Sharing OSME with the World: A Documentary by Project Mathigami

Our University of San Diego team will travel to Japan to create a documentary of the 6th International Meeting on Origami in Science, Mathematics and Education
Perla Myers
San Diego, California
United States
12 Team Members

What is OSME and what is the plan?

The word “origami” tends to bring to mind pictures of cranes, boats or cootie-catchers. Many people are not yet aware of the explosion of possibilities that have evolved in origami in recent years. From sophisticated origami models that very closely resemble the figures they represent, to exciting applications in medicine, space exploration, robotics, education, etc. For example, the use of origami allows airbags to function properly, sends telescope lenses into space, and makes it possible for stents to travel through arteries.

OSME, the International Meeting on Origami in Science, Mathematics and Education, brings together experts from around the world to share the latest exciting advances created through innovations using origami. Our University of San Diego team feels very honored to have the opportunity to produce a documentary of this meeting of minds to share with the world. We will travel to Japan to attend and document the 6OSME meeting, and interview some of the world experts. The resulting video will highlight the latest applications of origami.  

Who are we?

We are a group of University of San Diego faculty, staff, students, and alumni working together on Project Mathigami, a pilot program created in collaboration with a local community center. The program is focused on developing an interest in and understanding of mathematics. As part of Project Mathigami, college students explore mathematical concepts with children through the creation of origami models. We aspire to instill in students the belief that they can succeed in mathematics and the disposition to approach challenges with curiosity and perseverance. We want them to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and to become adept at communicating their reasoning and understanding the reasoning of others. The power of mathematical thinking will open up opportunities for them and will be beneficial in any path they choose. In our pilot stage, USD students volunteered to mathematically engage over one hundred third through fifth graders in under-served communities, as well as other students in kindergarten to 5th, middle school and high school.  Check out our video: 

Why are we making the documentary?

We were invited to share our experiences with Project Mathigami at 6OSME. We wish we could take all the children who were involved in the project with us, because we want them to learn about the myriad applications of both mathematics and origami. Unfortunately, we cannot take the children. What else are we to do but bring 6OSME back to them?  

What We Need

Your support will help us to:

  • Cover travel expenses for the Mathigami Project college student leaders to create the documentary, present at the conference and bring back their newly-acquired knowledge to improve the project.  

  • Rent and Purchase equipment to create a professional quality documentary about 6OSME to share with the world including: microphones, HD cameras and memory devices.

  • Expand the efforts of Project Mathigami so we can reach more children and educators.

Your contribution is tax-deductible.  University of San Diego created an account specifically for Mathigami.

The Impact

Common reactions to mathematics include fear, feelings of inadequacy, and aversion. Despite the high unemployment rate in America, there are almost 600,000 unfilled jobs because there aren’t enough workers with expertise in STEM-mathematics, science, engineering or technology. Unfortunately, in the United States, only 17 percent of 12th graders are both proficient in mathematics and have an interest in pursuing a career in the STEM fields.

Our goal is simple. We want people to see mathematics as powerful and beautiful, and to approach mathematical challenges with confidence, leading to greater mathematical capability. Mathigami is our way to contribute to what needs to be a worldwide effort at all levels. We believe that approaching mathematics through the lens of origami will engage more children in mathematics, including some who may have been lost through the conventional methods.

Risks & Challenges

Our group includes people with many different backgrounds. Years of film-making, artistry, sound and graphic design.  This is the first time we are undertaking a film project of this magnitude, but with our combined experience and some wisdom from our mentors, we are confident that we will deliver a polished documentary for the children and you to enjoy.

Other Ways You Can Help

Share the opportunity to support our cause with your friends and family.

Spread the word that mathematics is powerful, beautiful and achievable.

For More Information

For more information about the amazing advances in origami:

--Foremost Origami Artist Robert Lang:

--Robert Lang's TED talk describes the connection between mathematics and origami:

--Between the folds documentary:

--New York Exhibition Showcasing Origami:

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