Sit & Spin Productions: THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW

Sit & Spin Productions is a student theatre company at Northwestern University that focuses on risk-taking and unconventional theatre.
Kyle Largent
Evanston, Illinois
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the theatre company

Founded in 2001, Sit & Spin Productions is a student theatre company at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL - 12 miles outside of downtown Chicago. We thrive in expanding the definition of theatre giving artists opportunities to explore unconventional, risk-taking works. 

the show

The Rocky Horror Show is a stage musical written by Richard O'Brien and opened at the Royal Court Theatre, London in 1973. The musical was popularized in the U.S. by the movie musical starring Tim Curry in 1975. The story follows the newly engaged couple, Brad and Janet, who have car troubles and get stranded at the Annual Transylvanian Convention hosted by Dr. Frank N. Furter. With upbeat, catchy and edgy music along with "transexual" and outrageous characters, The Rocky Horror Show is sure to leave you wanting more when the curtain drops.

the team

Cast at the end of this past school year, 12 Northwestern undergrads make up the ensemble for the show along with an orchestra and production team of over 20 students. Ranging in age from 18-22, the almost forty individuals involved are all full-time Northwestern students pursuing degrees in various fields and some of which are also working jobs and involved with other student groups on campus.

the timing

The show goes September 19-21, 2013. This week at Northwestern University is called "New Student Week." It is the first week that the Freshman Class of 2017 will be on campus becoming oriented and selecting classes, student groups and activities to become involved with for the coming year. This weekend in student theatre is one of the most important because it is the first theatre that the freshmen will see on campus and set the bar for a great year of theatre along with hopefully getting lots of new students to sign up.

the pitch

But, this show cannot happen without your help. Although the show is put on at Northwestern and by Sit & Spin, this production team and cast are responsible for raising our own funds to pay for building the set, making costumes, buying/collecting/thrifting for props, paying for advertising and everything else needed to make a theatrical work happen.

your donation

With any amount given, your donation will help in many ways:

  • Buying lumber, paint, plywood and much more to build the entire set from the ground up
  • Purchasing fabric and clothing items to put together costumes, wigs, accessaries and the sort 
  • Collecting props from thrift stores, consignment shops and rental markets
  • Paying for the rights to put on the show
  • Renting lighting and sound equipment for the productions
  • Helping in our advertising campaigns across campus, the community and Chicagoland area
  • And Much, Much more!

all of our benefit

Northwestern University and Sit & Spin Productions are advocates in keeping the arts alive with this upcoming generation. Your donation will help fund works put on by students encouraging them to continue with the arts in some capacity in their future. Thank you for your time, if you would like to know more about the show, the company, the process or even student theatre on campus, please feel free to contact me with any questions you have.

Best regards,
   Kyle Largent
   Fundraising Director

production team

Kyle Mullins producer; Becca Maier director; Jason Byer music director; Kat Scott choreography; Karen Valencia stage manager; Kyle Largent fundraising director; Cassie Bowers costumes; Bridget McNamara makeup; Dylan Reyno set; Veronica Johnson scenic painting; Brandon Nadig lights; Matt Kania sound; Abby Pajakowski space/scenic; Dani Lauder space/scenic; Nathan Lamp props; Shaina Wagner props; Marylynne Anderson-Cooper publicity; Jacob Trauberman marketing; Emily Fishkin asst producer; Pat Beecher asst publicity; Andy Garden asst publicity; Summer Delaney asst publicity; Anne Sundell asst publicity; Demetri Elias asst publicity; Michael Fleischer asst publicity


Fergus Inder brad; Jessie Kleuter janet; Aubrey McGrath frank n. furter; Nick Lehmann riff raff; Julia Duray eddie; Ryan Duncan rocky; Sam Douglas dr. scott; Zoe Maltby magenta; Hannah Carroll columbia; Ali Breneman phantom; Myrna Conn phantom; Sara Kase phantom

sit & spin productions

Brandon Powers executive director; AJ Roy business manager; Abby Pajakowski production manager; Scott Wolf directing chair; Jessie Klueter company manager; Justine Gelfman technical director; Gianna Petrosino technical director; Lena Krause outreach coordinator; Becca Maier marketing brand manager; Ari Shapiro communications director; Natalie Robinson special events coordinator; Sam Douglas development director; Natalie C. Houchins archivist; Francesca Mennella international relations chair

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  • $25USD
    Program Shout-out

    We will thank you in our program!

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  • $50USD
    Production Poster

    We will send you an 11x17 poster from the show along with thank you in our program!

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  • $50USD
    Family Shout-out

    You can leave a message for one of our team members to have printed in the program along with a thank you from us in our program!

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  • $100USD

    We will send you a pair of wax lips sold during performances along with a program from the show and a thank you in our program!

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  • $250USD

    We will send you a signed photo of the cast along with a pair of wax lips and a program and thank you in our program!

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