Sliced Dock - Finally all in one.

Simplify the way you charge your smartphone. Enjoy all of the functionality in one device. Probably the most creative product ever imagined.

Simplify the way you charge your smartphone.

How we started ?

  • why must all docks look like docks?

  • why not make a portable dock that would also charge your smartphone anywhere?

  • why not have a unique dock?

We believe we have answered all of these questions with Sliced Dock.

We believe that the dock should look nice even if it doesn't have smartphone on it. 

Check out the perk for $30! Use your imagination and get Sliced Dock+HDMI for only $30.

Send us your engravement idea to: info@fruitanddreams.com

Simplify the way you charge your smartphone.


With built in batteries that are not only used to power high quality speakers inside the Sliced Dock, but also used to charge your smartphone while it is connected to the dock, this dock belongs to the unique category and is probably light years ahead from others. With Sliced Dock you will always have your smartphone battery at 100% beacause you can place the Sliced Dock anywhere in or outside your house with no need to hunt for power adapters and usb cables. Built in state of the art Li-ion batteries make the dock portable so you can take it anywhere. And when you take your dock anywhere you will also have a portable battery to charge your smartphone at your disposal.


Here is the main functionality:


  • With HDMI OUT you can easely connect it to your HDTV and enjoy watching movies or just mirror your device's screen on that big TV.
  • With AUDIO LINE OUT (left & right) you can connect Sliced Dock to any external receiver/speaker.
  • With AUDIO IN you can use internal Sliced Dock speakers for playing music from any mp3/mp4 player. Play music from virtually any device.
  • With SECOND CHARGE USB you can charge any other device besides your docked smartphone, just as long it can be charged via USB power supply.
  • With internal battery you can recharge your smartphone up to 10 times without recharging you Sliced Dock.

With normal smartphone charge routine you can use Sliced Dock for 8 days with no need of charging your Sliced Dock's internal battery.  

But we have not stopped here.

Why manufacture a dock that supports only one brand of smartphones?

Sliced Dock can be used with iPhones (apple 30 pin and apple lightning connector) and all of the other smartphones which have micro usb connector. For optimal position connector on the bottom of the smartphone is advised. Works great with Samsung Galaxy S2,S3 and Google Nexus and many others.



Why charge only one smartphone at a time ?

On the back of the dock we also inlcuded SECOND CHARGE USB  for charging any other device simultaneously while charging your docked smartphone. For example if your friend's phone battery is dead he can quickly recharge it on your dock wherever you are.

Customize your Sliced Dock.


Every Sliced Dock is unique.

The area where your Iphone leans on is made completely out of matte glass, iluminated by LED lights from inside the dock. 


Just send us text/symbol or combination of those and we will professionally engrave it in your dock so it will always be iluminated (perfect for birthdays, christmas gifts and several other occasions).

Sliced Dock comes in many colors. Pick yours.


Two color edition - choose two colors you like and add more uniqueness to your Sliced Dock.

Innovative way of controling your music.

You can adjust music loudness by rotating stem on the top of the Sliced Dock.



Buttonless design.

To turn OFF/ON the glass ilumination and battery indicator just touch the aluminum panel that is around the connector for your smartphone. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHUT DOWN THE ENTIRE DOCK BUT ONLY ILUMINATION AND BATTERY INDICATOR. You can still listen to music and charge your smartphone.

Made with astonishing attention to details.

The body of Sliced Dock is plastic but all of the key components are made out of aluminum and glass for additional quality and fine touch.

Leaves on the top of the dock are made from aluminum and also come in handy when you want to move your dock around. You can easely grab the dock by the stem and take it anywhere you like. It's unique structure gives the leaves and stem incredible hardness and support for the whole dock.

Also very useful for tablets. iPad and Galaxy Tab.



We also designed Sliced Dock Mini

We have created Sliced Dock Mini more portable but still with a lot of functionality.

It is a perfect smartphone accessory which is easy to carry around and looks beautiful.

The Sliced Dock Mini specifications are bellow:



How will we use donated money:


We can’t wait to share this great project with you.
You will have the satisfaction that you helped us with our project when you  will see Sliced Dock on the shelf of many electronics store.

Why do we need funds for?

  • First production line

  • Global Bluetooth certificate (if we reach $300K)

  • Employ workers

  • Marketing 

Playing cards while listening to music.

Great companion for everyday activities.

Playing cards while listen to music from Sliced Dock.



Question / How do you know what kind of connector do I have?

Answer/ We will ask for the type of your smartphone's connector laterafter the campaign is finished.

Question/ When will you start manufacturing?

Answer/ As soon as we get to 500 units we will start production immediately.


Question/ How long will the battery last ?

Answer/ It all depends on you how much you use Sliced Dock for listening music and charging your smartphone. For example if you charge your iPhone every second day you can easely go through a week without recharging your Sliced Dock while still listening to a lot of music on Sliced Dock's speakers.







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