Silverline: Smartphones for Seniors

Silverline brings the smartphone revolution to seniors with specially designed apps and refurbished secondhand smartphones.
Jason Aspes
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Dear wonderful, generous, good looking supporters!

We have started shipping out our fulfilment packages for our Indiegogo Combo Pack contributors.

We really appreciate your help in making our Silverline Care Pack a reality. Do send us photos of your seniors enjoying our Silverline Care Pack on your mobiles!

Look out for more details on our Android release at our site and reach out to us at!

That’s all for now. Stay tuned! :)

Jason, Lilin & the whole Silverline team

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Dear supporters,

Wonderful news! It is with great joy that we announce the release of
our Silverline Care Pack in the iOS App store.

It has been hard work and we have been successful with some things more
than others. Thank you for staying with us through our hard and good
times. Our Silverline Care Pack will not have been a reality had it been
without your support, financially and otherwise.

What's Next from us?

A. Our team is now hard at work on the Android release, which we hope
to release in December. Check for details.

B. We are working on how our app could be used with connected sensors to
enhance the lifestyles of our seniors.

C. Now that our iOS app is finally ready, we will be moving on to fulfilling
our promises and delivering phones to our combo pack supporters. Contributors should be able to see their names in the credits on our webpage at

D. We will continue to work on bug fixes and improved functionality for our
app, some of which will be appearing in the Android version when it
is available.

What you can do

1. Join the effort! If you haven’t already, download our latest app at

2. Spread the message! Share what you find useful about our app to with your
friends, especially with those who are seniors.

3. Report if you find anything breaking to and we get
on it as soon as we are able to.

4. Secure your communications channel! Sign up for our updates, if you have
not already, at

Signing off,

Jason, Lilin & the whole Silverline team

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BBC logo

Crowd-funding takes off in Asia - Silverline Crowd-funding campaign featured on BBC!


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Oh my goodness, you did it! You really did it! $54,001! We can't quite believe it.

Check out all the campaign updates here, and make sure to watch our latest video. None of this would be possible if it weren't for your generosity and support. Thank you SO so much!

Now, if you'll excuse us, we have a LOT of work to do! And we've never been more excited...


3 more days!

Thanks to the massive support from all of our fans, we SMASHED our $7,000 Dollar-4-Dollar matching campaign and we are SO close to hitting our goal! Just $5,500 in 3 days!

Please help us achieve (and maybe even exceed!) our goal so we can continue improving the lives of seniors through custom-designed smartphone apps. 

Your contributions will go toward:

i) Buying secondhand iPhone 3GSs so underserved seniors from Willing Hearts and Lions Befrienders can enjoy Silverline apps.

ii) Developing new and improved Silverline apps for seniors around the world.

We're all counting on your support in these last 3 days.  Thank you, and please contribute now!


Dollar-4-Dollar Matching!

Thanks to your support, our Dollar-4-Dollar Matching campaign was a huge success!  We'll be receiving the $7,000 from our generous anonymous donor and updating the campaign page soon.  Meanwhile, as at 15th April, the grand total raised to bring the smartphone revolution to seniors stands at over $43,000!  Great job!


New Reward

Reward Image

In celebration of reaching 100 supporters and 50% of our total goal, we're offering a great new reward - the $149 COMBO PACK - featuring a refurbished, unlocked iPhone3GS (8GB or 16BG) with all updated Silverline apps pre-installed! 


You told us that many of your older friends and relatives don't have iPhones, but they would love to use Silverline apps. So we're offering the $149 COMBO PACK as a cheap and easy way to get both an iPhone3GS and updated Silverline apps. Just insert your own SIM card - then you're ready to go. Get your $149 COMBO PACK quick - only 50 are available!


Improving the lives of seniorsSilverline is a new project that creates apps specifically designed for seniors. We have spent the last 18 months working with underserved seniors, providing them with donated second-hand smartphones and building apps to address their needs. It’s been amazing to see how this new technology has improved the quality of their lives. But we’re just scratching the surface. Now we want to bring this concept to all seniors - to our parents and grandparents - so they too can benefit from the smartphone revolution.

World Map

All the Silverline apps can be used anywhere in the world - and are optimized for the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore. The apps are currently available in English and Chinese (Mandarin), and will soon be available in other languages too.


United States Dollars (USD) are used for all contribution levels.


Project Silverline

Current App All

Discover App

DISCOVER allows users to snap pictures of where they are or interesting things they see and documents them in a time orientated photo album. Each image is geo-tagged and time stamped automatically with the user given the option to describe each image. It is a wonderful way to document and share their activities through the day.


Well Being App

WELL BEING provides simple reminders for taking medicine, drinking water and doing exercise. It allows users to monitor their moods and watch videos providing simple health tips to implement in their daily routines. We are continuing to work with health authorities to create additional apps focused on keeping seniors happy and healthy. 


Well Being App

INSPIRE features daily headlines and human interest stories delivered in text, picture and video formats. These stories keep users informed of current events and raises their spirits through feel-good stories and uplifting quotes. 


Connect App

CONNECT presents the contact list in a user-friendly and visual format. Using pictures of the contact as well as their name in text provides simple navigation to the visually impaired.


Emergency App

Simple icons for EMERGENCY assistance are just a tap of the finger away. In the case of a fall being detected or the phone remaining idle for more than a certain period of time, a message will be sent to ensure there is nothing wrong. If the message is not verified, a message will be sent to a caregiver's phone notifying them of the situation.


Updated Apps The Discover, Well Being, Inspire, Connect and Emergency apps you see above were developed to meet the needs of underserved seniors in Singapore. Our first users loved them, and we know you will too. So we kept the core functionality and re-designed them for all seniors by providing tailored content, more features and an improved look and feel.


Future Apps

We have our eye on the future, and we are excited to continue developing apps to improve the lives of seniors. Here are the next suite of apps we’ll be creating if we reach our funding goal. Of course, these apps are just the beginning. With your support, we will develop dozens of new apps over the next few years.

GO & EXPLORE - our Discover app gets seniors out of the house and snapping away on their cameras. But how do they go further afield? Maps on smartphones today are unusable by the elderly - labels are too small and controls are too fiddly. Our Go & Explore app will create custom map layers with senior-friendly features such as digital breadcrumbs, geo-fencing and clearly marked places of interest to help get seniors get out and get active! 

PERSONAL SECURITY - we believe it's important for seniors to feel secure both in the home and when out and about. How to go beyond simple movement detection and fall detection without sacrificing battery life? We think the answer is in wearables and will be working with hardware partners to use Bluetooth to pair with special bracelets that incorporate accelerometers and dedicated alert buttons. 

HEALTH & WELLBEING - we have a dedicated app for health and wellbeing, but we know that there is much more to do! We want to build improved reminders and a simplified medication tracking system that can handle the complicated medication regimes of senior citizens. 

CONNECTING WITH FAMILY - the most highly requested feature we’ve received is the ability to easily share photos and other memories. We want to make it simple to transfer images from your phone or connected social media accounts and have them appear directly on your loved one’s device. We’re also working hard on messaging systems that make it easy to communicate without poking about on tiny on-screen keyboards.


Care Packs

Care Packs Image

Silverline’s CARE PACK provides an underserved senior with everything he or she needs to take full advantage of the new apps and smartphone:

  • A secondhand iPhone 3GS sourced from a professional refurbisher who ensures the phone is fully functional and cleaned of the previous owner’s data 
  • A year-long data and voice plan
  • All CURRENT AND FUTURE Silverline Apps, including Inspire, Connect, Well Being, Discover and Emergency and all future apps as they become available.
  • One-on-one smartphone training

We are providing the initial round of care packs to beneficiaries served by Lions Befrienders and Willing Hearts in Singapore. SingTel will provide the data and voice plan, and local volunteers will provide the training. We are working with other charities, volunteers and telecoms in USA, UK, HK and Australia to provide care packs to beneficaries in those countries too.


Technical DetailsThe Silverline apps are designed to run on older hardware, starting with the iPhone 3GS. We believe there’s plenty of life left in old hardware!

Hardware requirements:
iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S or 5

Software requirements:
iOS 5.x or later


Use of FundsWe've built the first suite of apps and received rave reviews from the first users. We’ve also created an amazing charity program in collaboration with SingTel and local charities. Now we need your help to take the next steps.

Funds contributed under the SUPPORTER PACK, APP PACKS, FAMILY PACK, CUSTOM PACK and CHAMPION PACK will be used to develop future Silverline apps.

Funds contributed under the CARE PACK, COMMUNITY PACK and SUPER COMMUNITY PACK will be used to provide underserved seniors with the apps and a refurbished smartphone.

Of course, reasonable costs will be used to provide contributors their rewards as listed.


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F.A.QAre the Silverline Apps available for download at the iTunes Store?

No, the apps are currently distributed only to our beneficiaries in Lions Befrienders and Willing Hearts. But with your support we can change that!

Are the Silverline Apps available for Android devices?

We are focussing on delivering the best possible experience for the iOS platform right now. But we hope to begin work on Android versions of the apps, targetting the Samsung Galaxy SII and other similar models, later this year.

Can I use the Silverline Apps in my country / language?

Silverline apps will work anywhere in the world. While we will be launching the apps in English and Mandarin for both UI and Content, we hope to translate to other languages according to demand. Tell us which languages you’d like us to work on and we’ll do our best.


The Silverline Team

The Team

WE ARE A CLOSELY KNIT TEAM of with experience in design, user experience, mobile app programming, advertising, business strategy and community organizing. We are passionate about creating simple technology to help seniors lead healthier and happier lives.  


Thank you to our partners



The wonderful team at OGILVY in Singapore have volunteered countless hours and amazing talent to make Project Silverline and this crowdfunding campaign a reality. We have enjoyed working side-by-side, serving seniors at local charities, developing the apps functionality and design, and delivering the refurbished phones to the seniors. Thank you!





SINGAPORE TELECOMMUNICATIONS LIMITED, Asia's leading communications group, has generously supported Project Silverline every step of the way: helping us to understand the needs of seniors, encouraging their customers to donate second-hand smartphones to underserved seniors, and providing 1,000 free voice and data plans to those who received the donated second-hand smartphones.





BUUUK worked with us to develop the existing Silverline apps. They tackled complex problems with a creative flair, deep thinking and cutting-edge technology. They also spent months constant testing and re-testing the apps until they met the need of seniors. We are excited to work with them again to build future Silverline apps.


Lion's Befriender


LIONS BEFRIENDERS SERVICE ASSOCIATION strives to aid in the social, psycho-emotional and physical well-being of the lonely seniors through community participation. Their team and beneficiaries have been a joy to work with throughout the app testing process.



Willing Hearts

WILLING HEARTS works with the underprivileged, the needy, and other marginalised members of society, and guides them towards rehabilitating and reinstating themselves. Their work with underserved seniors has been our constant inspiration.





SPW ENTERPRISE IT is an independent facility that specializes in refurbishing used IT products via an ethical, sustainable and data-secure process. They did an excellent job managing the collection, refurbishment and distribution of smartphones through our charity program.




MODUS LINK is a leader in executing value chain strategies for the world’s largest technology and consumer goods companies. They will be managing the collection, refurbishment and distribution of donated smartphones worldwide as we expand our charity program to the USA, UK, Australia, Hong Kong and other countries.



Newton Circus


Silverline Mobile is a project of NEWTON CIRCUS PTE LTD, a tech start-up based in Singapore. We believe that doing good is good business. We are entrepreneurs - we conceptualize, prototype, fund and scale innovative businesses that have a positive impact on people, planet and profit.


Social Media


Questions? Suggestions?

Please reach out to us at



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    ☆ You will get a heartfelt thank you on Facebook and Twitter ☆ We will give you vouchers to download all UPDATED and FUTURE Silverline Apps for iOS - your friend or relative will get new releases FOREVER! ☆ We will publish your name and photo on the Inspire Silverline app ☆

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    ☆ Everything from the SUPER APP PACK ☆ PLUS we will provide ONE under-served senior with the following: a refurbished iPhone 3GS, a year-long data and voice plan, all UPDATED and FUTURE Silverline Apps, and one-on-one smartphone training ☆ We will publish your name, photo and personal message to all under-served seniors on the Inspire Silverline app ☆ We will email you with a photo and personal message from the under-served senior who received your contribution ☆

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    ☆ FIVE SUPER APP PACKS - get one for all your relatives! ☆ That's FIVE sets of vouchers to download all UPDATED and FUTURE Silverline Apps for iOS - your family will get new releases FOREVER! ☆ We will publish your name and photo on the Inspire Silverline app ☆

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    ☆ You will get a heartfelt thank you on Facebook and Twitter ☆ You will receive a refurbished, unlocked iPhone3GS (including charger) with updated Silverline apps pre-installed - a great gift for a friend or relative ☆ Free shipping to USA, Singapore, UK, Australia and Hong Kong - Please add $30 extra for shipping to other countries ☆

    17 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2013
  • $399USD

    ☆ FIVE CARE PACKS ☆ That means FIVE under-served seniors will receive the following: a refurbished iPhone 3GS, a year-long data and voice plan, all UPDATED and FUTURE Silverline Apps, and one-on-one smartphone training ☆ PLUS we will produce an exclusive short film about the under-served seniors who received smartphones from your contribution and the positive impact it has had on their lives ☆

    9 claimed
  • $4,999USD

    ☆ TWENTY-FIVE CARE PACKS ☆ That means TWENTY-FIVE seniors receive a refurbished iPhone 3GS, a year-long data and voice plan, all UPDATED and FUTURE Silverline Apps, and one-on-one smartphone training ☆ We will list your name and/or logo on the website FOREVER ☆ We will invite you and a friend to meet the seniors who received phones from your contribution AND bring you and a friend to dinner and drinks with the whole Silverline Team in Singapore (including travel within SE Asia) ☆

    1 claimed
  • $9,999USD

    ☆ Everything from the SUPER COMMUNITY PACK ☆ PLUS we will work with you to adapt all UPDATED Silverline Apps (Discover, Well Being, Inspire, Connect, Emergency) for the language and culture of your choice ☆

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    ☆ SUPER COMMUNITY PACK ☆ PLUS we will work with you to build and release your OWN custom-designed app for seniors ☆

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