun owner and everyday citizens alike. It truely is a WIN WIN situation.

Other Ways You Can Help

- For those that can not financialy contribute but still want to help, please spread word of Smart Weapons Lock technologies to everyone you can. Ask your local elected officials to push for federally mandated Smart Weapons Lock System to be a part of every manufacturer's plan.

- Like us on Facebook. Smart Weapons Lock

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