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The Quick and Dirty:

Today we do everything FAST. From fast food, to faster internet to a fast buck, we gotta have it now. The problem with FAST is this, we are not only missing a lot, as we put the pedal to the metal, we are also HITTING A LOT MORE KIDS!

My name is Angela Moragne (more-rainy). I am founder of a family owned company called That Salsa Lady. We work to eliminate food deserts by bringing fresh selections closer to those who need it most. I happen to also be grandma and legal guardian to our sales director, Dennis. He is 12. YEP! 12! I know cool right?!

Our company has been around for almost 4 yrs and Dennis has been right with us growing, learning and charming everyone he meets. So imagine our shock when he was struck and almost killed by a hit and run driver of a stolen SUV only seconds from our home. 

We did everything right. The police were notified, we contacted the media, even our local officials. Still no suspects. 

In the meantime, we didnt want this happening to another kid and want safety measures installed at this very intersection. To our dismay, we found in order for our intersections to be safer; our tax dollars can pay for many things we disapprove of but NOT for speed humps which increase safety, decrease injuries and keep our kids/families safe. Talk about a bummer! <sad face>

By contributing what you can, getting your friends, frenemies, colleagues, fams and fans to do so as often as you can for the next 60 days, YOU ALL become part owner of a movement which allows EVERY NEIGHBORHOOD who cannot afford to pay for safe intersections a means to do so and BE SAFE!

Here is the deal:

We estimate the initial costs for 4 speed humps to be $10,000. It is our hope to raise enough money to install them at 2 different intersections before Thanksgiving. 

Once we get going in this, it is our desire to keep this effort going across the country and world to ensure no other child has a fate like Dennis'. Would you wanna be hit by a truck let alone by folks who RAN AWAY and left you to die? Of course not. 

Because we cannot stop them, let's work to SLOW their ROLL!

    What is in it for you?

    Only you can answer that question. What is in it for our kids, a longer, happier, safer neighborhood experience in a world where cars may drive fast but they are forced to Slow Yo Roll whenever and wherever kids live and play. 

    The Downside:

    The upside is obvious, we get the funding, install the speed humps, so kids and cars never impact one another. The downside is, nothing happens, not enough folks care to contribute and another kid is struck due to speeding vehicles. 

    The truth is most of us go a bit too fast. We dont wanna miss a thing. Again the problem is the one thing we want to miss, injuring a kid, we HIT because on that particular day, you just had to get somewhere sooner than later and there was not a speed hump to say "HEY! Slow YO ROLL!", "KIDS are playing here!" 

    It was not there because this campaign failed and we failed our kids! No one wants that!

    Wanna do more? Here is how!

    SHARE, TWEET, LIKE, PIN, CARRIER PIGEON this campaign to every person, news/media outlet and space station you can! 

    Then CONTRIBUTE until you cannot anymore! Let's keep our kids safe! Tell everyone to -


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