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It is a smart bluetooth tag that prevents you from losing your phone before its lost.
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Do you, or someone you know often lose smartphones?

Duet, and the PROTAG app, is an entire eco-system built upon latest Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy technology, to prevent you from losing your phone. It’s your phone’s ever watchful buddy.

Stretch Goals (NEW!):

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Why Get Duet?

1.You'll Never Lose Your Smartphone Again

Be alerted quickly if you've left your smartphone behind! Duet's in-built alarm immediately beeps anytime you’re more than 10m away from your phone, so you can hear and return immediately to retrieve it before its lost.

Let's say you’ve accidentally dropped your phone out of your pocket in a cafe and walked off. With duet's beep, you’ll know it right away. And for those of us with a habit of losing phones, you will find that Duet’s alarm trains your brain to develop the good habit of checking if the phone’s on you always. Say goodbye forever to the panic, worry and frustration of losing personal messages, contact lists and selfie photos.

Key Features

Prompt - Left your phone behind? You will be immediately alerted by duet’s in-built speaker

Intuitive use- Just press a button on duet, and you can audibly ring your phone even if its in silent mode. Great if you often leave keys under the sofa.

Everlasting - Easy to replace battery gives you 6 months of uninterrupted power.

Discreet - With Wifi Safe zones,duet knows when to alert you, and when not to. Useful especially if you work in confined spaces such as offices or classrooms.

Amazing connectivity - duet works even in airplane mode. All you need is to turn on Bluetooth.

2.You'll Never Lose Your Valuables Too

Duet can be attached to your valuables. It works together with the all-new PROTAG™ app. The  app constantly monitors your duet-tagged valuables. For example, if you've left your wallet behind in the cafe, the app will notify you. And you can even see the last known GPS location of your valuables on the map. This way, you can be assured that your valuables are always being safeguarded too.

3.You'll Love That It's Versatile

While designing duet, we strove to keep the form factor small, simple to use, and versatile. At just just 2.8 cm X 2.8 cm, it is one of the world’s smallest bluetooth tags. Duet can be easily attached to keys, thumb drives and wallets. Or it can be hung on your bags and handheld clutch.

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Duet Comes in 5 anything-but-dull colours 

There's a colour for every personality. Whether you are action-oriented, cool, serious, sociable, or simple person, take your pick of duet’s 5 colors.


duet connects by Bluetooth to your iPhone or Android device. Setting up duet is as easy as downloading the PROTAG app onto your phone from the Apple or Google Play app stores.

What the PROTAG app can do

Ring Your Duet. 

Press 'Buzz' on the app. Then keep calm and search on. Say you’ve left your keys lying somewhere in the classroom and don’t know where to start looking for it. Most people will start panicking, but you’re calm and composed because you can ring your duet’s inbuilt alarm from the app. And if you can hear it, you’ll be able to find it in no time!

Track up to 10 duets

You can add up to 10 duets and view them in the elegant map view. And the app will always remember the last location it saw them. And with that many duets, your phone also becomes virtually loss-proof.The protection you get is so tight, it’s almost reaching that of a musical orchestra.

Duet Radar

You’ll know if you are getting nearer or further away from the duet within a 30m range when you turn on the Radar™. 


Duet works with all Apple devices iOS 7 and above, as well as Android phones running v4.3 and above.

Unfortunately duet does not work with Blackberry or Windows Phones at this time.

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Who We Are

Meet the PROTAG™ team, the makers behind the Duet. We’ve been working on loss prevention devices for personal belongings for 3 years now, and come from different fields of expertise and countries.

"We are united by a dream to create a world where people never need to lose their smartphones and valuables again."

Rick Tan, Founder and CEO, oversees the development of over 20 markets for the distribution and advancement of the PROTAG line of products.

Johnathan Lim, Chief Engineering Officer , brings 3 years of electrical engineering chops into the team and oversees the hardware development of the Duet.

Jay Jay, Operations Head, ensures smooth daily operations of the startup.

Johnathan Leow, Marketing Head, does marketing and brand strategy development. 

Morad Salhi, Chief Software Engineer, oversees a team of software engineers and is responsible for the development of the PROTAG app.

Lenny Cendrawasih, Product Designer, is responsible for the visual looks of the Duet, and also all visual collaterals at PROTAG.

The duet that you see in the video is a real working prototype. We were founded in 2011, and duet is our 3rd product.

What Your Contribution Will Fund

With your support, we can put duet into people’s hands worldwide. Your contribution will help lessen the overall production costs. The more you order in bulk, the lesser we can cut the production cost and hence the better value for money to your wallet.

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What phones does it work with?

Works with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, Android v4.3. duet does not work on windows phones or blackberry currently.

How long can duet last?

Each duet lasts up to 6 months, and can be easily replaced with any 3V coin lithium battery.

Are the batteries replaceable?

Yes. Duet runs on a replaceable 3V battery. Each battery lasts 6 months for normal use. Every Duet shipped will come with 2 batteries.

When will I receive my duet?

duet will begin shipping the first pre-orders from end May 2014.

Does duet ship internationally?

Yes. duet is available for shipment internationally.

Do you have a guranteed warranty?

Yes. Every duet comes with a 1 year guaranteed warranty. If your duet is ascertained to be faulty, we will replace it for you at no cost.

Can duet prevent theft?

No, though you will still be alerted if someone takes away your phone or valuables. It's designed mainly for people who tend to lose their phones.

Where can I attach duet on

duet ships with a key-ring, adhesive sticker, and a lanyard by default. You can attach it easily to most everyday items such as keys, bags, purse.

How do I setup my duet?

Just 3 easy steps. When you’ve received your duet, put in the batteries provided. Secondly, download the PROTAG app. Lastly, follow the easy in-app tutorial to add your duet to your account.

How can I contact you?

Email support@innovatechnology.com.sg

What is the range of duet?

The range of duet from your phone is up to 10m, subject to your surroundings. That means that once your phone goes beyond 10m of you, you will be immediately alerted.

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