Skylock: The worlds first solar-powered connected bike lock

Skylock is a connected bike lock that keeps you and your bike safe — all controlled through your mobile device.
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The world's first solar-powered connected bike lock. 

Skylock is a connected bike lock that uses multi-sensor technology to provide remote monitoring and crash alerts to keep you and your bike safe. Elevate your riding experience with the magic of keyless entry and solar charging.

Controlled entirely from your iPhone or Android device, Skylock alerts you when it senses anything out of the ordinary — If your bike is being tampered with, Skylock will feel it and will instantly send you a notification.  Skylock is the smartest way to stay secure.

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Riding with Skylock gives you peace of mind. If you're ever unfortunate enough to be in an accident, Skylock will reach out and notify your family, friends, or even alert the authorities - help is always on the way.


Skylock in the press

"Skylock is the Bike Lock of the Future, and It's Awesome" –Gizmodo

"Meet Skylock, The Solar-Powered Smart Bike Lock From Velo Labs" –TechCrunch

"This Bluetooth U-Lock Brings Keyless Entry to Your Bike" –Wired

"This Innovative Lock Aims To Create The 'Airbnb Of Bikes'"– Business Insider

"Skylock Bike Lock Alerts You When Someone Tries to Steal Your Bike" –Mashable

"Meet Skylock, the smart bike lock that can save you after a crash" –Engadget

"This smart lock will protect your bike and alert a friend if you've had an accident"– VentureBeat

"Create Your Own "bike Airbnb" With This New Networked Lock" Fast Company


A design-driven product

Skylock has a combination of solar recharging and an ultra low power design, which means it's a virtually charge-less device. You'll have enough battery power for months. If you are ever running low, just plug in the USB charger and Skylock will be ready to guard you and your bike again. 

Skylock also has a built-in capacitive panel. Just type in a key code combination to unlock Skylock if your phone ever runs out of battery.  Never worry about getting your bike stuck outside.


Skylock makes bike sharing easy

Skylock lets you share the location and access to your bike with anyone in your trusted network. With Skylock, you can create and set-up your own bike share system.


About our project

We've been through a long creative process, from early concepts and sketches to 3D wireframes and a variety of 3D prints.  It's all led us to the beautiful Skylock prototype that you see throughout this page.


The Team

Velo Labs Inc. is a San Francisco based startup comprised of Aerospace, electrical, and software engineers. A passion for creating simple yet elegant products is what brought together the team behind Skylock. Our vision is to transform the way people interact with each other and their environment through beautifully designed products and services. Learn more about the team.

Velo Labs is hiring! Full stack software engineers, mechanical engineers, electronic engineers, designers, and operations: come join our core team!   View our current openings or email us at


Why we need your support

We have been working on Skylock for over a year and we've come a long way. We partnered with Indiegogo because we want to build a strong community around Skylock. Your support will allow us to initiate tooling and manufacturing faster so we can make Skylock available to you and the millions of people who want to bring their biking experience to the 21st century. Let's make our communities safer, our biking experience smarter, and our lives more connected — together.


Shipping in early 2015



Q. Why is your goal so low?

We already hit our first batch goal of $50k in less than a day but we've decided to open up another batch as a special offer to Indiegogo's community.

Q. What about shipping costs/sales & VAT tax?

We will send you an email post campaign to do this payment. We'll keep track.

Q. What happens if Skylock runs out of battery?

Short answer is it will not be able to unlock. However, this situation will rarely, if ever, happen.  A rule of thumb to keep in mind: a fully charged battery has enough charge to run the lock for about a month with absolutely no light exposure. Should the battery still fully drain, these are your options to unlock:

  • Expose the lock to sunlight and recharge it
  • Use a micro-USB cable and a power source and recharge it externally
As a safeguard, Skylock will refuse to lock if the battery is in a critical state of charge. Simply recharge it to resume normal operation.

Q. What happens if my phone runs out of battery?

You can unlock your Skylock using the capacitive buttons. Simply input the combination you provided during the initial setup.

Q. How will I connect Skylock to a Wi-Fi network?

During the on-boarding process of the app you will setup a Wi-Fi profile. You can add as many profiles you want, and then just sync your phone to your lock for the changes to take effect.

Q. How do theft alerts work?

Skylock is equipped with a triaxial accelerometer to detect tampering conditions. If a potential tamper condition exists, the lock will send an alert to our cloud servers which in turn will let the owner know.

Q. How do crash alerts work?

If you happen to crash your bike or if you are hit by a car, your phone will notify your preferred contacts about the accident automatically. All you need for this feature to work is your Skylock and your phone.

More FAQs can be found at

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    Love what we're doing and want to keep up-to-date on all things Skylock? Show us your support and we'll send you exclusive updates and information as we build the product. Thanks!

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    Skylock T-Shirt

    Skylock TEAM T-SHIRT used by our staff when sporting the colors at official events. (Free Shipping in the US. International shipping paid separately)

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    Early-Bird Skylock. Support the next evolution in bicycle safety. Suggested retail price is $249. (Shipping, Sales Tax, and VAT added later.)

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    Ultimate protection

    Two Skylocks. Lock up both the front and the back wheel. Suggested retail price is $499. (Shipping, Sales Tax, and VAT added later.)

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  • $556USD
    Family pack

    Four Skylocks to protect everyone in your family. Suggested retail price is $999. (Shipping, Sales Tax, and VAT added later.)

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  • $1,389USD
    Corporate Bikeshare

    Ten Skylocks + ten bikes (purchased separately) makes a fully functioning bikeshare network. Perfect perk for your office employees. FREE SHIPPING IN THE U.S. (Intl. Shipping, Sales Tax, and VAT added later. Additional Service Fees may apply)

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  • $6,949USD
    Enterprise Bikeshare

    Fifty Skylocks! Small municipal or college campus bike share program. Includes 40 design hours (Android or iOS) + FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. (Sales Tax, and VAT added later. Additional Service Fees may apply)

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  • $10,000USD
    Titanium Skylock

    Titanium (Ti-6AL-4V), Machined Skylock. You will have the the best engineered bike lock in the world. We'll also invite you to a private dinner with the team, and invite you and a friend to come to our launch party (travel not included).

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  • $22,000USD
    Turn-key Solution

    Fifty Skylocks + Fifty Bikes for the full bike share experience. We will pilot a full network with you and includes 40 design hours (Android or iOS) + FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. (Sales Tax, and VAT added later. Additional Service Fees may apply)

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