SkyCam- Turn your Skype into a Pet Monitor, Baby Monitor, Home Security Camera.

Wireless video surveillance camera, allowing you to keep watch of your home, office, and loved ones from anywhere using Skype on your smartphone, tablet, or PC.
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PCWorld - "Skycam also includes a night vision feature for monitoring a location in the dark"

"I will put it in my living room to see when the kids are home from school" - Daisy

VentureBeat - “You can now watch what is going on in real time”

“[SKYCAM] leverages Skype to make for an inexpensive, simple solution” - GigaOM

“Installation and usage of SKYCAM unit is as simple as it can be” - TechPP

TechMASH - “Ideal for just about anyone who want to keep an eye on their property” 

"After spending some time researching, we decided to back SKYCAM. As we have a puppy, we look forward to watch and to talk to while we are away"- Backer Joe


What is SKYCAM?

SKYCAM is a stand-alone wireless surveillance/monitoring video camera that uses Skype to watch over your pet, home, office, and more while you’re away. Simply install SKYCAM in your desired location, then download the Skype app to your smartphone, tablet, or PC to access your video stream from anywhere at anytime.
Unlike other IP cameras, SKYCAM uses Skype as the DNS server. This means no monthly DNS fees (which add up over time) while allowing you to safely and securely video monitor an area remotely. In only four simple setup steps, you can communicate with loved ones and keep watch of any location easily and affordably.

Easy Access– SKYCAM allows you to remotely access and monitor activities in your house, office, and more! 

Works With All Devices- SKYCAM uses Skype for its DNS service, so owners are able to keep watch via the Skype app on their smartphone, tablet, or PC.

Savings– Unlike other IP cameras, SKYCAM has no complicated setup, and requires no monthly DNS fee.

Simple yet Powerful– Install your SKYCAM in only four steps! This easy setup includes the many SKYCAM functions such as night vision, instant video recording, and two-way voice communication.

Safe and Reliable- Skype is one of the most popular and trustworthy online video conferencing platforms around the world. With no worries about insecure DNS passwords, Skype allows you to use SKYCAM without the threat of hackers.  


How can you use SKYCAM? 

  • Baby monitor
  • Front door video phone
  • Backyard storage monitor
  • Monitor any corner of your house
  • Office, warehouse surveillance with night vision
  • Call your loved ones when away from home
  • Talk to parents, grandparents, and other relatives even without a PC
  • Pet monitoring 

Setup in Less than One Minute! 

Most IP cameras come with a 20 to 30-page manual asking you to do all the IP settings, DNS, download apps and blah blah blah…forget that!
SKYCAM is as simple as it is shown in the video. With just four easy steps, your SKYCAM is installed! Plus, you may even have the Skype app already installed (Skype is the only app used to access SKYCAM), so, no extra app download step is needed.


What kind of devices work with SKYCAM?

  • Android
  • Apple iOS
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • And any other device that supports the Skype app!

*Other marks are the property of their respective owners. 

What is included in the package? 

  • SKYCAM (Black, White, or Limited Edition “Bumblebee” Yellow)
  • USB connection cable
  • Detachable stand and/or flexible stand
  • Power Adapter (US/EU/UK/AS/NZS/JP plug) 

After the campaign has ended, we will be sending out surveys to all backers asking which type of plug you will need. You will then be able to choose the color of your flexible stand under the specific package you’ve selected. The more pledges we receive, the more options that will be available. If you have any other preference you’d like us to consider, feel free to direct message us!


Risks and Challenges

Most likely, SKYCAM will be produced in China. We have already talked to a few manufacturers, some of which produce products for RCA, Philips, and many other well-known brands. This means they have past experience and can be trusted in shipping goods on time. However, they require a minimum order quantity to start the production. Backers, we need your support!!
If we reach our goal, we will fly over to China to follow SKYCAM every step of the way. This includes quality inspection, logistics, production, distribution, and more. We want to ensure that everything goes perfectly with SKYCAM. Also, we will go through the certification process with Skype to build a stronger relationship with the popular online video platform. This will give SKYCAM a great opportunity to grow!
If you want us to address additional risks, then don't hesitate to ask! We want to make sure you’re happy with SKYCAM!



What is the technical specification of SKYCAM?

  • H.264 high quality compression
  • Up to 30 frames per second

How many hours of video can I record with a memory card?

  • About 72 hours for 4Gb and about 144 hours for 8Gb
  • Good for one week under the highest quality.
  • (4Gb = net 3.6Gb, 1day/1.2Gb, 1hr/50Mb, 6min/5Mb)

Do I need Internet connection in order for SKYCAM to work?

  • Yes. SKYCAM has a built-in WIFI 802.11 b/g and Ethernet port available for connection.

Does it have a built-in speaker?

  • No, SKYCAM has an audio output jack instead, which allows you to extend to an earphone or external speaker.

Does SKYCAM have built-in battery?

  • No, it is powered by a DC power adapter.
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    16GB Memory Card

    Record and playback video images of your home or business by adding this memory card to an existing device you currently have (Free shipping when you purchase a SKYCAM).

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    The SKYCAM Collection

    Receive THREE SKYCAMs and detachable wall mount stands! One in black, one in special Indiegogo edition white, and one in limited edition “bumblebee” yellow! AND your choice of vacuum cup or tripod type flexible stands. (add $30 shipping for US and Canada, $50 for outside US and Canada)

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    House/Office/Warehouse Pack

    Backers will receive TEN black SKYCAMs and detachable wall mount stands! After Indiegogo, this package will retail for $1690, so don’t wait! Whether you’re monitoring your home or office, or sharing these wireless video cameras with your family, you can count on SKYCAM for great connections and reliable service! (add $30 shipping for US and Canada, $60 for outside US and Canada)

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    Wow! Whether you just want a lot of SKYCAMs, you have a special interest, or you’d like to be a distributor, we think you’re great. With this perk, you’ll get everything above PLUS we’ll talk and work it out.

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