Ship Jumper Book Pre-order!

Ship Jumper is a homoerotic web comic about a ship wrecked sailor named Piper. Volumes 1+ 2 Omnibus print edition!

What is Ship Jumper?

Ship Jumper is a free, online, +18 homoerotic webcomic starring Piper, an enthusiastic sailor in the navy of his country of Clochette. They are at war with the country of Lymeswold, and after their ship is destroyed in a battle, Piper and his Captain, Ellis, find themselves stranded on a seemingly deserted island. Besides having to fight for their survival, Piper soon discovers that the island is full of strange and mysterious creatures, as well as an unexpected fellow survivor from the wreck with a particular interest in him...

Piper- post wreckPiper- post wreck

The Book-

I’m hoping to utilize Indiegogo as a pre-ordering system for the Ship Jumper book! When I started this comic I always envisioned it as a physical book in the end. I like owning comics and reading something that’s tangible in my hands. I currently generate no revenue off of Ship Jumper. I’m doing it 100% for the LOVE baby~ Reaching this funding goal will allow me to print a high quality run of the comic which I hope to debut at the MOCCA festival in NYC this April.

Okay, so just how rad is this book going to be?

Super rad! This book will include both Volumes One and Two of Ship Jumper combined into one 110 page ‘omnibus’ edition! That’s 110 full color pages!
It will be printed on matte coated 85 lb paper in color for the interior pages and have a luxurious matte finish 10pt cover. So a really nice, high quality book on par with trade paperbacks you’d find at your local comic store.

But OF COURSE there will also be fabulous book-only extras!

The extras-

     -A reworked and COMPLETELY re-colored Volume One!
As you may have noticed on the comic site, many of the Volume One pages posted now are not the originals but have some tweaked and updated art. Volume One will continue to be available in B&W online, but it will be presented with more redrawn art and in color ONLY in the print edition. Check out the example before & after panels below~

Old art vs New artOld art vs New art

     -Extended scenes!
Two scenes, one from Volume One and one from Volume Two have an additional page added! Both extended scenes are rated +18 and will never appear online.

     -A 10 page BONUS comic!
10 pages of pure silly, sexy, fluff featuring our three heroes- Piper, Ellis and Rhinston. This +18 bonus comic will ONLY be available in the book and will never appear online.
I don’t want to give too much away, but here's one of the sketches~

     -Extra sketches, scripts from 2 short cut scenes that didn’t quite make it into Volume 1 or 2, plus some behind the scenes work in progress thumbnails and pictures.

The Rewards-

Pledge of $20- Book level
-This is the basic level which will get you a copy of the book in all its glory!
(please add $5 for shipping outside of the US)

Pledge of $35- Bonus level
-This will get you the book signed and with a sketch on the inside cover! Also includes a pre-order only bookmark.

Pledge of $50- Special Edition level
-This level includes the book, signed and with a sketch, in a special edition slipcover jacket featuring new art AND your name (or prefered handle) printed in the book in the ‘Special Thanks’ section! This is a pre-order only special edition and will not be available after this phase is finished.

Pledge of $75- Plushie Edition level
-This includes everything from all the other levels PLUS a hand made by me Piper Plushie! I’m really excited about this one and I’ve been wanting to make it for awhile. Utilizing the amazing printers over at Spoonflower, I’ll have custom designed and printed fabric created that I can then turn into chibi Piper sized pillow you can cuddle!

Pledge of $100- Super Special Edition level
-This includes everything from all the other levels PLUS a high quality, 8x10 giclee print of a new full color painted Ship Jumper piece I am currently creating.

Pledge of $150- Custom Edition level
-This includes everything from all the other levels PLUS an original, custom illustration!

If you bought the old Volume One-

Thank you so much for the help when I was first starting out! Message me and I will bump you up to the next reward level for free as a thank you!


Thank you so much for your time and interest in my comic! This project means the world to me and I’m looking forward to moving into the future and being able to meet people at conventions! Please ask me any questions you may have!
Le Captain~


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