Shelter for San Francisco's Homeless Youth

Keep the Meter Running

Our Story

San Francisco's Homeless Youth Alliance is located at 1696 Haight St, their objective is to stop the homeless cycle at its roots by focusing on the homeless youth.  I created this campaign to support the HYA because this year they have lost 1/3 of their funding and are struggling to keep their doors open. Through this online donation page and by placing our bed with the HYA's message in a paid parking space on Haight St. we hope to create awareness of their efforts and gain enough funding to reach their goal of building homeless housing above their offices.  

The Impact

On the Week of Sept 26th to Oct 1st (9am to 6pm) in a paid parking space an actual bed will be on display in the Upper Haight (for those who are not from San Francisco, the Haight is a district of San Francisco that is known for its counter cultural vibe and as a place where the homeless youth generally congregate). If you are located in San Francisco please feel free to find us and say hi.  

What We Need & What You Get

All donations will support the Homeless Youth Alliance.

Other Ways You Can Help

Please pass this video on to friends and family.

The $1,000 goal posted above is our minimal goal.  With your help we are hoping to raise up to the 5 digit range.

Team on This Campaign: