Sinking Simulator

this is a 2d physic sandbox to simulate an object sinking in water. Use your creativity to make the most awesome structure and sink it all the way down.

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Super-stable physics simulation, written from the ground up in C++ 

  • 5000+ connected springs, stable simulation 
  • Interative, scaleable method - can make the simulation more accurate by throwing more processor power at it 

Imports and builds ships from PNG images 

  • Draw a ship in paint: 
  • Different colours represent different materials

Customize stuff! 

  • Can turn the waves into a storm, or make ships fall apart at a touch 

Fluid Simulation 

  • Simulator models water pressure and the effects of gravity inside the ships 
  • Water is forced in through breaches in the hull and pools at the bottom, dragging the ship down 


  • If your ship's taking too long to sink, smash it to bits with your mouse
  • First you start by drawing an object with the color code in a 80x80 png image. ( I can be bigger ) 

Color Codes:




Can change the strength from super weak up to super strong!

You can draw your own ship with Paint and import it into the game!


Sinking Simulator: Sandbox Edition, is free to play


http://adf.ly/PWUyP -v1.2

http://adf.ly/PHf2X - v1.1

http://adf.ly/OUh3H - v 1.0


* Rock Paper Shotgun 



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