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SkyBell is a Wi-Fi video doorbell that let's you see, hear and speak to visitors from a smartphone.
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Irvine, California
United States
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SkyBell™ features a day and night vision video camera, speaker, microphone and motion sensor. It connects with your home's WiFi network and alerts you when someone rings your doorbell or is standing in your doorway.  You can chose to ignore the call or answer it. If you answer, you can see, hear and speak with your visitor.   You can receive the live video feed on your smartphone over Wi-Fi  or 4G on compatible Android and iOS smartphones.

Whether your at home or on the go, SkyBell provides a higher level of convenience, control and awareness that will make your everyday life just a little bit easier and help you feel a great sense of safety.

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SkyBell is the smartest video doorbell and the "eyes and ears" of the SmartHome.  By letting you see who is at your door, you can answer the door on your terms and enjoy a whole new level of convenience and awareness. 

The most powerful feature is our motion sensor.  We're making it possible for SkyBell to start a video feed even without the visitor pressing the button.  This is perfect for when a user knocks, or when someone is loitering on your doorstep for whatever reason.  You can turn the motion sensor on or off, depending on your needs.

How It Works

SkyBell is designed to replace your current doorbell and it uses your current doorbell's power lines for direct power.  When a visitor presses the button, SkyBell sends you a push notification alert.  If you decide to answer it, you'll see, hear and speak to your visitor from your mobile devices.  The visitor at your door can hear you and speak back to you with SkyBell's speaker and microphone. The device itself connects to your home's WiFi network and it sends the live video to your mobile devices over WiFi and 4G cellular networks.  

More than just a doorbell with a video camera

SkyBell is the smart video doorbell with a motion sensor. This means you can receive alerts and video feeds whether or not your visitor presses the button.   Because SkyBell has full time power, it can stay in "alert" mode and start a video feed quickly.  

SkyBell also has an exclusive On-Demand feature.  This allows you to open the SkyBell video camera directly from the app and see live video, whether or not someone presses the button. This is perfect for when you're away and you want to check on your home, if someone knocks or if you hear something.  

SkyBell is the smart video doorbell for the smart home.

Mobile devices give us the freedom to stay connected while on the go. We're taking that to a new level by designing a beautiful and easy to use app that lets you answer your door no matter where you are or what you're doing.  The app allows you to sea, hear and speak to your visitor. You can also capture a "screenshot" of the video feed and end the call.

The SkyBell app is free and will be available for compatible iOS and Android devices. We designed the app with the end user in mind. After all, we are the end user.  We've designed features that we want and we know you'll like.  One example is the "Silent Mode."  This allow you to turn off your home's doorbell chime from the app, so you are not disturbed. This is perfect for sleeping babies, responsive dogs and for naps.

Award-Winning Design

SkyBell was named as a prestigious "CES Innovations Award" Nominee in 2014. This is only given to the most innovative and well-designed devices at CES. 

SkyBell was designed with a minimal design aesthetic and a small form factor.  It's deliberately designed to have a minimal visual impact and to look like a normal doorbell.  The brushed aluminum finish matches most wall and home furnishings and we have a new "Oil Rubbed Bronze" finish.


SkyBell means more to us than the next great tech gadget.  We believe SkyBell will help parents, families, caregivers and businesses stay connected with big parts of their lives.  We hope SkyBell is another way for technology to make one part of everyday life just a little easier.  

We are passionate about creating useful technologies that are easy to use...and we work hard to do it.  We believe in creating reliable and quality products that are built with the world's best materials and components...right here in the USA!  We have an unyielding commitment to quality, minimal design and a friendly user experience.

The SkyBell team is passionate about creating groundbreaking technologies that fit right into our digital lifestyles.  We have a proven track record.  Our team has previously designed, developed and manufactured the world's leading consumer and commercial GPS tracking devices.  These devices have been distributed by some of the largest retailers in the world, including Apple®.  We were told it was impossible to build the first single-board GPS device and found a way. Those devices are now either on shelves or being used by some of the most well know companies around the world. 

We are fortunate for these past experience which have now reduced the learning curve for this project.  Our team of engineers and production designers are experienced in developing and manufacturing consumer technology.  This includes the design and development of hardware, software, mobile apps and retail packaging.  It also includes manufacturing and distribution.  

We know that every project has it's challenges.  We're confident that our experience helps us know what to expect and how to handle the unexpected! 


Will it work for my home?

SkyBell is designed to replace your current doorbell.  SkyBell needs three things to be able to work for your door: power, space and WiFi connection.

1) Direct Power - SkyBell requires direct power for consistent power for the advanced features.  Please check to make sure your current doorbell has power. If your current doorbell does not have power, you can run power to the spot on the wall where you'd like SkyBell. 

2) A Little Space - SkyBell is small but it still needs a little space.  SkyBell works best with 3" (7.2cm) of circular space to fit. 

3) WiFi Connection - SkyBell requires full time internet access via a B/G/N wireless network with 2.4GHz network, 20 MHz bandwidth and WPA security.

Will there be an Android App?

Yes, SkyBell works on select Android devices.

Do I need power?

Yes, SkyBell will only work with direct power to your home's transformer.

Can I use two devices on my house?

Yes, you can have more than one device on the same house, on the same network and in the same account.  They can all alert the same smartphones.  You can also have them on different houses as well.

What power standards does SkyBell work with?

SkyBell works with your current doorbell’s voltage transformer. The Primary power in is 120/130 VAC or 220/230/240 VAC.  SkyBell can receive secondary power from the transformer to the device at 10 – 36 VAC 10 VAC.  SkyBell works with a mechanical doorbell chime "as-is" and with a digital doorbell chime with the adapter.

Will my regular doorbell chime still work?

Yes, SkyBell will allow a doorbell chime to make the traditional "ding-dong" sound in your home.  You can even turn your doorbell sound on or off from the app. This is great for sleeping babies, working from home and the night shift. You can chose if you want the app alerts, home chime, neither or both.  SkyBell is the only video doorbell that is compatible with mechanical and digital doorbell chimes.  SkyBell is not compatible with wireless doorbells.

Have More Questions and Answers?

For more frequently asked questions, visit: http://www.skybell.com/support/faqs/ 

Even if you can't contribute, we ask for your help in raising awareness. We're grateful to you for sharing this on social media with the IndieGoGo sharing tools below or emailing the page to someone you feel could benefit from the convenience, control and cutting-edge technology that SkyBell provides. 

Website:  www.SkyBell.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/myskybell
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/myskybell


Shipping Questions

Perks include free ground shipping in the USA. We do not accept international orders at this time and will cancel any order made on Indiegogo that has an international shipping address.

International Orders

ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: We are not fulfilling international orders at this time. If you are an international customer and you proceed, you agree and understand that we will only refund the total amount minus Paypal and Indiegogo fees.

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