My name is Richard and I was born legally blind due to a Hereditary defect given to me by my grandfather.
Richard Holloway
Cardington, Ohio
United States
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Short Summary

When I was born, the doctors thought I was blind. After a little debating they determined that I did have sight, just not a significant amount. So, at the age of 2, I started wearing glasses. They were a definite help, but not enough. I still ran into things and got hurt on numerous occasions because I just couldnt see well enough.


The Doctors told my dad, that there were certanties that we would have to deal with in regards to my life, and how it would be lived. I would not be able to play sports when the time came. I shouldn't be allowed to ride a bike by myself, because I was likely to get hit by a car or just run into things. The biggest and most dissapointing thing though, was that I would never be allowed to drive. Or even attempt to. Even if I wanted to, my eyes would not allow me the safety required to get around.


All of these things didn't seem like big deals at the time. However, I got older, and I wanted to play sports, but wasn't able to. That is until I found wrestling. Wrestling was the one sport that I could feel my way through. I did well when I got the opportunity during gym class. My dad eventually broke down and got me my own bike, and that was probably the happiest moment of my childhood. Being able to ride around the block with my friends and jump off of ramps was the best ever back then. The only time I ever got hurt was when I tried to do something new. Young boys are daredevils and I was no exception.


The one thing that has always escaped me was the ability to drive. I knew that no matter how much I wanted to, and no matter how much I practiced, I just would not be safe on the road. Not for myself, but for everyone else. Everyone has heard the phrase "stay off the sidewalks" whenever a friend or young relative gets their license. That is how everyone would feel were I to have gotten mine.


It seemed like there may be no hope for me, and I would always have to rely on other people in order to do some of the most basic things. For the most part I have always been pretty self reliant. With work, I have always lived in an area where I could just walk to work. Or to the store, or bank. However, when I got married, we moved out of town to be closer to her grandparents, who help out with our child. Now, I live so far away from everything, that walking is no longer an option. For the first time in my life, driving has become a necessity. I finally found a doctor who was proficient enough in the surgery I needed for me to take the risk. So, on August 13th, 2012, I will be getting surgery on my eyes in hopes that I will have vision enough to drive. The ultimate goal is to get my eyes to 20/40 or better. This will net me a whole new outlook on life. Not just driving. I will see things i have never seen before.

What We Need & What You Get

The insurance that my wife and I have is great.  However, there are certain aspects to the surgery that they will not pay for. This leaves us with a little added cost that we won't be able to cover alone.

  • $1750 is the total cost of the lenses they are going to surgically place in my eyes. This is the most important part of my surgery. Without these lenses, the surgery does not happen.
  • $295 is the deductable. This has to be paid before the insurance company will write a check to the doctor
  • $750 is for miscellaneous. Because of the multiple appointents that have to happens before, during, and after the surgery, my wife will end up missing an entire week or more of work. This would not be so bad if the appointments were right in town, or even remotely close. The problem is that the appointments (6 so far) are 2 hours away. So this portion will help go towards gas, and a hotel room for two nights. Because the surgery is on the eye, they will need to have a 24hr post op check-up. So rather than waste gas on 8 hours of driving, we will most likely stay the night.
  • $200 will go to fees that are related to this site and paypal..

I don't want people to think that I am taking advantage of them in any way, so I have decided that any excess money will be put back into this program. For those who donate (and I thank you sincerely) anything over $250, will get to help choose what project(s) the excess money will go toward.

The Impact

The impact is hard to explain. Imagine not being able to see raindrops when its pouring outside. Not being able to see an airplane flying just over your head. Imagine not being able to see your wife, husband, child until they are right up on you. Not being able to go to the movies because you can't really see the screen no matter how close you are. Or people looking at you funny because your face is literally buried in a book because that is the only way you can read it.


Now imagine that is your life. That is how you are and nothing is going to change that. Then... something does. Someone comes aloong and says "I can fix that for you. I can give you the ability to read a book, see raindrops and airplanes. Go the movies with your family. I can change all of this for you."  


The impact this will have on my life is invaluable and indescribable.  It is an unbelievable feeling to know that for the first time in my entire life, I might be able to live completely free.

Other Ways You Can Help

You can tell your friends. Your family. Anyone and everyone you know. Not just about my story, but about all of the little miracles on this website that they could be a part of.

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