Shoes: A Short Film

Her Shoes. Her Life. Their story.

The Story.

Shoes is a short film about the life of an ordinary woman as told through one particular pair of shoes.

Actually, scratch that. 

Shoes is a short film about the life of an ordinary pair of shoes as told through the life of one particular woman.

Following my mother’s death in 2007, my sisters and I dropped off some of her clothes at a local thrift store. I sat in the parking lot right before I threw the last of the black bags into the donation bin feeling devastated. She wasn’t coming back.  Coincidentally, a year later, I came across a pair of her shoes in the same store. We were the same size. 

I became fixated on the idea of the life cycle of ordinary things, in particular shoes. Even though my mother was gone, her shoes would continue to have a life of their own. It was comforting.

This film follows one woman and one pair of shoes. Without ever seeing her face, the audience will see what kind of person she was. How she wears them, what she does in them, where she leaves them. When she finally leaves the shoes behind, where will they go next? All sounds a bit curious, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, I’ll show you what I mean!

We’re shooting this over two days in Toronto at the end of March with a small, but incredibly talented crew. I am thrilled to be doing this and can’t wait to show you the result.  But we do need your help. We’d love you to contribute whatever you can!




Where Your Money Goes:

Making even a short film with a talented, professional crew is an expensive proposition! 

Here are some of the costs involved:

  • Cast: $350
  • Crew: $600
  • Equipment Rental: $595
  • Props & Set Design:$300
  • Craft Service: $120
  • Post-Production: Editing, Music, Sound Mix and Special FX: $1000
  • Location Permits: $200
  • Insurance and Misc: $655
  • Festival Entry and Publicity: $250

We're asking for $3500 in this campaign. As you can see above our total costs will be higher than that, but we expect to raise the remainder in a comedy benefit to be held March 27th. Follow us on twitter if you'd like to attend!

$3500 is a lot of money, but with your help I know we can do it! Even if we fall short of our $3500 goal the film will still be made, but might not receive the post-production "TLC" it deserves...

How Else Can I Help?

You can help us by spreading the word! Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and above all tell your friends about this campaign!

The Team:

Molly McGlynn (writer/director) is a Montreal born, New Jersey raised, Toronto based emerging writer and director and is currently assistant to filmmaker Deepa Mehta. She recently completed I Am Not a Weird Person, a short film written by, coproduced with and starring Marni van Dyk. She was recently shortlisted for the National Screen Institute’s Drama Prize programme with her script, Given Your History. She wants to tell more stories.

Brian Carver (producer) is the founder and executive director of Octavia Films: A Nonprofit for Women and the programming director of the Breakthroughs Film Festival. He is proud to be supporting and working with talented women filmmakers like Molly!

Ian MacMillan (director of photography) Ian Macmillan’s photographic eye has been trusted to deliver several different stylistic approaches. His portfolio includes three feature films, more than two dozen music videos and several commercials. His work has screened at several international festivals. Macmillan also has significant documentary and lifestyle television experience. In addition to lending his eye to several independant documentary shorts and features he is an experienced news cameraman. He also photographed the hit web series, THE BITTER END.

Paolo Di Teodoro (sound) has been a sound recordist on over 20 productions; including short films (many with the Canadian Film Centre), web series and commercials.

Jennifer Marie Thomas (production designer) is based in Toronto. After graduating from York University’s graduate program in Cinema and Media Studies in 2010 Thomas left a career in academia to pursue work in production. Since then she has designed 2 features and more then 20 short films, including ‘Big Muddy’ which premiered as part of the Cinefondation program, Festival de Cannes 2011.

Kyle Edward Wilson (editor) has worked for 7 years as a picture editor on projects for MUCH, Jaguar, Mercedes-Smart, Sun Life Financial, RBC and many more. His work has garnered many accolades including a recent nomination for best editing in short film at the 2012 Canadian Cinema Editors awards for "I Spyders."


Thanks from all of us for your contribution!







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