Sierra Ops - A Space Sci-Fi Action RPG

A Real-time Space Strategy Game and Visual Novel.
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Sierra Ops is a Space Sci-Fi 'Action RPG' by team Innomen Productions. We are inviting you to be part of our history.

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What is Sierra Ops?

Set in the distant future of 2406, Earth and the colonies of Mars are at the brink of war. Play as Lieutenant-Commander Junius Fahrenheit onboard the Sierra as him and his crew are forced into a fight that will define the future of mankind altogether. 

Humans outgrew Earth. After nearly decimating the planet over two hundred years ago, mankind has taken to expanding into space itself. With the invention of efficient, terraforming technology, self-sustaining, man-made ecosystems and reliable space travel, large off-planet colonies and mining posts were soon established to feed the ever-growing human population. The power of the human race grew. However, with power comes corruption. With corruption comes imbalance. With imbalance comes unrest. 

With unrest comes war. 
Play as Lieutenant-Commander Junius Fahrenheit, a soldier of the United Terran Vanguard onboard the state-of-the-art mining ship, the Sierra, as him and his crew are thrown into humanity’s first interplanetary war. Tasked in protecting Earth and freeing its colonies from under the Ares Confederacy of Mars’ grasp, there’s no question that he must fight to protect everything he stands for… 

But what exactly is it he stands for? Who is right? Who is wrong? Does it even matter? 
Perhaps there’s more to this than meets the eye.

Sierra Ops is the "idealization" of our first game,Operation SD: Space Defense, with practically everything improved, including new features such as:

  • An "overworld" system - a second battle layer which comprises a top-down view of all the units and structures in the battlescape. Every second here counts as a minute.
  • Timed scenarios/non-linear events, the results of which vary based on your choices and battle performance.
  • Sierra's appearance being customizable.
  • The ability to take control of a small task force - you will have up to five units with you in battle, according to what you do in the story or side missions.
  • More stat point allocations, abilities to learn, weapons to prepare in combat, and types of platforms to deploy.
  • Generally improved User Interface, character artworks, music, and graphics.
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The Gameplay:

Sierra Ops is mainly a Visual Novel which has several branching routes and endings, including some with friendship and romance options as well. The sprites are animated using Live2D technology

The player's choices, battle performance, Sierra’s upgrades, and the time spent on completing objectives can affect the storyline's direction and may change it drastically. Maxing out the ship doesn't guarantee a good ending!

The player will play as Junius Fahrenheit, the Captain of the Sierra, and will be experiencing the entirety of the events of the first interplanetary war. The presentation of the story uses a simplistic subtitle-based style with scrolling effects to portray the dialog and characters. The length of these parts will not overshadow gameplay, as the approach will be more similar to most RPGs than Visual Novels.

The Development Screen. This is where the player will use their RUs (Resource Units) to install weapons, upgrades, and platforms. The weapons that are obtained via upgrades aren't the only weapons in game. The Sierra can also upgrade its parts, including some that can be found as the player progresses through the story, and some of them can be a challenge to obtain.

The Overworld. Sierra has a different set of commands at the overworld mode. This mode is a top-down view of the battlescape where the player can observe all allied/enemy units which are on patrol, pursuit, standby mode, or even units that are in combat, for a limited duration. There are time limits in most of the scenarios, and the player must finish the operations before they are deemed as failures.

There are only a few locations in the battlescape where the player can access the Development Screen, and most of the time they will be located at docking stations, satellites and your starting location, so the player should plan wisely before heading out to combat.

The Real-time Battle - the player will take control of the Sierra in real-time against the enemy forces. More often than not, the enemy numbers will be overwhelming, but fear not - as Sierra has multiple functions to help the player survive.

The player has control over the energy allocation to the Shields, Weapon Systems and Thruster Output respectively (bottom right sliders). Use abilities prudently, assign weapons to designated target types, and deploy platforms strategically.

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The Story:

In the year 2207, mankind began expansion into space and made their first steps towards the stars.

With the help of advanced terraforming projects such as large-scale geo-engineering, and the construction of solar heat distribution modules, the century’s worth of endeavor pays off, making Mars a relatively safe, habitable planet.

This new era of humankind looking towards space ushered the furthering of their reach with the advancement of science and technology.

However, the peace did not last long between Mars and mother Earth.

Many communities and workers that were sent to live and work in Mars encountered dissatisfaction with the lack of support from the Sigil Corporation, Earth’s foremost transnational conglomerate, and the head of humanity’s exploration of space and industrialization of Mars.

The humans living in the red planet, were enlisted to help build the Hephaestus Spaceport – Mars’s first space elevator. After its completion at year 2304, they asserted that its main purpose turned out to be only to help transfer resources so that the people of Earth, could build colonies on the Moon and at the Lagrange points.

The people of Mars felt unjustly treated but at the same time indebted to Sigil for the opportunity to colonize a new frontier.

In the following century, the people of Mars regarded themselves as nothing but laborers; they built the Mondshire station on Earth’s moon for forty years. Neo Hampshire and St. Niliam Colonies soon followed, constructed successfully at the Lagrange points taking around thirty years each.

Sigil Corporation promised them a good life for the completion of each colony project they’ve built, but the humans in Mars noticed that only a few among themselves were given privileges and the colonies turned out to be mostly for the use of Terran immigrants.

In the year 2396, the people of Mars formed a confederation of traders and workers and called themselves as the Ares Confederacy. The people of Mars, being mostly comprised of laborers and engineers, equipped with state-of-the-art mass production equipment on the red planet, decreed full militarization and production of mankind’s finest space warfare assets, some of which were rumored to be gargantuan dreadnaughts, in the hope of proclaiming and preserving their independence from Terran governance.

In February 2406, the present year, the Ares propaganda has spread throughout the Terran stations. The Terran colonists began to realize the harsh conditions the Confederates were forced into and became sympathizers. Ares cells began infiltrating Terran colonies and encouraged the spread of anti-Terran ideology all boosted by the popularity of Ares’ charismatic leaders; soon, dissent rose as the public perception of Terran governance fell.

Months later, the Confederacy mounted take-and-hold operations as well as acts of subterfuge to undermine Terra’s hold over Mars. Their plans were successful; the Terrans were caught off guard. The Confederacy took control of the Lagrange colonies, the Moonbase, and Earth’s orbital space. The orbital blockade created an absolute embargo for all space trade for Earth.

While the Confederacy meant no harm to civilians, they were ultimately and effectively no more than prisoners of war. The United Terran Vanguard (UTV), the standing space navy of the Earth Alliance, now mobilizes its assets around Earth’s orbital space to form the very last line of defense.

While Ares stood to uphold continued aggression against Terra, Sigil’s attempts to defuse the situation in a peaceful manner failed. In an act of desperation, Sigil would invest its resources to strengthen the UTV Fleet and commission the experimental battleship “Sierra” into the frontlines.

Lieutenant Commander Junius Fahrenheit, along with Ensign Claine de Lune and Major Jean Brookes were all tasked to reclaim the stations back under Terran control. This campaign, spearheaded by these young officers and the new battleship Sierra, came to be known as…

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The Characters:

Visit our characters page for more information.

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Stretch Goals:

Yes, we do have stretch goals for the game. But worry not, Officer, for we ensure that these implementations won't obstruct with the plans of releasing the game this year. 

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The Art:

All artworks in game are done by the following team members of InnoMen Productions:

Jason Cheng

Jason Cheng is the current lead artist, web developer, and general manager of the Sierra Ops project for team InnoMen Productions. He's formerly a professional web developer who mainly worked for companies at Sydney, Australia such as Dotty Style Creative and Weaving Weblets. He then switched careers as a full time game artist and developer after being inspired by IGDA game jams. He was taught by the former lead artist, gtd-carthage,the fundamentals to continue the game artworks by himself. He's now tasked to create all future background artworks, including ship designs, weapons, and stage design elements like space debris and structures found in game.

Jester Paul Go

Jester Paul Go is the UI designer of the team. He designed the icons, buttons, and the other user interface elements, with the corresponding animations. His 3 years of flash development and animation experience combined with inspirations acquired from sci-fi interests, have been handy to come up with hi-tech looking game interfaces that will fit the theme and setting of Sierra Ops.

Ken Ian Laurel

"Hi, I'm Ken Ian Laurel,and I've been an artist since the first game, Operation SD: Space Defense. The improvement of the team is really inspiring, and it made me design the characters the way they are right now and is a huge step up from my previous artworks. I'm now the lead character designer for Sierra Ops and has been doing my best to make the characters look good."
He owns the groups  "BestDrawings" at DeviantArt, and has been actively helping out the artist community. 

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The Music:

All music and sound effects in game are composed by our Audio Producer, Colin Tremingway.

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The Voice Actors:

George Ledoux

as Admiral Howard Peterson

"I've been doing voice overs and voice acting professionally for over 20 years so I must be doing something right. I've also written, produced and directed voice work for video games & trailers, commercials, cartoons and other stuff.

Check out my webpage: for more info. 
Working with these wonderful voice actors and reading their profiles makes me feel old as hell...  Now get off my lawn!"

Amber Lee Connors

as one of the Ares Officials found in the reports.

Amber Lee Connors is a professional Voice Actress, Script Writer & Director. Specializing in recording for video games, Amber started voice acting in 2007 with a strong passion and vigor for the craft. Her most recognizable roles being in Dust: An Elysian Tail (available on Xbox & Steam) as the voice of Ginger, and in Heroes of Newerth (PC online game) as Death Metal Rhapsody & Circe.

Christopher Escalante

as Captain Junius Fahrenheit

Christopher Escalante is a voice actor for video games, film, and media, and has voiced in many projects such as Nexon's MMO video games as the Legendary Heroes in Dungeon Fighter Online and the Atlantean Male in Atlantica Online, as well as the video games Aces Wild, Galactic Conflict, and many indie video games, visual novels, machinima series, television, and commercial and book trailers, and will be voicing Junius Fahrenheit in Sierra Ops.

Tina Kim

as ?????

Tina Kim is a voice actress & singer who has been participating in various projects online for 7 years. After being talked into auditoning for a fandub, as well as recording song covers online many years ago, she discovered that acting and singing were her passions.

Sydney P.

as Ensign Claine de Lune

"Hey hi ho! I'm Sydney and currently 18 years old while residing in Wisconsin. I've been doing voice work for 5-6 years and am extremely fortunate to be voicing in this game. The artwork, gameplay, other voice actors..are all SO amazing and such an honor to be working along side!"

Tyler Lane Barber

as Supporting Voice Actor - Extras/Narrations

"Hi! I'm Tyler, I'm 20 years old, and a newer voice actor around here who's trying, and hoping to make it out there with voice acting as a career, it's a lot of fun, and I'm still practicing, and I'm happy to be apart of this project, and that I get to meet a lot of people, and hope to be in many more projects!"

Christian M.

as Officer Ashton Brookes

“Salutations, I'm Christian and I'm a 21 year old resident of the California Bay Area. This is the first video game I'm voicing in and I'm extremely thrilled to be a part of this project. I've always been a huge fan of the sci-fi genre, and I'm blown away to be included in this game.”

Anairis Quinones

as Major Jean Brookes

Anairis Quinones is a voice actress and singer located in Atlanta, GA. She has participated in many productions and has gained a large amount of acting experience from theater and voiceover work. 

Having started out in 2007, Annie never expected voice-acting to become such a huge part of her life. She's excited to provide her voice for projects, and has an immense love for bringing characters to life with her voice. She's dedicated and responsible and always gets her work done in the highest quality possible. She's voiced characters such as Hanako in EVOLVEd: Echoes of the Codex War, Kika Starr in Rising Angels: Reborn, Lisa Elmer in Desolate City: A New Dawn, and will be playing Jean Brookes in the upcoming game, Sierra Ops. She has also worked as a casting director for several video games, as well as a voice director, artist, writer, and proofreader.

Chris Thurman

as the Ares commodore

"Hi there, I'm Chris and I voice the enemy commodore in Sierra Ops. I've also voiced for Adidas, TED Talks, and other smaller companies and video game companies as well. The guy I work with on the whole voicing process is awesome, and definitely expect good things to come out of this game."


as CEO Marcus Handlers

"I'm currently a college senior and anime critic who never thought he'd find himself being asked to voice act for a game, yet here I am, voicing Marcus Handlers, who's actually a decently important character in the story of Sierra Ops.  I feel like I have a good grasp of his character, and feel that I can do him great justice.  I apologize for not using my real name, though; just call me Draconis.

This is my first time lending my voice to anything outside of YouTube videos, but I hope I can make an impact on this project.  (Actually, my YouTube videos were how I was scouted!)  Speaking of that, feel free to check out my channel if you're into anime!"

Patrick Seymour

as Engineer Almon Rutherford

"Hey I am Patrick M. Seymour, and I have been in the voice acting game for about 6 years, I shall be voicing Almon Rutherford for Sierra Ops and it is a delight and honor to be apart of this project. I expect great things from this game with a wonderful story and voice over cast."

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Help make the final push happen, and be part of Sierra Ops's history:

We have been working on the game for the last eleven months, and we're now pushing for the final goal - which is to finish all the story mode elements: set up all the events in game, design the stages and balance their difficulty, and finally add the remaining functionalities in the engine like the inventory system, overworld commands and fleet setup (or "Party Members", if you will).

Sierra's weapons will be fully customizable. It is similar to crafting in most games, here are a few examples:

1. The missiles' thrusters, explosive type, and armor type can be altered, making its speed/damage/reload time suitable to the players' needs. 

2. Kinetic cannons' barrels, cannon type and recoil force balancer can be altered, adjusting its power and reload time.

By supporting us, we offer perks which allow you to have your character in our game. You could be part of the Ares Confederacy Enemy Officials, or a United Terran Vanguard Soldier who could be potentially an obtainable unit or even become a pirate ship that the Sierra may encounter as an obstacle.

UPDATED: You can view all the backer portraits here.

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Risk and Challenges:

"It is hard to complete a game, we have been there, done that."

We have one finished game, and that is Operation SD: Space Defense , it took about a year to finish and not all members were able to give full dedication to the project; We were very slow as we have our own priorities and hobbies, and some simply didn't liked the Sci-Fi genre.

After completing Operation SD: Space Defense together with several heated debates/ arguments/ tears/ sweat/ beers, we were very happy by the end. But the game didn't really did well to the public as it has a lot of flaws. It was frustrating, we failed to sell the game higher than 200 units, making our revenue for the whole year 2012 and 2013 just around 400$-ish and did not even made it to the distributor's 500$ monthly cut.

After a few months, we decided to create Sierra Ops - an idealization of Operation SD: Space Defense. At first, we were really skeptical and wanted to jump straight to real-time strategy instead. But Jason decided to rebuild Operation SD instead to its "ideal" form and the main inspiration was gtd-carthage's redesign of the Sierra. 

Since we knew how the original game works, we just had to add more depth to it such as including consequence based storyline development, the overworld system, as well as the further customizations to Sierra's parts and weapons - It was a very straightforward development.

Along the way, whave met a lot of professional voice actors/actresses who are very supportive to the indie scene. We have learned a lot in this project, and everyone really did their best to step up their game for Sierra Ops compared to how OSD was being made.

The biggest risk is that, if we can't reach the funding goal, a few members of the team might need to work on a full time job and we have to cut down the features that should be in game just for the sake of releasing it earlier.

In addition, any unforeseen circumstances may happen, this is life after all, but we do think we are capable of completing Sierra Ops, and make it one of the memorable games of the decade. 

We are developers inspired by various titles from Eastern and Western games/novels such as Muv Luv Alternative, Gundam series, Mass Effect, Master of Orion, Freespace, GSB and many other non Sci-Fi novels from Type Moon, R07, Minori and more. 

We are also a team of aspiring directors since we were young (we're 25+ now) - we have been joining at several video making contests and we basically know how to execute something, no matter how cliche it is very well. You may take the story trailer as our primary example.

The challenge we expect from making Sierra Ops is that, since we're stepping up our methods of development, everyone has to get used to the following:

1. New software, such as the Unity game engine and its extensions we've bought recently, because OSD was created from XNA alone and was not Mac/Linux compatible.

2. As for the creative department, the composer has to do advanced mixing of the music, and the CG artists must be capable of delivering a polished style consistently and should appeal the mainstream audience. All of our content are original and we did not took assets from royalty free aside from the planet textures (that were modified severely anyway).

We are not asking for your support to start the game development, but we are requesting your aid to make the game a lot better to play with the added features. 

Every amount we receive from you will help us release the game faster and will make the game a lot more possible to be released this year with the desired and expanded features. And what we'll do in return, is that you will be part of the game's history as a ship Captain or executive, and have your profile written at the lexicon entries.

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    Basic Reward + All Digital Bundles + -Be a potential obtainable fleet member under Sierra's Command! -Design a ship of your own based from the assets we’ll provide. -You'll have your own custom scenario*** -We'll design your original character!** -Voice your lines or have our VAs voice them!* *Depends on the VA's availability. **Limited to human+requires to wear UTV Official uniform+Half body only ***Custom scenario must fit the story.

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    Executive Ares Official

    Basic Reward + All Digital Bundles + -Appear in one mission as a devastating enemy boss! -Design a ship of your own based from the assets we’ll provide! -Have enormous amount of stats and abilities to choose from! -You'll have your own custom scenario*** -We'll design your original character!** -Voice your lines or have our VAs voice them!* *Depends on the VA's availability. **Limited to human+requires to wear Ares Official uniform+Half body only ***Custom scenario must fit the story.

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    The Space Anomaly

    Basic Reward+All Digital Bundle -You'll be one of the hidden bosses,not limited to ship form! -Your original character portrait without appearance/uniform restrictions! -You'll have your own custom scenario! -You'll have insane stats and abilities to choose from! -We'll include you in our site as a major sponsor! -We'll have most of the VAs thanking you at the credits!* -Voice your own lines or choose from our VAs!* *Depends on the VAs' availability.

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