Skunk - A Short Film

"Skunk" is a short film that portrays the struggle of a young boy in a country devastated by religious diversity.
Drew Maitland
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Update 01/02/2013

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The "Skunk" Short Film Campaign

Above is a promotional trailer for a short film that I directed, but it isn't what I am fundraising for. I am fundraising for my next short film project "Skunk", but before that let me introduce myself.

My name is Drew Maitland and I am a film-maker from Ireland. Being from Ireland I grew up amongst the religious tension between Catholics and Protestants and that is why the piece I am fundraising for is something that is very close to my heart.

"Skunk" the short film is set in 1972 and religious tensions between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland is at an all time high. Money is slim and the religious troubles engulf the streets, turning them into a battle ground for youths determined to leave their mark on this country. The story of the tough times is told through the eyes of a young boy called "Skunk" who, after being left disabled in a wheelchair by a gang attack, is forced to find an answer to the troubles in Ireland.

This story, although set in the 1970's, still has the same impact in modern society and not only in Ireland but globally as a result of religious tensions being reignited in other countries as of recently.

This is why I would greatly appreciate and be forever thankful to those who feel that this film deserves to be made and it is your contribution that will help make it happen. This is not just a problem in Ireland, but a problem that affects all of us. I feel that this topic deserves to be explored and I hope that you do to.

The Goal

So how will "Skunk" become a reality?

  • By reaching the goal of €2000 it means we can start shooting "Skunk" on the 24/03/2013.
  • We have already raised €1000 for Pre-Production and if we reach our goal of a further €2000 you will have made the Production and Post-Production of "Skunk" happen.
  • I have a highly skilled crew incl. Cinematographer, Producer, Editor and Sound Designer that are ready to bring this project to life, but it is truely you the contributor who will make this happen.

So where do the funds go if I don't reach the goal?

  • All contributions will still aid the start of making this project a reality. I am determined and highly motivated and will not allow your wonderful contributions to go to waste.

The Impact

This project, thanks to you, will have an impact on aiding an understanding between relgious groups and I can't thank you enough. Thus...

...if you refer to the perks on the right of the screen, by contributing to this project this is what I would like to do for you.


Other Ways You Can Help

Times are tough and I understand that not everyone can contribute financially, but that doesn't mean you can't help:

  • You can get the word about this campaign, just make a serious amount of noise about it and spread the word on Facebook, Twitter or shout it out on the street, but lets make this project a reality.
  • Indiegogo also supplies instant share tools to make it easier to share on social media sites. The success of this project relies on the support and by sharing your getting the word out and that's what matters the most .
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