Shooting The President

Presidential paparazzi photographer Dave Davidson, reveals an inspirational documentary behind scenes in Iowa capturing candidates... "Shooting The President"

Shooting The President  

How can a political documentary be both informative and inspirational?  
Well, check out the first official trailer above for a glimpse...

After back to back underdog GOP victories of Mike Huckabee in 2008 and Rick Santorum in 2012 and the Obamas' 2008 Iowa surge lasting two terms, its evident anything can happen in the Iowa presidential politics scene.  It all happens leading up to and including the Iowa Caucus. 

There was one freelance photographer who was there telling the story for all the candidates... Dave Davidson narrates and co-directs an inspirational documentary as you through American history made alive in Iowa, the first in the nation caucus state. 

With 2016 fast approaching, we look at the key players, the plot backdrops, and the rare glimpses influencing and foreshadowing the next presidential election.

Complete with helpings of humor and dashes of inspiration the exclusive storytelling coverage unveils a journey of 
unparalleled authenticity about the caucuses, the candidates, and "voteraisers" as Dave navigates through the puzzle of presidential politics.
These are the inside stories from Iowa insiders you won't find anywhere else, you can't find anywhere else, here behind the scenes through my lens... Shooting The President!

The past two Iowa caucuses inspired underdog victories like no other, and Dave was there behind the scenes capturing the candidates like a polite presidential paparazzi. 


A team of acclaimed filmmakers, photographers, and storytellers are spearheading “Shooting The President”, a 90 minute documentary motion picture, intended for all audiences that will be a one of a kind major documentary telling a unique presidential political story like never before. 

This film will be promoted to mainstream audiences based on its factual and dramatic content. In addition, the Picture will be marketed heavily to interested grassroots audiences that identify themselves strongly with conservative political affiliations and strong faith and family values based on the Tea Party and evangelical movements. It will also be marketed to politically liberal audiences based on their curiosity how the opposition is operating.

Telling the story is Iowa Prezography photographer Dave Davidson. Directing is Judd Saul, an award-winning director and activist, whose documentary “Frag” changed the professional video gaming industry. Producing is author, speaker and nationally syndicated radio talk show host Craig Bergman, producer of UnFair: Exposing the IRS. Craig is a veteran campaigner who brings to the project his experience and knowledge from dozens of major political campaigns.

The Picture is being produced for straight to DVD distribution, followed by television exhibition and home video sales, in the United States and abroad. Principle production began in September, 2013, with post production to follow immediately after a two month filming schedule. 


Can't make a contribution?  Don't worry, help share the video on YouTube, Facebook and email.  Be part of the viral grassroots campaign to raise awareness and spread the word.  We will offer additional promotion contests on our facebook page,  Facebook.com/ShootingThePresident.  

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