SmackTalk is a mobile application for sports betting. SmackTalk gets your face out of your phone and your head into the game.

We are first year Design MFA students at College of the Arts. This start-up is an assignment for our Business of Design class. While we hope to make this start-up a reality in the future, the money from the campaign will all be donated to Architecture For Humanity (http://architectureforhumanity.org). 


What makes watching the big game at a bar or at home ten times more exciting than being at the live game?



What is our company all about?

SmackTalk is an app for making light-hearted bets with friends in social situations. SmackTalk is first and foremost a way for friends to make small wagers, like for the cost of a beer or a basket of fries, while enjoying sports events.

SmackTalk takes the awkwardness out of exchanging money between friends and promotes fun friendly competition.


How does it work? Why should I get it?

It’s simple. To play SmackTalk, simply download the app, enter in your credit card information, which is securely stored, and SMACK... you are connected with your friends & ready to set a wager.

Live stats stream through the app to inspire your betting or help with less stat savvy players.  The app also validates any bet made between friends to keep “who won” out of the discussion.


How is it legal?

The money exchanged between friends though SmackTalk is a legal transaction because the money is considered a gift and we do not make a profit off other people’s wagers.


Is the gambling market really that big?

Juniper Research estimates that betting on mobile devices alone will be a $100 billion worldwide industry by 2017.

According to an ESPN survey, about 118 million Americans gambled on sports in some manner in 2008.

So... yes. Mobile gambling is really that big.


How will we make money?

We envision three potential revenue streams could be generated by SmackTalk.

The first is simply from charging users a small fee to download the app.

The second is from advertising sales-- any ad that would fly on espn could potentially find its way onto SmackTalk.

The last way we imagine making money is from data that will be mined from each user: significant bits of information like demographics, location, food and drink preferences.



SmackTalk is a great way to get your head in the game, and your face out of your smartphone screen. SmackTalk is a mobile application, but it’s all about escaping the virtual space by creating lively, person-to-person interactions. For gambling enthusiasts, sports fanatics, or just people wanting to have fun watching the Superbowl, SmackTalk changes the way we watch sports.


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