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SHATTERING CANCER CELLS using custom electronics and electronic signals. No Chemo, No radiation! Help us equip the new lab!
Anthony Holland
Saratoga Springs, New York
United States
1 Team Member

 Novobiotronics Custom Logo

[As Featured on National Public Radio !]

Novobiotronics~Shattering Cancer, One Cell At A Time! [And filming how we do it!]

Help Us Equip The World's Most Creative Cancer Research Lab that Creates Custom Electronic Signals to Actually Shatter Cancer Cells Without Chemo or Radiation!

Help Shatter the old paradigm of toxic cancer treatments by helping get our new grass-roots lab off the ground with the basic research equipment and supplies needed for our first year of operation.

Our discoveries in a major medical laboratory in 2009-10 need to be confirmed and could lead to a new nontoxic, noninvasive and inexpensive method for treating cancer!   

Composing Electronic Sounds That Shatter Cancer Cells and Filming How We Do It!PancreaticCancerCellsShattered8

(above)The lower of two pancreatic cancer cells is gradually shattered in one of our experiments in 2010.

Hate Cancer Cells? So do we!  GET EVEN with Cancer by shattering cancer cells, taking photographs of those cells shattering, then making those time-lapse photos into a video where you can actually SEE CANCER CELLS BEING SHATTERED IN REAL TIME ! Ovarian Cancer Cells Shattered by Novobiotronics!

(above) Two Ovarian Cancer Cells: Left one is SHATTERED by our treatment!

Share in expanding our initial  success in the  shattering of cancer cells! Your contributions, used to equip a special cancer research laboratory, can be instrumental in this endeavor!   

 Leukemia Cancer Cells Shattered By Novobiotronics!

(above) Two of 3 Leukemia (cancer) cells SHATTERED by our treatment!

 Your contributions will help our company continue research into shattering cancer cells while advancing the development of what we hope will become a fourth method of cancer treatment: Plasma Emission Field Treatment (PEFT), a potential new nontoxic, noninvasive and inexpensive method of shattering cancer cells AND SLOWING THEIR GROWTH! READ ON!

Our Indiegogo project is part technology (RF plasmas!), part electronic music (custom designed digitally synthesized sounds superimposed onto a high frequency electric field!) , part photography (we'll take photos of the shattering cancer cells and of the new lab you helped us setup!) and part video (we'll make a short film that shows how we put together the world's most creative cancer research laboratory, how we used that laboratory to try and SHATTER CANCER CELLS again (in vitro)  and then we'll also take the time-lapse photos of cancer cells shattering and turn them into videos like this one):


If you just saw that video in the link above, AND saw the leukemia cells we shattered in our Indiegogo video, you've seen just how powerful this new technique is for destroying cancer cells!  This is THE NEW SCIENTIFIC PARADIGM in destroying cancer cells (no drugs, no radiation): using frequency-specific electric fields, but don't believe me, take a look at this scientific publication available online that explains the real science behind it all:

Use of Frequency-Specific Electric Fields to Destroy Cancer Cells!

But our method of shattering cancer cells is even better than the one described in that paper above! 

We've been making 'how to' short videos for over 25 years for college students, but this is THE ULTIMATE 'HOW TO' FILM WE ARE GOING TO MAKE FOR YOU!!! HOW TO setup THE WORLD'S MOST CREATIVE CANCER LAB (That YOU helped equip!!), AND HOW TO ATTEMPT TO SHATTER CANCER CELLS in that lab! 

In 2007, we discovered that a specific COMBINATION OF FREQUENCIES, a special kind of  'sound recipe', could shatter specific microorganisms, if 'transposed' on top of a high frequency electric field.  In 2008 we were invited to present our discovery at the 30th annual convention of the Bioelectromagnetics (BEMS) Society in San Diego, California:


In 2009 we were invited to test our new approach in a 21st century cancer research lab in Philadelphia:


Our preliminary experiments at in Philadelphia were very promising!  Here are two graphs showing that a) our experiments killed about 43% of the leukemia cells we tested and b) we also slowed the rate of growth of those same leukemia cells by as much as 60% A DOUBLE WHAMMY AGAINST THE CANCER CELLS!

Large Percentage of Leukemia Cancer Cells Killed by Novobiotronics!

Black columns show percent of leukemia cells killed by our electronics as compared to a 'control' group of cancer cells which did not receive our treatment.

 Leukemia Cancer Cell Growth Rate Slowed by Novobiotronics!

Small black columns in this image show that our experiments slowed the growth of leukemia cells by a huge percentage. A DOUBLE WHAMMY against cancer: we can shatter them AND slow their growth at the same time!

Over the course of 2009-10, we made four trips to the cancer lab in Philadelphia, but each time ran out of money and had to discontinue these very promising experiments.   

We've actually been invited back to two major cancer research labs to continue this work but there's a double 'catch 22': 

1) The labs who have expressed an interest in  collaborating with us don't really have enough space for us to setup our cancer shattering electronic equipment and don't have enough time available to allow us to run our long experiments on a daily basis (we need about 10 hours a night minimum, but the lab techs all go home after an 8 hour shift..... no space and not enough time!)

2) We ran out of money every time we went into a major cancer lab. We had to pay all our own expenses in some distant city and that adds up quickly.  The cancer lab we were in for four months, before we ran out of personal funds, also did not have money available to run all the needed 'assays' (counting dead vs. living cancer cells) because some of the chemicals (reagents) for those tests were expensive.... so we had a double whammy against us... a 'double money block!'.


The need for our own lab space solely dedicated to the pursuit of a new cancer cell treatment method is an absolute necessity.  Nearly all cancer research labs are dedicated to the pursuit of the existing paradigm - the use of chemicals and/or radiation (all with severe toxicity) to kill cancer cells.  The Novobiotronics Laboratory will be free of any conflicting interests between our new ideas and methods and the old ideas and methods of doing things.

So we 'put out the word' ...... we needed a space we could call our own....for shattering cancer cells.... and we got very lucky!  A generous (anonymous) donor has offered us a space that will be just perfect for this work....so we have already started  to pour our 'sweat equity' into remodeling this donated space so that it can become a new cancer research lab! But there's one last step before we can START HAMMERING CANCER CELLS MERCILESSLY: We need to purchase the special equipment and supplies that are necessary to culture (grow) cancer cells and to 'assay' the results of our experiments.

 Poor Sad "Novolab" is Empty Without Your Help!

Our poor sad little "NovoLab" is completely empty without your help ;-(

Based on our results in this new lab, we intend to publish papers on our research in shattering cancer cells.  By doing so, we hope to increase awareness and interest in what we believe will become a fourth method of treating cancer.  A non-toxic non-invasive method of cancer treatment.

We are going to establish the world's most creative cancer research laboratory...and we are asking you to help us equip it for its first year of operation.  Why? Because we ALL HATE CANCER CELLS AND JUST LOVE THE IDEA OF SHATTERING EVERY KIND OF CANCER CELLS WE CAN GET OUR HANDS ON!

What's more: your support will allow us to make a short film on how the world's most creative cancer research lab comes together, documenting our progress as we shatter cancer cells in the lab YOU helped us equip!

BE A PART OF HISTORY! Help us change a major scientific paradigm: cancer cells CAN be shattered with custom-designed electronic sounds superimposed onto high frequency electric fields. We have done it before (check out our website for graphs, charts, photos and most importantly VIDEOS!: Novobiotronics.com) and we'll do it again, but this time, with your financial help, there will be no stopping us!

  As we all come together against our dreaded enemy.... cancer.... we will forge a new paradigm in the world's most creative cancer research lab that you helped equip! 

We'll have special rewards for supporters... where you can have shattered cancer cell photos on your computer screen saver, mousepad, coffee mug, ball point pen, or a personally autographed 8X10 color photo stating: "These Cancer Cells Were Shattered For [your name here]"! 

[See Part of The Documentary Film-in-progress about our work entitled "The Cure"]


Anthony Holland Discovered Ability of PEFT to Shatter Cancer Cells!

Anthony Holland: Associate Professor, Director of Music Technology, Skidmore College. DMA, MM, MM, BM; President: Novobiotronics Inc. [a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable and educational company]. Discovered the ability of PEFT (Plasma Emission Field Treatment) to destroy cancer cells in laboratory experiments.  Expert in custom digital electronic signal design, synthesis and analysis for biological effects. Member: Bioelectromagnetics  Society. Postdoctoral work: Center for  Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) Stanford University. Advanced Digital Synthesis and Analysis studies with: Max Mathews (the ' Father of Computer Music'), John Chowning (founding Director of CCRMA, Electronic Composer and Inventor (famed FM Synthesis Patent); Jean-Claude Risset (Electronic Composer and founding Director of the Digital Synthesis Division of the internationally renowned IRCAM, Paris, France); John Pierce: former Director of Sound Division: Bell Laboratories. 

Dr. James Bare: Chiropractic Physician, Inventor, specialist in therapeutic pulsed electromagnetic device research and development, member of the New York Academy of Sciences and the Bioelectromagnetics Society.

Phillip Ortiz: PhD (Physiology and Biophysics) expert in cell biology, molecular biology and tissue culture research and assay techniques. He is a fellow of the American Diabetes Association and the National Institutes of Health. Coordinator of Science Education, State University of New York (SUNY), Empire  State College.

Holly Ahern: Associate Professor of Microbiology, Director of Microbiology Research: State University of New York (SUNY) Adirondack. Director: Center for Lyme Disease Education and Research. [Graduate research lab technician experience in cell assay techniques, Albany Medical College].

Gérard Dubost, PhD (University of Paris, France): Physicist, Plasma Physics expert & Electrical Engineer. Numerous published papers and international presentations on the biological effects of electromagnetic fields and pulsed plasmas. Professor Emeritus University of Rennes, Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications, Rennes (IETR).


 Custom Designed Pen With Novobiotronics Logo of Shattering Cancer Cells!


Custom Computer Mouse Pad with Novobiotronics Color Logo of Shattering Cancer Cells!


Custom Large Wrap-Around Coffee Mug with Novobiotronics Color Logo of Shattering Cancer Cells

Custom All Cotton One Size Fits All Baseball Cap with Novobiotronics Color Logo of Shattering Cancer Cells!




Anthony Holland's Bio:

Anthony Holland has taught at the nexus of technology and sound for the past 25+ years at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY. (He has two Grammy Award Winning Alumni Students!)  His particular expertise has been in the areas of electronic sound technologies, acoustics, physics and digital signal synthesis and analysis.  He did his postdoctoral work at Stanford's famed CCRMA (Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics) where he was involved in advanced digital signal synthesis and analysis with the founding fathers of the field, including Dr. John Chowning ('Father of FM synthesis'), Dr. Max V. Mathews ('Father of computer music') and Dr. Jean-Claude Risset (first Director of France's Digital Synthesis program at IRCAM in Paris). 

 In 2005, Holland's work was directed at the nexus of digital electronic signal synthesis and biology, leading to a ground breaking discovery in 2007, of the ability to shatter specific single celled microorganisms using very specific custom-crafted, specially-tuned digitally synthesized sounds superimposed onto an electric field.

 In 2009, Holland was invited to Thomas Jefferson University (Philadelphia), Jefferson Medical College, Division of Pancreatic Cancer Research,  under the Direction of Dr. Jonathan Brody (Ph.D. Oncology Johns Hopkins), to test his new cell shattering techniques on human cancer cells.

During 2009-10, over the course of four visits to Thomas Jefferson, Drs. Holland and Brody ran a series of experiments against several types of human cancer cells and their preliminary results indicated that Holland's new technique for shattering cells also worked on many types of cancer cells, documenting a kill rate of 30%+ for leukemia cells in vitro and a slow down in cancer growth of 60% or more.

Holland then formed the nonprofit company Novobiotronics.com to share the exciting data (including graphs, charts, photos and videos of cancer cells being shattered!) with the world.

As President of Novobiotronics Inc., Holland is now in the process of establishing  the world's most creative cancer research lab, dedicated to the  use of this new and exciting approach to shattering cancer cells without  the use of toxic drugs or dangerous radiation.


Check Out These Important Links For More Information !!

Medical Newsletter On Our Cancer Research Work








Click here to read a recently published scientific paper on our cancer research.



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    Novolab Angel

    A great feeling that you are helping shatter cancer cells. PLUS your name on our 'virtual lab wall' which we'll create and post online at our website!

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS: your choice of downloadable original computer screen saver photos of cancer cells being shattered (private download link will be provided).

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS: A special download link where you can download three time lapse videos of cancer cells being shattered!

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS: a link to download the finished movie of how we put together the world's most creative research lab YOU helped equip!

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS: Our custom designed ball point pen with with the Novobiotronics classic logo & colorful photo montage showing disintegrating cancer cells!

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    Novolab Angel Platinum Level

    ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS:2 hard copies of the DVD of our movie on how we put the lab together with your help! PLUS: Access to our online blog (starts January 2013) as we describe how the lab is coming together and preparing for its first cancer cell experiments.

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    Estimated delivery: June 2013
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    ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS: Our custom designed computer mouse pad with with the Novobiotronics classic logo & colorful photo montage showing disintegrating cancer cells!

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS: Our Custom-designed large wrap-around coffee mug with the Novobiotronics classic logo & colorful photo montage showing disintegrating cancer cells! PLUS: A PERSONALLY AUTOGRAPHED DVD of the short film, PLUS YOUR NAME EMBLAZONED IN THE FINAL FILM CREDITS AS "ASSISTANT PRODUCER".

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    ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS: A high quality Cotton one-size-fits-all baseball style cap with the Novobiotronics classic logo & colorful photo montage showing disintegrating cancer cells! PLUS: YOUR NAME EMBLAZONED IN THE FINAL FILM CREDITS AS ASSOCIATE PRODUCER!!

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    Estimated delivery: June 2013
  • $2,500USD
    Novolab Angel Emerald Level

    ALL OF THE ABOVE PLUS: your name immortalized on a plaque attached to a piece of lab equipment, PLUS: a 30 minute VIRTUAL visit (Via Skype) to the lab where you'll get to see a live experiment being prepared (you provide your own skype account and videocam for the skype event).

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    Estimated delivery: June 2013
  • $5,000USD
    Novolab Angel Ruby Level

    ALL OF THE ABOVE, PLUS: an additional 30 minutes for your virtual visit to the lab [one hour total] via Skype (you provide your own skype account and videocam for the skype event) to observe and talk with the lab director and lab technicians experimenting with cancer cells in vitro. INCLUDES: FREE LAB COAT that has: NOVOBIOTRONICS: SHATTERING CANCER ~ ONE CELL AT A TIME! [YOUR NAME HERE]

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    Novolab Archangel

    ALL OF THE ABOVE, PLUS: THE NEW LAB WILL BE NAMED IN YOUR HONOR or in the name of somebody you wish to honor. In the case of more than one donor in this category, the name will be hyphenated (i.e. The Bob Johnson-Mary Smith-Glen Hathaway Novobiotronics Research Laboratory)

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