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The Story

Sean is an average guy, he's had a good childhood, he's experienced love and loss. The biggest difference between Sean and you or me is that, Sean is a junkie.

We are a silent witness to the final day of Sean's tragic life. His story is told through flashbacks triggered by the events of the day. We are privy to the circumstances and decision that led to his painful and sad death.

Sean has made some bad choices. Those choices were fatal and it is up to us as an audience to recognise which decision was the fatal one. Was it his decision to first experiment with drugs as is the norm for teens today? Or was it a decision he makes much closer to the end?


Hi everyone. I'm Amy a third year Animation and Illustration BA student. I am pursuing a career in film making and to aid that pursuit, I am making a short film in Ireland. But I need some help to make it, which is why I'm here! 

I am making a short film that focuses on the last 24 hours of a heroin addicts life. I want to break preconceptions people may have about junkies and drug users. I want the audience to build a relationship with our protagonist; Sean, that will make his death that much more impacting. I want it to make the viewer question which was the fatal 'hit'; 'The first or the last?'.

I worry that as a whole we can become blind to issues that surround us. I want to bring these issues to the forefront with my films. I want to do some genuine good while I'm here in this world and I believe I can do that through films.

I haven't previously undertaken a project this big before. But I can assure you I am passionate about this! I know I have the skills to make this film an impacting piece of cinema that people won't easily forget.

I would also like it to be noted that I am looking into getting this film shown in secondary schools to teens of 16+ as part of a drug awareness scheme. I believe this film can make a difference but only with your help!

So where does the money go and what do you get?

For this film I need; Equipment, Actors, Locations, etc. Resources I don't readily have available. Below is a breakdown of where the funding goes. I am asking for exactly what I need to make this film. Along side this crowd funding campaign I am selling my own art work, picking up some freelance work, anything I can to raise the money to fund this film.

If the target isn't reached I will still make 'Starting Point' but I fear with out the necessary funding it will not reach its full potential. On the other hand if I reach my target and receive additional funding. I will use the extra to further advertise the film,like film festival entries and a screening of the film but besides that I want to donate the excess to Support centres and Charities for addicts and their families. As I said before I want to genuinely make a difference and I want to do that in any way I can.

In return for your support I am offering some great perks! There are a range of perks to suit everyone. As I've already said I come from a background in Animation and Illustration. I have been commissioned in both these areas so I'm using my experience and the resources I have available to make my perks that extra special. 

I'm offering unique 'Thank You' postcards (designed by yours truly), signed posters, a part in the film, special edition art books of the film all the way up to getting the original art work of the Movie poster. Whatever you wish to donate there is a perk for you! 

The Impact

As I've said I want to make a difference. The message I want people to take away with them after seeing my film is that; Drugs just aren't worth it. They just aren't worth risking your future. This is an issue that is really close to my heart. I have personally witnessed the effects drugs have and how they can turn a persons life upside down. Drugs can and do completely destroy a persons life and not only theirs but their families and friends as well. Drugs do not just affect the user, they affect everyone who cares about them.

My hope is that when a teen or adult watches this short film they will think twice before experimenting with drugs. I want them to recall the incidences in the film and choose not to go down that route no matter how harmless it may seem initially. I really believe that I can achieve this by making this film and I want you to be a part of that. I sincerely hope you can get behind this project and help me make it a success.

Once the film has been made it doesn't just finish there. I intend to enter it into film festivals and competitions to reach as many people as possible and you will be part of that through contributing to getting this film made. I am also looking into getting it shown in schools as part of drug awareness. I know this film can make a difference, I just need people to believe in me for it to achieve that difference.

The Midlands, Ireland. The beautiful backdrop for our dark film.

Other Ways You Can Help

Monetary contributions aren't the only way you can help. If you could please raise awareness for my campaign that would be amazing as well! I really want this campaign to be a success but people need to know about it for me to achieve that so if you can share this campaign and get others to do the same you would be helping so much! I would really appreciate it, I value every share!

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Twitter:      @amxart

You can follow updates on how the film is going so far through facebook and twitter. I might even post a video or two of the behind the scenes on my YouTube once the ball gets rolling!

Seek Help

Here are some links for more information on drug addiction and help services. (UK) (UK, Support for Families) (Ireland)

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  • £1GBP
    A Bag of H

    Every pound donated helps! To show our gratitude you will get a thank you on our Facebook and Twitter page.

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  • £5GBP

    A thank you on our Facebook and Twitter but also a unique postcard expressing our gratitude for your part in making this film possible!

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  • £10GBP

    All of the above and a digital download of the film so you can see what your donations has helped produce!

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  • £20GBP

    A copy of the Movie Poster, signed by all the cast and crew! And of course all of the above.

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  • £30GBP

    All of the above plus a DVD with behind the scenes and special features!

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  • £50GBP
    Black Pearl

    A skype session with the director, where you can voice your view on the film and ask any questions you may have but also it gives us a chance to say a personal thank you for your participation. Plus all of the above of course!

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  • £100GBP
    Chasing the Dragon

    Your name in the credits as a massive thank you from us to you! We are so grateful for your contribution and we want everyone to know it! Plus all of the above.

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  • £200GBP
    Bombs Away

    Want to be an extra in the film? Then that's what you get! Plus all of the above. (Republic of Ireland and UK only)

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    Estimated delivery: March 2014
  • £250GBP
    The Big H

    A Formal invite to the Films premiere in the UK! plus all of the above perks (except the £200 perk). But that's not all! You will also get an art book that will feature examples of the storyboard, poster designs, photos on set, comments from cast and crew, etc. (UK only)

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    Estimated delivery: May 2014
  • £300GBP
    Hard Candy

    All of the above as well as the original artwork for the Movie Poster, signed by all the cast and the crew. You will also get an Executive Producer credit at the end of the film.

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    Estimated delivery: June 2014
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