THE MOZAMBICAN QUEST FOR THE UNKNOWN A film-documentary about a scientific expedition into the rainforests of Mozambique.


Due to unforeseen circumstances the expedition had to be postponed. All details are explained on the website here. Any question feel free to get in touch. Thank you.

The Project

On our planet, there are still places where the unknown is real and tangible, where no one has gone before and species as yet unnamed roam. They are the montane rainforests of northern Mozambique, part of the Eastern Afromontane Hotspot of Biodiversity, pristine and magnificent, that have endured for over 30 million years. Imagine three scientists slowly moving on the ground of a forest that existed long before man came along on the planet. Imagine the endeavour looking for new species of snakes, chameleons, frogs that no one has seen before, while opening a path between ferns and shrubs as tall as a man and a canopy that reaches 50 m high. Imagine the silence of dawn and waiting, the anxiety and the joy for a new discovery. 

It will be 6 weeks of fieldwork into the forest of Ribauè, Injese and Mecula, the 3 mountains yet to be biologically fully explored.

Imagine a film crew going along, recording everything and working on making a documentary of this journey.

You will see one of the last explorations ever.

The expedition is promoted by the MUSE- The Science Museum of Trento, in Italy, the Institute of Biogeography of the University of Basel, and SANBI, with the support of the National Geographic. The documentary is a Prospekt Agency production.

The Impact

What we are embarking on feels extraordinary. We will document a scientific expedition in an area of the planet that is still biologically almost unknown, and give you the chance of experiencing that adventure and the privilege of discovery.

The scientific aim of the program is to define the biological importance of the Mozambican part of the Eastern Afromontane, to identify species unique to the area (and the experience tells that many them are probably new to science) and to assess their evolutionary relationships with those inhabiting the other forests of Africa.

Thanks to you we will be able to film all of this, to produce an independent movie, which will not try to sell you the Indiana Jones or Lara Croft type of experience, but will rather look at and question men and women who set off on explorations for real reasons.

It will be tough and wonderful at the same time, a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we want you to live it with us.

What We Need & What You Get

The mission has funds from scientific institution such as National Geographic Society, the Museum of Science of Trento in Italy. The scientists involved bring to the project funds granted by the universities and institutions they collaborate with. The film crew is getting ready to set off in this amazing journey, but as you can imagine the costs of such a project are high. Here is a breakdown of the budget, so you can get an idea of where the money goes and of what you are actually helping in creating. 

With 30.000$ we will cover: One-way plane tickets / Car / Local staff / Food / Raw equipment / Insurances for 4 people: 2 film-makers, 1 audio-recordist, 1 assistant, for a 8 weeks of mission (as you can see we are still not sure about the return tickets...)

With 60.000$ we will cover: All the above PLUS Return tickets (!!!) / One more camera man/woman / One scientific author (and all the above for them too of course) 

With 88.055,5$ we will cover: all the above PLUS post-production of the film (editing, sound design, colour correction, graphics) + Presentation and distribution at festivals within the next 6 months (June 2014).

If we manage to stretch our goal to 110.000$ we would like to do all the above but also a multi-language WebDocumentary, which will be an educational tool for diffusing the scientific exploration story and results.

And if we get to at least 150.000$ we will do all the above and also kick-off and support a local conservancy project, in collaboration with local communities and Ngo’s (more news will follow)We realize this is ambitious, but why not? 

Check the perks we offer, great choice in there. Having said this, we understand if you can’t contribute and you are not just money. 

You can also help by SPREADING THE WORD with your friends and colleagues;  Indiegogo makes it easy to support this campaign through the internet, you just need to click on the social media icons on this page. Share, twit, blog it, the more people that are aware of the film the better, don't be shy!

If anyone would like to contact us via email to help support the film or just to say "hello" you can reach us at info@skyislands.net and lisa@prospekt.it

Risk and Challenges

The project is ambitious and adventurous. Some things could potentially go wrong and unforeseen circumstances could get on the way. We will do our best in order to make it all smooth and sweet, but be aware that something may change as we go along, we are dealing with nature...! Nothing major, for instance estimated dates for perks delivery may be postponed. However, be assured we will keep our word and stick to the plan no matter what, we will keep you informed and up-to-date as the project unfolds and we are here to answer any doubts or thought. You can write to info@skyislands.net


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