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Super Bright LED Light Badges will make Seahawks fans the most visible in the NFL! Let's make them brighter, more colorful, and support the local economy!
Jason Rubadue
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Sammamish, Washington
United States
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2/2/14: Updated prototype now on YouTube: Brighter, with blue LEDs and strobing!

Hi Seahawks fans!

My name is Jason. I'm an Electrical Engineer and a big fan of the Seattle Seahawks. Seahawks fans have the reputation of being the loudest in the NFL.  We even caused a small earthquake!  But I think we can do even better.

The "Shine 12" campaign will elevate us to the most visible fans in the NFL. We are producing high brightness "Light Badges" that can be worn on a wrist, belt, hat, necklace or any other highly visible location of your choice.

The first prototypes use a simple white LED backlight with a blue and white 3D printed case and face, but we are going to add more color and improve the resolution to make them super vibrant and eye-catching!

The final production version will not only be visually stunning, but it will also be thinner and higher resolution.

It would be mesmerizing for the opponents to see thousands of Light Badges in the stands. But to add some extra punch, we're designing in a strobe mode to make them blink on and off faster as we get louder.

And, after a long day of unhinging the competition, the Light Badges can be recharged using any standard microUSB cable.

The pictures above show the evolution of Light Badge design with some early 3D printed cases, light diffusers, electronics, and LEDs. Different types, colors, and configurations of LEDs such as side-mounted and direct projection are shown.

When you make a contribution, and are rewarded with one of the Light Badges, you'll not only solidify our status as the best fans in the NFL, you'll also be supporting our local economy. All Light Badges will be Made in Washington.

We're launching a campaign because we need your help acquiring thousands of high brightness LEDs, rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries, custom built circuit boards, high resolution cases, and the local labor to assemble them.

Next season, let's be both heard AND seen!

Thank you...and Go Hawks!

Jason Rubadue

P.S. I've received some questions about whether or not these would be allowed at CenturyLink Field.  The short answer is yes, we are within the policy guidelines posted on their website.  If anything, these are actually encouraged by the NFL due to their new policies on video boards.  Here's another news report from the LA Times.

More details on our capabilities, resources, schedule, and deliverables: 

I'm an Electrical Engineer by trade and have a large network in both the design and manufacturing community to help complete this project. 

In order to ramp to full production and ship these before the start of next season, the circuit design and layout must be completed by March, with printed circuit boards and circuit components delivered and assembled in April.  The molds for the cases will also be completed for first assembled prototypes by early May.  The first light badges will be fully assembled and tested in June to make sure final modifications are complete for production and shipment to supporters in late July.

Besides needing the funding to acquire all of the materials for the project, the largest obstacles will be as follows:
1. Finding a local manufacturer to produce and assemble the enclosures at a reasonable cost.
2. Acquiring battery packs that are both durable and safe for outdoors.
3. Ensuring we don't run into any licensing issues.

raised in 2 months
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$1,200 USD goal
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This campaign ended on March 30, 2014
Select a Perk
  • $1USD
    Calling all 12's

    Support the Shine 12 campaign and you'll help light up the stands...and psyche out the competition!

    2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2014
  • $30USD
    Wearable Light Badge

    Get one of the Shine 12 campaign's wearable Light Badges with Seahawks colors and integrated rechargeable battery. Shipped before the first 2014 game.

    4 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2014
  • $30USD
    License Plate Cover

    Get one of the Shine 12 campaign's license plate covers with Seahawk's colors. Shipped before the first 2014 game.

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2014
  • $55USD
    One of each!

    Represent! Get one of the wearable Light Badges and one of the license plate covers. Both shipped before the first 2014 game.

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2014
  • $150USD

    Your generous support will get you one of the Light Badges and one of the license plate covers. You'll also receive a "premier" Light Badge with extra features that show everyone you're a superfan! The premier Light Badges will be shipped in December.

    2 out of 20 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2014
  • $500USD
    You're a Beast!

    You'll get everything the Superfan gets and a new giant-sized 18" Light Badge that can be powered from a cigarette lighter or wall outlet to burn the number 12 into everyone's retinas. A dimming feature will also be included. =) The premier and giant-sized Light Badges will be shipped in December.

    0 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: August 2014
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