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A website where anyone can make 1 natural food change to their diet for 1 month. User results will be analyzed to determine what works best for the crowd.
Frank Duffy
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States
2 Team Members

A Novel Platform

SLO-tility.com is an online platform which will enable users to sign up, make a natural food change to their diet for 1 month, and enter and track their results.  The website will aggregate and analyze users' results to see what is working better for the crowd, and what is not- in short, a crowdsourced diet!

An Original Concept

A crowdsourced diet is optimized and evolved as more and more people try the different diet options and enter their feedback.  The feedback data is aggregated and analyzed to see what diet options are working the best, and which are not working as well.  For example, let's say we have 100 people taking vinegar for 1 month, and 100 people taking cinnamon, and we start to see that people are having better results using vinegar (ie losing more weight, or lower blood pressure, or lower blood sugar, etc.).  Then we can use that data to prioritize taking vinegar, or perhaps then to look at combining cinnamon with another diet option to see if results will improve.   The point is, no one knows how the diet will optimize- you, the crowd, are going to steer the diet forward!

An Engaging Methodology

The first step involves choosing one of the 24 different natural food options you want to try.  So let's say you choose vinegar- so you sign up on the website and you'll be given all the instructions you'll need.  Then you take a standard amount of vinegar daily- all you have to do for the month is keep track of how many days of the month you took the vinegar.  Then at the end of the month, you enter how many days you took the vinegar onto the website, along with your results.  The website will store and analyze aggregate results to see if any data trends show that some options are working better than others.  The key to the crowdsourced diet is the power of numbers- the internet is the perfect medium to generate enough statistical power to verify and evolve which SLO-tility options work the best!

The New Word on the E-Street

The name SLO-tility comes from wanting to SLOw down stomach moTILITY while eating, and the SLO-tility regimen consists of all the natural foods and eating techniques which slow food down in the stomach.  Why is slow motility important?  First, because it makes you feel more full, which will help to maintain a healthy weight.  And second, slow motility lowers blood sugar and hormonal spikes, which over time can help stave off the onset of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.  As such, the SLO-tility regimen will serve as the basis for the crowdsourced diet.  There will be 24 SLO-tility supplements to choose from:

 X (positive effect); CI (contraindicated); NE (no effect); blank cell (unknown)

     Over time, as more and more people enter more and more results, the SLO-tility diet will be optimized in terms of which foods and combinations will form the most effective backbone of the regimen. 

     And let's not forget about you! As far as self-optimization goes, individuals will get feedback to help calibrate their own diet to help slow their food down:

Waiting to be Born

SLO-tility.com will be a 3 month birth, er... build, according to the web development manager.  Here is a schematic of the website functionality:

The website will be developed using a .Net platform and utilize 3 predeveloped main functionality modules including Apogee CMS and E-commerce.  The database will utilize SQL, and interface with SPSS software to load, analyze, and transfer results data, testing for statistical significance, as well as controlling for what variables we can.  We need funding for the custom programming that will go into the site build.

Of the Crowd, By the Crowd, and For the Crowd

SLO-tility.com will be crowd funded, crowd sourced, and crowd friendly. If you can donate money to reach the goal amount, the website will be built, and you can sign up and score some shwag at the same time (see rewards to the right).  And your results will add building blocks to a database that will help support the rest of the crowd in determining which Slo-tility diet supplements work the best.

All We Need is You

So if you or anyone you know might find it fun to try a SLO-tility diet supplement for 1 month, please let them know- friends could try the same or different supplements and compare results, and we can all see how the crowdsourced diet evolves.  Oh, and sharing is a click away, with Indiegogo's share tools found below the video up top.

And if you're international, we want you too- everybody's gotta eat.  Not sure how escargot goes with vinegar, tho...



The Unofficial AutoBiography

Who's the man in the video? No, it's not a stunt double- it's me, Frank Duffy: native of Jersey, now in Philly. Nutritionist by trade and moonlight as an intellectual. Work with patients, students, and a little bit of research. Traveled to Ghana and lived in Chicago and Kentucky, but couldn't shed Northeastern roots. Interested in public health and specialize in diabetes. Self proclaimed pinball wizard who had 15 minutes (ok, seconds) of fame appearing on MTV news' coverage of a pinball tournament at the old Broadway Arcade (back when MTV was cool and played music...

The Nutriculum Vitae

Here's the gist of my research in nutrition.  My main interests are diabetes and GI nutrition:

"Dietary Treatment for Gastroparesis." In Gastroparesis, edited by Henry P. Parkman and Richard W McCallum, 237-256. New York: Humana Press, 2012. (when I started to research SLO-tility: the concept of slowing food down in the stomach)

NIH sponsored research on blood sugar responses to different macronutrient loads (where I got the idea for The Pucker Upper Slo-tility Diet Supplement)

NIDDK GpCRC research on nutritional status in gastroparesis

The Modus Operandi

The purpose of this project is to serve the public interest by reducing the risk of diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease in the general public.  Our healthcare system is buckling under the cost of treatment- healthcare reform must create preventative models which educate and empower citizens to develop healthy lifestyle habits and stave off the burden of chronic illness.  The SLO-tility diet will use an internet platform as a vector to help as many people as possible decrease their risk through healthier eating habits.  That is our goal and, with your help, we will achieve it- one slug at a time (so to speak...).

The End

(or, the beginning...

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This campaign ended on August 28, 2013
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  • $1USD

    Tired of the boring $1 donation box? Well how about an INSTANT REWARD? The first backer to correctly guess all 24 SLO-tility supplements (see list on left) gets THE SLOTH level reward. If nobody's perfect, first to guess highest number correctly gets the SLOTH (one guess per separate pledge please). ALL INCHWORMS get a thank-you on SLO-tility.com (if you so desire).

    1 out of 13560 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2013
  • $2USD

    Move slowly, but stay up to date! Get a subscription to a daily RSS feed containing a nutrition news flash and commentary. WARNING: commentary may be superfluous... AND all above rewards.

    0 out of 6780 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $5USD

    Drive slower or get a SLO-tility.com bumper sticker. You decide (you can do both...)...... AND all above rewards. ***international orders: please add $20 for shipping*** Muchas Gracias!

    1 out of 2712 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $15USD

    Slow food good, fast electrons better. Download a pdf of the SLO-tility.com booklet, the companion document to the website, providing all the instructions and resources for the crowdsourced diet, including all the info, natural foods, and eating techniques to slow your food down....................................................... AND all above rewards

    12 out of 904 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $35USD

    Slow down and smell the roses in a SLO-tility.com tshirt. You vote the color, we'll ship the shirt. And size matters........................ AND all above rewards. ***international orders: please add $20 for shipping*** Merci Beaucoup!

    15 out of 387 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $45USD

    Never crowd surfed? Well, at least you can crowdsource with a membership at SLO-tility.com.................................................. AND all above rewards

    14 out of 301 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2013
  • $70USD

    Everything you need to succeed: a hard copy of the SLO-tility.com booklet, and a full diet analysis and advisement by yours truly (the guy in the video) at the end of your first month... AND all above rewards ***international orders: please add $20 for shipping*** Danke Schoen!

    1 out of 193 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $80USD

    Do you live close to Philadelphia? So do we! So if you stop by our place, we can take all your measurements to help track your results for you (blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, etc). We are affiliated with a wellness center and will have a friendly registered nurse (see our development team) for assistance- your money back if she doesn't smile............................................ AND all other rewards

    0 out of 169 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • $100USD

    You're ready to roll, and measure your own results with a test kit to measure blood pressure, blood sugar (or A1C), or blood cholesterol (pick one)- from the comfort of your own living room (as long as company's not over...)..................................................... AND all above rewards. ***international orders: please add $20 for shipping*** Domo Arrigato!

    0 out of 135 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $1,000USD

    Are you a large vendor of one of our SLO-tility supplements, or an angel investor? We'll take either one, and you'll get a banner ad on the food page of your choice for 2 months. First come, first choice..................................... AND all other rewards.

    0 out of 13 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2013
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