Sinister Visions

A variety of gruesome tales

Our Story

APOTHEOSIS FILMS was started in 2006 by actor and film maker Kim Sønderholm. We have earlier worked on feature films such as The Horror Vault Trilogy, Craig, Bleed With Me, Tour de Force and Little Big Boy. Films that have all been released on DVD worldwide.

The Impact

This will be a good opportunity for anyone who wants to get into the film industry and/or improve their imdb resume and be apart of a serious project and harnest some attention from it. Final film is hoped to be released by spring of 2012. This will ensure you name credit on credit roll of the film and imdb credit.

What We Need & What You Get

We are currently working on a new feature film project named SINISTER VISIONS and lack funding for post-production. We offer different possibilities for being apart - special thanks cost $100 while an executive producer spot will cost $300. A graphical logo of your choice (f.i. your company logo) will cost $500 while $750 will give you a combined logo on credits and executive producer credit. This ofcourse includes credit on both film credit roll and imdb page: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1808474/ - be advised logo on credits is not entered onto imdb for obvious reasons, only the executive producer credit will be.

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