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Rebuilding the Job Market

Skill-Chain is a simple idea: use the same matching algorithms used for dating websites to expand a user’s professional network. This basic idea has a multitude of further applications.

  • Discover New Partners: Think of all the people near you. How many could be willing to partner with you on a joint venture?
  • Find a Mentor: Maybe you’re a young adult looking to break into a particular field. Skill-Chain can pair you up with a more experienced individual willing to offer training and support.
  • Dynamic Employment: Skill-Chain can recommend a user to an open job position. The matching algorithm ensures the employer that you will be a perfect fit for their team.
  • Enhanced Applications: Ever felt like you could have gotten a job had an employer just interviewed you? By including a user-made video interview with every profile, Skill-Chain gives you that first interview automatically.
  • Group Making: There are 12 million unemployed in the United States alone. However, there are only 4 million job openings in the country. Finding a job isn’t enough – we need to start making jobs. Skill-Chain can take your idea, maybe one you’ve formed on Indiegogo, and assemble a team of nearby users with the skills you need to succeed.

Interested? Read on for more details on User Matching, Group Matching and Group Making!

User Matching: A Career of Networking

What’s the one skill everyone needs to succeed? Networking.

You can be the most talented person in the world. Without connections, you might never get the chance to use your skills. Being alone in the professional world can be extremely disheartening. The truth is, though, that most people are surrounded by potential partners and mentors interested in meeting them.

Somewhere nearby, there's someone interested in working with you. Today, we rely on luck to make most of our connections. Maybe your friend knows someone. Maybe a coworker can put you in touch with someone. We can use technology to make this entire process more reliable, successful, and even enjoyable.

So how does this all work?

Every Skill-Chain user answers a series of questions.  Based on their responses, a Workplace Personality Profile is created to determine who he or she will work best with. From there, Skill-Chain seeks out connections to help users build their personal and professional network. 

Group Matching: Dynamic Employment

With over 12 million unemployed, it’s understandably confusing to hear that we have 4 million job openings going unfilled. Why is that? It’s because employers are overwhelmed. The internet has created a situation where one job listing can result in thousands of applications. Weeding out a few good resumes from countless emails has mostly been left to chance.

Needless to say, the experience isn’t pleasant for people trying to fill those 4 million jobs either. Have you ever heard the term, “Unemployment is a full time job?”

Skill-Chain, by having a personality profile for all of its users, is able to automatically match job seekers to open positions. It’s a smoother, far less stressful process. Skill-Chain’s system ensures that the resumes that come through are prescreened to succeed at a given workplace.

That’s not all we’re doing to improve the job hunt. Read on to hear about the Active Resume innovations. But first, why not consider making your own job?

Group Making: Don’t Find a Job, Make a Job

In many fields, teams are created and dismantled every day. Skill Chain will help users stay active by connecting them to teams looking to create their own business project.

Personally, my favorite feature of Skill-Chain is the Group Making function. If we can match individual users to create professional connections and an individual user to a business to fill a job, why can’t we match several users to create a business itself?

I originally came up with Skill Chain while I was working in the film industry. In Los Angeles, there is no shortage of writers, directors and crew ready to work on a project, even if that means deferring pay. Yet despite being such a social industry, most people have no reliable means of establishing connections.

Skill-Chain fills this very big hole – and not just for the film industry. Using Group Making, any user can create a project and begin searching for individuals willing to take a chance on starting a new company. Once Skill-Chain finds enough users to fill every listed skill and position, the project is offered to everyone. If all of the users agree, an introductory email is released.

And just like that, a person’s dream becomes a realized project.

This is also an invaluable tool for students and young professionals. If you’re coming out of college, expect to be greeted with the Experience Wall of Doom. Even “entry level” jobs require several years of non-intern experience. For a recent graduate, getting professional experience can be just as important as a first paycheck. Group Maker lets compatible graduates and students join together for professional level projects.

Active Resume: Filling a Black Hole

Nobody likes resumes. They leave employers guessing as to who is really behind a given application, while job seekers loath having their entire professional life distilled into a couple of sheets of paper. It’s 2013. Time to upgrade.

If you’ve ever used a dating website, you’ll know that things don’t stop once everyone is matched together. The first thing a matched couple exchanges is their profile page. For professionals using Skill Chain, users see each other’s Active Resume.

An Active Resume is a complete revision of the resume we all use today. Unlike contemporary resumes, which are made to be slipped into an envelope, an Active Resume is built with contemporary technology in mind.

Here’s just a few of the Active Resume’s features:

  • Instant Interview: Your profile includes a video interview of you detailing why you would be a good worker. Many people feel that all they need is an interview to get a job. Skill Chain makes the interview the first thing anyone sees.
  • Listed Skills: Keeping track of a user’s skills is a core part of Skill-Chain – it’s even in the name! Skills can increase in experience through endorsement via a user’s current successful matches. Completing projects through Group Making also provides upgrade opportunities. This managed endorsement system helps users authenticate their skills for future matches. Highly leveled skills also increase the likelihood someone will be matched.
  • Achievements: Skill-Chain also allows a user to list a number of Achievements. A common feature in video games and well understood among young people, Achievements are a way for users to show their unique accomplishments. On Skill Chain, users are given achievements by finding work and connections through the website.

A few examples of Skill-Chain Achievements are:

Long Runner: This user has stayed at a job for a long time.

Project Lead: This user started a project using the Group Making system.

Savior: Everyone on a team recognizes that this user saved their project from collapse.

Expert: A significant number of users have upgraded a particular skill for this user.

Easy Match: This user has made successful matches with many people.

Chain Maker: This user gave to the Indiegogo project, allowing this dream to become a reality!

As Skill-Chain grows, the list of achievements, along with every other feature, will grow.

Skill-Chain: A Project for Everyone

Over the past few years, Skill Chain has transformed from a simple pet project to a life changing mission. Having experienced unemployment myself, I desperately want to create a system that helps people alone in the job market. When I graduated college in 2009, I watched as all of my friends suffered to find a job. These are actual quotes from my friends:

“I’m tired of sending my resume into a black hole.”

“Nobody WANTS to hire anyone.”

“Where did the jobs GO!?”

“I just need an interview. If they MEET me, they’ll want to hire me.”

It’s an old cliché, but I couldn’t help but think, “There has got to be a better way!”

Skill-Chain’s simple core functionality offers an opportunity to provide a simple solution to a complex problem. User Matching, Group Matching and especially Group Making all work automatically. Because of this, Skill-Chain can provide an additional resource to those seeking employment. Group Making, in particular, gives willing professionals the opportunity to work in a startup company while they seek traditional employment.

To put it simply, Skill-Chain is designed to give those in the workforce a few more tools and a bit more hope. Over time, I hope to vastly expand the Skill Chain functionality and create a website that is a go-to resource for all professionals.

None of that, however, is possible if I cannot create the core website.

Thank you for reading this far. If you plan on contributing, thank you again. This has been a long journey – one I thought at times would never end. It’s fitting, though. Skill-Chain is designed to help people realize their dreams. What better place to launch this project than on Indiegogo, a website that serves the very same goal?

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