SIX is much more than just a short film, it is inspired by many true stories and real situations, caused by the negligence of adults and the lack of gun control
Ella Nuortila
Brooklyn, New York
United States
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What is SIX?

SIX is a short film about a child who finds a hidden gun while playing alone on a rooftop. It is a story about a child's imagination vs. reality; a child's innocence vs. the power of guns; and a child's vulnerability vs. the negligence of adults.

Why Should I Care?

Above all, SIX is a story about our world - today.

The number of firearms in the US is not in the millions, but in the hundreds of millions. With all the talk about gun control, who can control over 300 million privately owned guns? We want to take part in the conversation as we best can: by making this film! You can do the same by helping us make it.

Besides being political, we are making a film that is not only thought-provoking, but that is also going to make you laugh, cry, feel and think.

Why Another Short Film?

Films are and have always been an important way to make a difference. Big subjects are easier to understand when they are processed on a human level - through relatable characters. In SIX this huge subject is processed through a very young character named Dumbo. We only spend 15 minutes with him, yet he and his story can stay in our minds long after.

The appeal of SIX is not only in its compelling narrative, but in its visual storytelling. The film has very little dialogue and the story is told through strong images that take us into Dumbo's imagination, pushing the camera to its limits.

Who Are We?

SIX is being put together by a very talented, passionate and enthusiastic group of individuals who love film making. SIX was written and is being directed by Frank Jerky, a multi-award winning director for Ima Robot's Greenback Boogie. Frank has directed numerous excellent short films and music videos under the Wrong Way Pictures banner and he is a true up-and-coming young director with a strong vision. The images are brought to life by the talented cinematographer Stefano Ferrari along with his amazing crew. Little Dumbo is played by the fearless Maciek Swieboda. This project started already a year ago and every person attached is fully committed to making it happen.

What Are We Requesting?

We have shot half of SIX and we feel very confident about this project because it looks great! In order to finish, we need to raise $15.000 for the final days of filming and post production.

Given the importance of this topic, we are intent on making a beautiful and striking film that will move viewers. We are trying to save money as much as we can by working with a dedicated crew that is willing to work for very low rates and by searching for as many discounts as possible for all our production needs. Nevertheless, we still need to purchase and rent a lot of material. This includes renting our location, getting insurance and shooting permits, production design (props and set construction materials), transportation, camera and lighting equipment and of course food for our hard working cast and crew. Beyond that, once the film has been shot, we must pay for post production costs such as editing, sound design and color correction.

We are more than grateful for each and every contributor! In exchange we'll go ahead and finish a great film. If you can't contribute, please help us spread the word through social media.

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