SLC PUNK is getting a sequel and you can be in it. Join our cast and crew as extras for our BIG concert scene.



SLC PUNK 2 : PUNK'S DEAD is the long awaited sequel to SLC PUNK. The 1999 cult movie by James Merendino SLC Punk tells the story of Stevo and Heroin Bob, two young punks in the Mormon Salt Lake City. SLC PUNK was partly inspired by writer/director James Merendino's youth in Salt Lake City. 


18 years later, in PUNK'S DEAD, Bob is still dead, but Trish from the Bong Shop, Stevo, Sean the Beggar, John the Mod, crazy Mark and tree hugger Mike are arrogantly saving the world for another generation...or they are at least trying. Get ready to find out what happened to your favorite characters, as we take you to the pivotal events in their lives since SLC PUNK. Holding it all together will be the misadventures and observations of one of their offspring, an eccentric kid named Ross, the Spawn of Heroin Bob, who has a lot to live up to… 



PUNK'S DEAD includes a huge concert scene where several members of the SLC Punk cast meet again and 2003 iconic punk bands , still touring in 2014, will play. We need your help to put this major event/shoot together as well as a side burlesque show needed for the plot. Eddie is now the owner of a Punk Burlesque Club and meets up with his old friends there to discuss an issue with Ross. As a reward we are inviting you to be an extra in the big concert scene.

      "I want to shoot a REAL punk concert for the sequel. A BIG concert. Several Punk bands and a Punk Burlesque show. The Venue has to be big. The sound system amazing. And a huge pit. I want to float the camera over all this looking down on the crowd with a crane. I need two days to do it. In SLC Punk, the show was small. This should look like a huge festival show. Just need some extra cash to pull off an actual concert. Not a movie concert." 

                                              James Merendino, Writer and Director.

So! We need your help to make it happen and each fan that contributes $10 and up will be able to come to the set in Salt Lake, be a part of the scene as an extra and attend the concert. You'll need to get there by your own means and dress for a punk concert. 

              Remember the SLC PUNK concert scene?  

                               How cool was it? 

                      This one will be RADDER

                                 & YOU can be IN IT!

                        Who's making this movie?

James Merendino: Writer/Director with mad skills

Andrea Kreuzhage: Der Producer Wunderbar


Branden Steineckert: Rockin' Co-Executive Producer


Once at work with James Merendino, forever hooked! Most of James' trusted collaborators from his many movies over the years are returning for PUNK'S DEAD. Expect more of the iconic sets and locations, original costumes, hair/make-up, and production design, and of course a great soundtrack. Most of the original cast is trying to come back for the sequel, too, provided there are no scheduling conflicts


      Thanks to the actors who took the time to send us the support messages below!!!

Michael Goorjian AKA Heroin Bob

Annabeth Gish AKA Trish

"It was amazing to discover who Trish became. Once the bohemian queen and forever cherished by Heroin Bob, now a grown up who doesn't compromise. She held strong and kept true to herself in the face of a Mormon State, behind the Zion Curtain. It's going to be a wonderful experience to be in the sequel. Thanks so much for your support, everyone! Let's get this movie made."

Devon Sawa AKA Sean

"If there's one movie I've done that deserves a 2nd, it's SLC Punk. I've been Acid free for 10+ years... Let's fix this!!!"

Til Schweiger AKA Mark

"Mark is through with that damn stupid lake, the waterbed without waves, the airplane crash... I've read the Punk's Dead script and can promise you this: In the sequel Mark is back with more, much more!"

Adam Pascal AKA Eddie

" I am so excited at the prospect of revisiting Eddie and the rest of the characters in SLC punk. It was my first film and to this day one of the best experiences I have had in my career. That is thanks to James Merendino and Matthew Lillard for making me feel at ease, when I was totally out of my league and my element. Love them fellas."

Jimmy Duval AKA John the Mod


As you can see on the side, there's a bunch of cool stuff that you can get while helping us fund the scene. With entry perks, you get to stream the sequel before everybody else and even get listed in the end credits.  If you can find enough scratch, you should come and hang with us while we make the movie as anyone funding any perk is invited to be an extra in our big concert scene in Salt Lake City. Good times guaranteed! 


                  All these images are just digital renderings not the end products

Campaign Facts

Where will the shoot be located?

Salt Lake City. If you are from out of town, we will negotiate good lodging deals and help your coordinate with other fans in your area how to come together and save $$$. You can start connecting with them here!

Indiegogo Fans Meet & Greet For Concert Scene

What are the tentative shoot dates?

End of April 2014 (November 2014 release of the film).

Where will the premiere and cast and crew screenings be located?

We probably will have a bunch but you can expect New York, LA and Salt Lake screenings/premiere.

Will there be a theater release or will it be straight to DVD?

There will be a theater release in art houses .The Limited Edition DVD part of this Campaign will include special extras and be sent much earlier than the official DVD to thank our funders.

You have reached the Indiegogo goal, what are you using the extra money for?

There are a lot of fees and perks costs attached to fund raising. The more support we get, the better the scene will be. If we could reach closer to $100,000, it would be super cool!

Special thanks to the team of people who helped us put the campaign together

Karis Drake for the graphics, Lisa  Hammer for the video pitch editing and Reel Creative Studios. And all the family and friends who are going to contribute to this campaign . No pressure.

Team on This Campaign: