Silk Road Permaculture Demonstration Centre

Silk Road Permaculture is taking the first steps towards building a Permaculture demonstration centre in Central Asia, and you can help us get started!

Who Are We?

Silk Road Permaculture was created specifically to serve the people of Central Asia.  Our goal is to teach people how to live sustainably using locally available materials to take care of their needs.  We fulfill this by using Permaculture principles wherever possible.  To read our full vision statement, please follow this link.

We started this group in January of 2013 and have quickly realized the desire for Permaculture in Central Asia is much greater than we anticipated.  As a result, we have decided to push forward with our plans for a demonstration centre.  Our 3-5 year plan is to be living on "campus" with between 5-10 interns from Central Asia working and learning the ins and outs of Permaculture.  At the end of their time at the centre, they will go back to their homes and begin implementing and teaching Permaculture to the people there.  In effect, we want to be a nucleus of Permaculture training for Central Asia.  However, this can only happen with your help.

Next steps

Kyrgyzstan will be joining something called the Central Asian Trade Union in 2014, and as a result, prices throughout the country will skyrocket on everything from the food we eat, the cars we drive, to the land we live on.  We are currently searching for 3 hectares of land to start with, and if we don't buy before 2014, the cost to even begin will make it quite impracticle to start the demonstration centre.  

Our first goal is to raise money for the purchase of 3 hectares.  We are able to buy 1 hectare (without water access) for around $1000 so with a goal of three hectares, we need to raise $3000 to purchase property.  

Our second goal is to build the infrastructure needed to run a demonstration centre.  We are planning a house for the long term director, 5-7 small intern houses, and a learning centre.  All of these will be built using Earthship construction which will keep costs down, but we will still need to raise quite a bit of funds to realize this goal.

On top of all that, Permaculture systems don't just appear out of nowhere!  Trees will need to be planted, swales will need to be dug, goats will have to be milked!  It will take a bit of capital to get our system up and running.

But first, lets get the land purchased!

Why Silk Road Permaculture?

Permaculture isn't just a great idea, it is what this part of the world is in deep need of.  Centuries of overgrazing, generations of Soviet land exploitation, and general ignorance to the coming difficulties of sustainable survival are all things that will be combated if you donate towards our demonstration centre.  By being an educational nucleus for Central Asian Permaculture, we know that this once fertile land will begin to become productive again.  

Help Get the Word Out!

If you've read this far, you know that what we are doing is important.  Chances are, you probably share the same dream!  If you feel ready to donate, please do so.  If you aren't sure yet, please visit our website and read more about what we do.  If you feel like there is no way you could donate, but want to be a part of what we do, then share this link with your friends.  

Help us build a Permaculture future for Central Asia.

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