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Siren develops smartphone and web-based technology that connects individuals and their families to emergency information and services.

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Paul Rauner posted an announcement 1 year ago

School Campaign Starts Next Week

We will be reaching out to the press and to schools starting Monday next week, so watch for mention of Siren.

We will also be adding an opportunity for schools to help us get out the word. To motivate schools to help us get the word out, when 20 unique Safety Circle contributors provide the name of a school, we will give that school Siren Emergency.

I plan to call and email the principals of St Louis schools starting Monday to let them know about this opportunity.

Thank you to everyone who supports our efforts to make schools safer!


Paul Rauner posted an announcement 1 year ago

Paul Rauner posted an announcement1 day ago

I want to thank everyone who helped put this campaign together. We have sent this out to friends and family, and now its time to get more people involved. Today and tomorrow we will circulate a press release announcing Siren to the world.

Emergency communication is not what it could be. Siren can make a difference. Contribute to making schools safer in your community. If you can’t contribute, then tell a friend, share the campaign on Twitter and Facebook.

We are eight weeks of development from completing Siren Emergency and launching a Beta that can make your community safer. With your help we will get there!


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Just $25 will help Siren make schools safer.
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